Friday, 29 October 2021

Thiss week's smiles....week 445

 Another week has passed and I'm very thankful that I'm very nearly back up to normal energy levels. We enjoyed a lovely weekend away recharging my batteries....a lot of sleeping was done but on my birthday we went to Minehead and enjoyed a little walk on the front plus fish and chips lunch in one of the beach shelters and a Mr Whippy ice cream on our walk back to the motor home....bliss.

It's lucky that I'm feeling rather better now because I've needed my  energy this week....  

  • A lady came to me wanting 5 Memory bears making....she then decided to have 6 made.
  • A lady came to me to have a dress altered and it turned out to be her Wedding dress.
  • Another lady came wanting a dress fitting....she brought two dresses with her
  • Another lady came wanting 5 Memory bears making and decided to have 6 instead then messaged me later to say she'd decided  to have 7 made
The amount of work being done is still being decided by my body but each day I am feeling better thankfully and I'm working my way through all that's needed.

We enjoyed a meal out at Cote Brasserie in Shrewsbury Wednesday night and then we watched the screening of Cliff Richard live at the Albert Hall at the Old Market Hall was really good and I just wish I was as fit as Cliff at aged 81!

We went to watch Stephen play a football tournamant on Monday night.

He won 2 games and lost 1 but he only let one goal in which he was very pleased about.

Here he is in his new team football strip.

It's been a week of baking by the Grandchildren  while they have been on half term holidays. 

These are the twins buns....yum yum

And these were the biscuits and buns Phoebe and Lulu made.
Last night we 'babysat' for Amy and the girls cooked us our tea then we all enjoyed some fun time on the sewing machines before bed....there may be photos to share with you next week.

That's all from me for this week.  Please share your smiles by linking up at the bottom and I will do my best to call by at yours to see what you've been doing this week.
Annie x


Helen said...

What a busy week you've had! Glad the grandchildren have been having half term fun too, and well done Stephen xx

Lynn Holland said...

It’s a good job you’re starting to recover with all that work on the cards.
Well done Stephen. Look at the pride on his little face.
Have a good weekend Annie
Lynn xxx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Happy belated birthday, dear. Sounds like a great way to recharge. Nice that you came back to lots of work, but I'm sure you would have preferred a bit of a rest, still.

The twins did a great job making those cupcakes and Amy's group made great cookies and muffins, too. Lots of spooky Halloween inspired cake decorating going on, I see. Congrats to Stephen, too. Lots to smile about this week. Have a super rest of Friday and a great weekend, too.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Pleased to hear you're feeling better, the rest will have done you good. Nice to see Stephen with a big smile he is obviously having a good time. Love those Halloween cakes too. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

mamapez5 said...

That looks like a nice getaway for the weekend. I am sure it did you good. We have enjoyed some nice holidays at the Butlins there when the children were small, but I remember the beach as a wide strip of mud. But nothing like some sea breezes to blow the cobwebs away.
I am glad you are much better this week, but you have a lot of work lined up so pace yourself!
Well done on the youngsters for their baking. I don't 'do' Halloween at all but I can understand the children all getting caught up with it.
It is great that Amy's children can cook a meal for you. She is teaching them some important life skills.
Kate x

Lisca said...

Oh what a lovely day at Minehead. That would be my choice: fish and chips on the seafront and then an ice cream. (Although I'd be freezing my fingers off.)
I'm glad you are feeling better, but of course now the work is piling up. Do take it easy.
Wow, you went to see Cliff! I've been told he is very good live. A friend of mine has seen him recently at the Hall for Cornwall in Truro. She said it was fantastic.
Well done Stephen! And look at him posing in his (what I assume) winter gear.
The cookies and buns made by your grandchildren are awesome (and scary).
Have a great weekend,

LA Paylor said...

altering clothing is so difficult to me...the sweeties are awesome

Twiglet said...

Sounds like a typical week then! So glad you are feeling better. I love all the spooky bakes - we did same with Ben - all good fun! xx Jo

Julia Dunnit said...

I’m so late again for Wednesday that it is appropriate to comment on today. IFYKWIM!! So so glad to read that you’re slowly getting your energy back, your weeks are so busy as it is! Steve looks impressive in is new strip, I love that he’s so brave - being a goalie must come with pressure, even at his young age. All the baking looks marvellous, how inventive the girls were! And lat3 again, Annie, but no less heartfelt dear gal, many many happy returns. Keep on getting well. Xxx

Catriona said...

Sounds like you had a fab birthday -how lovely to have a meal out. Those cakes look very moreish-yum. X

Spyder said...

Those cakes look soooo yummy!