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Friday, 25 June 2021

This week's smiles...week 427

It's been another fun filled week here at Sewing by Annie's.  We had a wonderful long weekend away at Coniston Water up in the Lake District,,,

Here's just a few of the photos we took.  It's such a beautiful area of the country and, as you can see, Milly really enjoyed it too.

We enjoyed our Tuesday Fun day with Theo.  We played Dominoes but he's so good at that we challenged him with a game of Triominoes....a quick lesson on how to play it and he reassured me I didn't need to help him any more...and he was right :-)

We built Triomino rally [bottom left pic] and yes they all fell over :-)

We came home to yet more gorgeous flowers blooming in our garden, the resident bees have doubled in size now and are all enjoying every corner of our garden.

Our little raised vegetable garden is producing lots of wonderful fresh vegetables....we've eaten all the salad leaves and radishes and are now eating the peas, potatoes and chard....yummy.

My last photo for this week it this one of Phoebe who had just finished the money raising Colour Run at her school....as you can see she had a wonderful time :-)  Well done Phoebe.

That's all from me for this week.  I'm up to me ears with sewing and loving every minute.  Hope you are enjoying life too.


Annie x


Lynn Holland said...

That was a good week Annie. Lovely to see Milly splashing about n the water.
I’ve not heard of that domino game. I’m going to get one for Philip’s birthday In September.
He told me he couldn’t play dominoes a couple of year ago when we were in this tearoom that had games.
He went on to whoop me every time. So let’s see how he goes on with this type.
Have a lovely productive week. Your garden is looking splendid.
Much love
Lynn xx

Twiglet said...

Such a lovely post - the children are growing up oh so quickly! xx Jo

junemac2 said...

Looks like Theo ran rings around you lol. Love the pics of the week and the beautiful one of Pheobe with her happy smile of achievement.

mamapez5 said...

What a wonderful week. Milly certainly seems to have enjoyed the Lake District as much as you did. It is a beautiful area.
It is great to see the bond between little Theo and his Grandad. They do so much together. You will miss those days when he stars school.
I am glad you have plenty of sewing to keep you busy as I know it is one of your 'happy places'. It would totally stress me out!
Well done to Phoebe.
Your garden is so beautiful still. I am sure the bees have told all their friends that this is the place to come!
Have another happy week. Kate x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, I know it's not like me to post so late but the internet went down yesterday just when I was trying to finish the post but I'm here now and will be round soon to see everyone. Beautiful photographs of the children and garden and so pleased you had some time away. I feel like we need to escape but it's not going to happen. I think my hubby will have to start a small business if he get asked to do much more, will I ever get my new pond filter tidy! as he's been doing so many jobs for other people. Maybe because we're retired they think we've nothing to do and to be honest going to work was easier Lol! Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sorry Annie. I linked and was reading your post when I fell asleep at my computer. Not sure how long I slept, but woke long enough to catch my head from hitting the keyboard. Didn't make it to bed, just to the couch in the office, where the cats woke me insisting on being fed. Then it was outside to water the herbs before the heat settles in for the day.

Milly looks like she enjoyed her time at the lake, and congrats to Phoebe on her successful run. I am a whiz at dominoes, and I have a set of triominoes, but they are not as easy for me. I ended up using mine in mixed media art instead! Theo is amazing. Has he been tested for being gifted? It appears he is so good at everything he does, maybe he should be.

Your garden puts mine to shame and your veggies look yummy. Hope you have a super rest of Friday and a great weekend, too.

Helen said...

Great pics, Annie! Theo is certainly growing up fast! have a lovely weekend

Susie H said...

Such a restful place to visit. I love looking out over the water too. Fabulous job, Phoebe! Raising money and staying healthy are very beneficial for all involved!

Catriona said...

Your garden looks so beautiful and productive too. We’re home from Yorkshire now hence the late comment. Happy sewing and glad to hear you are busy.