Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Good company, good food and great entertainment...

Just wanted to say...If you love Queen's music and need a brilliant night out then Birmingham Hippodrome is the place to go at the moment. We have seen this show down in London [just once or twice...actually 5 times!] but out of curiosity as to how they would take this show on the road we booked tickets to take Twiget with us to see it in Birmingham. Yes there were a few changes to the London show but, wow, what a truly brill show. The young performers really gave their all and everyone, I am certain, will have gone home having felt they had certainly got their money's worth. I know we did.


Twiglet said...

Loved my treat - thanks lots Wipso and her gem of a husband!! Apart from the music and the youthful energy, I just loved the costumes. I think I should have trained in theatrical costume - I would have loved to have been involved in creating the wayout eco-styled outfits made from all sorts of bits and bobs of from what looked like charity shop gear!

Friko said...

hm, rather you two than me!

Still, I did like a few of Queen's songs, that is, when my son turned the music down low enough so I could actually hear it.

Calico Kate said...

Hello Wipso - sorry I haven't been by recently but I think you know why!
Have thoroughly enjoyed catching up with your news and have admired the cards very much.
Thank you for leaving such lovely comments for me.