Thursday, 1 April 2010

Who was I kidding?...

For my WOYWW I boldly stated that as soon as I had finished my Britannia costume I would be having some 'me time' with my fabrics and beads.
Well, before I had finished the costume [and it has now been finished and collected] my 'to do' rail was full to overflowing again and although I have worked non stop since it still is :-) I really can't imagine where all this sewing was done before 'Sewing by Annie'. What I sometimes fail to take into consideration is that while I have customers here either dropping off and collecting [and talking, laughing and telling me all their news] I'm not able to be actually sewing and just sometimes it does seem to become a bit of a drop in centre for friends and relatives......and I love it. May it never change.

What a will say now is that I have done all I am going to do now until Tuesday morning. I am taking the next four days off and plan to have my well earned 'me time'. The sewing can wait. There is nothing life threatening about needing sewing done. I won't be sleeping all of the four days and may come back here on Tuesday with at least something crafty to show for my 'me time'....or I might not :-)

Hope you all have a really special Easter break and manage at least a little time for enjoyment.


Julia Dunnit said...

Hear hear! Well, read read! Have a lovely break Annie. Brittania by the way, looks just great!

Unknown said...

at least it is more modest than the one the spice girl didnt wear, you could see her knickers.
Have a good break, enjoy
Christine x

Linby said...

well done on getting the costume done - have some lovely "me" time.

Kaz said...

You have certainly earned your time off this weekend, I hope you have a lovely time whatever you do.
Fab costume by the way! xx

Gez Butterworth said...

Well Done for getting the costume finished so quickly as well. Annie rules never mind Britannia. :D
Have a wonderful break. You never know may be the shoe maker can send his elves over. ;)
Have fun. Love Gez.xx

corry said...

Lovely costume, you did a great job Annie!
Enjoy your little break!

Twiggy said...

Fabtastic costume, now you go and have a well deserved break. Happy Easter
twiggy x

Kathy said...

Fab costume!
Make sure you put your feet up and enjoy your w/e off - sounds like you mightily deserve it!

Angela Toucan said...

great job, thanks for showing. Enjoy your break

Friko said...

Mind that you do what you say and have a lovely Easter holiday and do sewing only for fun.

Take some time off and enjoy family and friends; oops, you seem to do that anyway, apart from the 'time off' part of it.

Happy Easter!

Jude said...

Have a well earned 4 day holiday..
Take care

Handmade with Love said...

Great outfit and have a lovely easter break doing all the things you want to do! Tracey x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Well done Annie :) I see you are having a few days off, good!
Anne xx