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Friday, 26 November 2021

This week's smiles...week 449

 Another week has passed and, of course, I have found lots to make me smile.

It was a week filled with excitement for our little Granddaughter Lexi.  She has been in Elf on the main stage at Shrewbury Theatre.  It was the first time on the main stage and she was brilliant in it....very proud Nanny Annie moments......and yes there was more that a tear or two.

I'm so excited to be able to now share some wonderful news with you [I've been given permission].  Our son Mark and his wife Gina are expecting a little brother for Theo.

There have been many weeks of worrying/waiting but Gina had a scan this week and the consultant yesterday confirmed that all is well and it's a little boy due in April....I can't wait.

You may have seen on Wednesday that I returned the new sewing machine and replaced it for a better one because the first one failed to do the jobs I needed it for. 

While we at the sewing machine shop my hubby asked about my old machine, how much it would cost to have it fixed and what the E1 Error message actually meant.  He said it could be serious or possibly it could be something as simple as a new fuse but that it was a difficult thing to replace because of it's location. 

Of course there was nothing to lose so Hubby took it apart [with a little assistance from Mark] and replaced the fuse......hey presto!! It's mended....I'm so very proud of him/them.

Finally keeping in mind that we may be getting some snow soon I thought I'd share this funny I saw on Facebook.
It made me chuckle.

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Annie x


Helen said...

congrats to Mark and Gina ! well done too, to Lexi, a star in the making. have a good week

Lisca said...

Congratulations on your coming grandchild! That is fantastic news. Lets pray everything goes well. Does Theo know? Is he excited about it?
Also congratulations for Lexi. She is very talented. Well done Lexi.
And as I', in congratulating mode, let me also congratulate your lovely hubby for fixing the sewing machine!
Have a lovely weekend,

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, looks like the builders are shifting all the tree rubbish from behind us today so peace may come back and hopefully the foxes too. What a great week you've had and a new baby on the way, brilliant! Seeing the sewing machine in parts brought back memories for me as so many times I was in school after everyone else went home trying to fix one of them. Can you imagine not having enough equipment for a full class of children....it had to be done! Must go now as my class awaits. The funny is brilliant!!! Hugs, Angela xXx

mamapez5 said...

Wonderful news for mark and Lisa and young Theo, and the rest of the family too. He will arrive round about my grand daughter's first birthday (April 1st!). She has mastered crawling this month and is on the move.
Well done to Lexi. It must have been very exciting for her.
And well done to hubby too (and Mark). Such a simple thing it sounds, but rather him than me poking around inside a machine.
Loved the funny. I hope you don't get too much snow though. Kate

Elizabeth said...

Surprise, surprise! I'm joining in again this week - it's been a while but life is getting better and I can pinpoint reasons to smile again. And you definitely have loads to smile about. I think Lexi would make the most perfect elf and what an experience for her too. I'm not a bit surprised that there were a few tears too. Lovely news about the new baby on it's way. My mother always said that April was the most perfect time to have a baby because it would have all of spring and summer to grow big and strong, so this little one is going to have the best of starts. Well done to that very clever man of yours, and Mark of course, for fixing your treasured machine. I'm still chuckling at the funny - of course he's standing on his head! Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Ellie xx

LA Paylor said...

wowie on the sewing machine repair! I remember someone once talking about the sonogram pic saying, boy or girl? we just hope it's human! Congrats on the baby!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's been a very busy day and I wasn't sure I would stay awake long enough to link. Congrats to Lexi and the same to Mark and Gina. What great news. Congrats go to Mark ad your husband for fixing your old machine. Have a great day, I'm headed to bed.

Twiglet said...

A lovely post full of good news. I love the snowman! xx