Friday, 18 December 2015

This week's smiles......week 150

Here we are at another weekly catch up with our smiles.  Many thanks to all who joined in last just wouldn't be the same without you all so please keep up the good work.

I am featuring Lisca's post from last week....the postcard with the little Siberian girl really had me chuckling....that really is food on the move.  I just hope she didn't eat them all at once.  Thanks for sharing Lisca.

My smiles this week have been many, as always, and here are a couple of snaps to share with you....

Here's the twins all dressed up in their party gear ready for their play school party.  They sang songs for all the mummies and daddies and had a visit from the big man in a red coat....and this one came with his own guitar to play for them. :-)

There has been a lot of Christmas magic for all the little ones and here are Amy's three visiting Father Christmas at Hawkstone Park.....I love to see the wide eyes of all the little ones :-)

And for those following Bob the elf's antics here he is with this week's mischief.  He spent one night out in the Wendy house and then had to come in for a hot chocolate the next night!  He was caught using Sam's helicopter to pinch mince pies! He had a snowball fight, a night fishing in the goldfish tank, put eyes on everything in the fruit basket and even made a snowman with toilet rolls one night!!
What adventures he's having and he's causing so many giggles....we babysat last night and he seemed to be watching me knitting so who knows what he will be up to tonight ;-)

That's all from me for this week so please leave me a little comment so I know you've called by and if you can please link up your own smiles below.
Annie x


Lisca said...

Thank you for featuring my little Russian girlie. No, she won't have eaten those. In fact I think she was meant to sell them.
I love your little ones all posh and pretty, and I enjoy following the antics of Bob the Elf.
CU next week,

Julia Dunnit said...

First of all, before I forget..that's a very handsome Wendy house! How lovely..and believe me, it will make a great retreat as the twins grow up! Love the Elf antics, they really made me smile.also loving the bits on Facebook about getting warm and comfy in bed before remembering the Elf each smile!

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, Christmas is such a special time for children and it's great to see them enjoying every minute. Pleased you liked the photos of my two they have just gone out for their walk. 'Him indoors' has taken them this morning as I am off to meet some friends for coffee soon (very civilised I think) which is a lovely experience since we all retired from teaching. I love your little elf and it has reminded me that my little friend 'BP Mini Me' hasn't been out and about for a while so he may have to make a reappearance soon. Take care and have a great weekend, Angela x

Barb said...

The little twins look really smart ready for their party. I'm sure the children all sang beautifully for the mummies and daddies.

I've seen lots of these elves around blogland over the past couple of weeks. Bob seems to be getting up to all sorts of mischief. I certainly had to smile at the googly eyes peering out from your fruit bowl.

Have a lovely week and a Happy Christmas to you and all your lovely family Annie. Barbxx

Twiglet said...

That elf is a little rascal! love the photos. x

CraftygasheadZo said...

What wonderful pics. Your little ones look adorable all dressed up like that. Take care Zo xx

Sue Jones said...

Fab Photos! Love the eyes on the fruit! Have a Wonderful Christmas xxxx Soojay

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Annie,

I just can't imagine where the time has gone. I remember when the twins were born, so tiny and delicate! They have certainly thrived.

I love the antics of Elf on the Shelf. I hadn't thought of doing that because I don't have children but it would be fun for me.

Have a wonderful weekend!

mamapez5 said...

Lovely photos Annie. I am enjoying the elf's adventures. What a creative thinking mum they have, to find so much for him to do.
I love Hawkstone Park too, thought we never got there at Christmas time.
I am sure you will have a super Christmas with so many little people around. May you all be blessed with Joy and Peace. Kate x