Friday, 20 November 2020

This week's smiles....week 397

 The weeks are flying by and we are fast nearing week 400 of my happy posts...what a lot of smiles we have shared.  Many thanks to those who come back each week to join in the fun.  Life in this world we are living really can't get enough smiles so please keep up the good work.

These are my smiles for this week...

Lexi and Sam have been writing their letters to Father Christmas...I just love the concentration on their faces.

Amy has been snapping a few special photos of her three this week and she always shares them with me....aren't they just gorgeous?....I love the way Betsy puppy has just fitted in the family so well.

This photo made me chuckle.  The twins have built themselves a fort in the bay window with blankets.  We have always loved making dens on wet, indoor play days and it's lovely to see the fun is carried on to the next generation.....I wonder what they got up to in there?

While working at the kitchen table Shell's dog Jet wanted to get in on the fun...but what has she found on the computer?  She looked surprised so I'm hoping it's not a porn site  :-) :-)

I hope you have enjoyed my smiles for this week.

Stay safe and well and keep smiling.


Annie x


Catriona said...

Lovely photos and cerainly raised a smile. We are must about to leave for Asda for a click and collect order and haven’t a clue what we have to do!! Could not get a delivery because we go into lockdown at 6pm so everyone is panic buying apparently. Have now booked a slot for 23rd December and loaded the basket. Have a good weekend both.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, just back from walking dogs. Lovely to see everyone making good use of their time. You might know I easily get distracted by the dogs and little Betsy is so cute. She has obviously fitted in perfectly. Graculus is not a problem but the Herons have been. We've now got a Heron Guard which is causing much laughter from us. It flashes green and white lights when it sees something coming and then calls out the sound of a Heron in distress, poisonous frogs and barking dogs! Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Oh Annie, I am so sorry for being late visiting. I was SO sick last night, I didn't even link up for at least an hour. Still not well, but feeling guilty, so wanted to drag myself out of bed and admire your smiles this week.

I'm confused about one thing. Poppy has bonded with Betsy puppy, but what happened to Molly? Did something happen to her that I missed? She looked like a miniature Poppy and was SO cute. Do they now have all three dogs?

I thought the twins looked like it must be summer where they are this week, but I can see why you are smiling all the way around. Have a great rest of Friday and a wonderful weekend, too.

Twiglet said...

Lovely photos of your gang - such lovely kids all of them. xx Jo

LA Paylor said...

your daughter has 5... counting the gorgeous dogs and why shouldn't we?
Oooo nothing worse than a big bill charged up by doggie porn

mamapez5 said...

It is lovely to keep up with the grandchildren through your posts. They are all growing up so quickly.
The ones of Amy's family are cute. I love to see sisters dressed alike. Mum always did it for Jean and I until we were older and found we had very different tastes in most things! I did it to my boys too but usually they had the same clothes in different colours.
I must ask about the dogs. You are obviously all doggy people but I am confused about the new little one, Betsy. She is with Poppy so I assume she is part of Amy's family. But there used to be a second white pup, Molly I think. Has something happened to her. I looked back through your posts from this summer and there was no mention of anything. Just curious.
I am quite surprised the twins still write to Santa but it is lovely that they do. It is sad when their innocence is robbed too soon, but there are a lot of worldly-wise children in school these days who have no illusions! It was a minefield even at the Nursery age when I was running one.
I am sure the build-up to Christmas is getting exciting for all of them, and you too. Kate x

Lisca said...

How lovely to see the children writing to Santa. They will all too soon find out the truth about Santa, but until then...
Lovely photos of the girls dressed alike. My sister and I used to be dressed alike although we were not the same age. My grandmother was a seamstress and sewed all our clothes.
Great to make a den. I used to do that when I was a child with my sister. Such fun.
What a cute photo of the puppy at the computer. Just as well dogs can't call Alexa and order things from Amazon.
All those happy photos of your grandchildren certainly put a smile on my face.
Have a lovely weekend,

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Awww, kids and puppies - so cute! The last one really made my day! xx