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Wednesday, 8 December 2021


 Here we at another Wednesday on the countdown to Christmas.  This is what is on my desk today...

I have cut out 5 new Advent calendars ready to make up for next year....yes, I like to get ahead of myself and have them ready.  The ones I made for this year sold within an hour of going on my Sewing by Annie Facebook page. :-)

The other thing I have to show you is this very old industrial sewing machine we have bought to do the factory trousers on because my domestic machines really don't like sewing through some of the waistbands [ and I have tried them all!!] and I don't plan to break my best machines.....even though I did managed to do 45 pairs in just two days this week!!
It's very old and we have given it a good clean and service and plan to replace some of the tired parts to give it a new life.  I've managed to thread it up and adjust it to sew with ordinary threads...it had previously been used for upholstery.

The other desk I'm sharing today is this little hive of industry... Amy's three have spend a day playing on their sewing machine making their Christmas cards and a lovely 3 picture frame at the weekend....It really makes my heart sing to see them all enjoying their sewing machine like this.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit and if you leave me a little comment I will do my best to pop over to yours to see what you've been up to this week.
Annie x


Helen said...

I hope your "new" machine stands up to the task of the waistbands! I wish I had had someone like you to teach me to sew when i was young; what a skill your grandchildren have acquired. Love their efforts.
Thanks for the card xx Happy WOYWW Helen #1

Twiglet said...

Yes my heart is singing too at the sight of those 3 busy with their crafts! See you soon! xx Jo

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I love that old machine! How brilliant that you’ve saved it and are bringing it back to life plus you wont’ have to risk your new expensive models. Great pics of your grandchildren as well, how lovely to see them enjoying using their machine, great cards too!
HUgs LLJ 5 xxx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Those advent calendars will look fantastic, Annie! You could just go into business making those if they sold out so quickly on FB, and sell them on Notonthehighstreet! I'm sure they would be very popular! That old sewing machine looks like a real work horse! You're right not to stress your regular machines with heavy duty tasks. The kiddies look very focused on their activities - and such lovely makes! Nice view from the kitchen windows too in the background! Happy #653! xx zsuzsa #14

Neet said...

How lovely it must be for you to see your love of sewing passed on to the grandees.
I can well understand you starting the Advents for next year, I plan to start my Christmas Cards early this next year like I did last. That meant it was not such a rush at the end. I've already bought new stamps.
Hugs, Neet xx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, loving the old machine. If it's been used to sew upholstery it should manage those trousers easily! The photos of the children busily sewing are a delight. The finished cards are beautiful and it's not difficult to see where they get their skills from. Have a lovely WOYWW and a great week. Hugs, Ellie x #16

Christine said...

I just love seeing all your grandchildren sitting creating . . . wonderful!
I have a daughter like yours, cannot get enough of Christmas . . .. good job the feeling is catching.
Love that you are doing your advent calendars, do you buy the material already printed?
Have a good week and enjoy your new heavy duty machine
Christine #18

Lynnecrafts said...

Wow, 45 pairs of trousers in 2 days sounds brutal. I love your new old machine.
I can recommend the advent calendars for next year!
Lovely photo of the kids making cards

Take care and happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 12

Ali Wade Designs said...

Happy WOYWW. That industrial machine looks very useful. Great to see it with a new home. I love what your grandchildren have been making. Ali x #17

Sarah Brennan said...

How fabulous to see your grandchildren all being so industrious Annie. Love what they are making. The new Advent calendars are going to be fab too. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #2

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

There is always plenty going on here and so pleased to see the children involved too. Have a lovely creative woyww, Angela x10x

Crafting With Jack said...

Hope the new machine does the job for you. Nice to see the grandchildren involved. Happy WOYWW Angela #15

Julia Dunnit said...

Well if it can do upholstery, it should be able to tackle most anything! What a great find. There’s getting ahead and there’s getting ahead, next year’s advent calendars are an impressive step too ahead for my brain!

Spyder said...

I love the advent calenders and the look of your old new sewing machine and the fact you have managed to get all those work trousers done so quickly! Sorry I'm running sooo late again, I know I popped in last week but forgot to comment! Stay Safe, keep crafting. Happy very late WOYWW!? ((Lyn))#13