Friday, 30 October 2020

This week's smiles....week 394

It's been a crazily busy week for me with work....definitely one of those 'when you're waiting for a bus two come at once' sort of week's.  I've had very little work for the last 3/4 weeks so I offered 10% off the first bear orders over on my Facebook page and Wednesday I had 8 arrive and today today I have another one coming...there's still one spare space if anyone wants a bear making.

So my pics of my smiles this week are of the wonderfully knitted things we found on our walk around Attingham Park this week...I think they are intended for the children to find but I certainly enjoyed spotting them too...

So much work had gone into each and every knitted item.  Sadly a few of them had been spoilt by the wet weather but it didn't spoil my enjoyment.

Our six grandchildren have been enjoying a bit of spooky dressing up indoors during their half term holidays....they certainly weren't going to let Covid dampen their enjoyment even if they can't go out trick or treating this year. 

Lexi had to dress up for a spooky session at her dance and drama classes and she won the best dressed competition.

Yesterday afternoon I cleared the work off my desks and filled them with crafty fun so I could enjoy some quality time with Phoebe and Lulu.  We used some huge paperclips to make bookmarks with...[.their choice was to spend an afternoon on the side of a cold football field watching their brother Steve play football or spend a fun afternoon with competition!]
We had such a lovely afternoon....I know I'm biased but they are such lovely girls and really good company....a real credit to their mum and dad.

That's all from me for this week....I failed hopelessly to do any visiting of the blogs on Wednesday but if you like up I will do my best to pop over to check out your week's smiles in between my bear making.


Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Those knitted goodies in the park are impressive. Some were incredibly beautiful. Too bad the weather had to spoil some of them.

I can't believe how grown up and mature Phoebe and Lulu look in that photo. They seem to grow each time you show them. And Lexi deserved the prize, if for the make-up alone. You are truly blessed. Have a super Friday and weekend, too, Annie.

Karen said...

How fun to have a park hunt ~ Great idea and yes, good for all ages. Love the costumes they look great. A craft day was a much better option and your bookmarks turned out adorable. Enjoy the weekend! Love, Karen

Twiglet said...

Lovely Halloween pics. We had fun decorating spooky buns yesterday! I loved the knitty fun at Attingham too. xx Jo

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

The park animals are so sweet and beautifully made. Someone has put a lot of work into those. Pleased you've had a good week with the bears too and time to spend with the girls. Not surprised Lexi won the costume competition she looks great. Have a lovely safe weekend, Angela xXx

LA Paylor said...

such cute kids and paper clips too

Lisca said...

I'm not doing very well comment wise either. My Tuesday blog remains 'uncommented'. as we are so busy taking everything out of our downstairs flat so that this couple and their 4 year old can come and live there for a while.
It's going to be a strange Halloween for the children this year, but your grandchildren seem to be making the most of it anyways.
Those knitted animals are precious! What a lovely find! I would probably stand still at each animal to see how it was made and take all day to walk around!
And wasn't it great that you got to spend an afternoon with Phoebe and Lulu. Quality time that was.
Have a lovely weekend and stay safe,

mamapez5 said...

I love all the little knitted items in the park. What a fun idea. And the book marks are great. The girls are lucky to have you to work with them.
I personally choose not to have anything to do with halloween, but I must say, Lexi's costume deserved an award.
It is good that you have enough work to keep you busy, as long as you don't have too much and get flustered about doing it. Take care and have a good week. Kate x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sorry Annie. I should have explained that a Bind-it-All (BIA) binds pages together using the rings. It punches up to five pages at a time and can bind up to 150 pages depending on the ring size. Here's an example showing all the pages put into the BIA before the rings are closed to keep the book together:

Note both covers are at the back and the sheets to be bound are in front. It's just a different color than mine in the photo.

Susan Renshaw said...

I would have loved to spot the knitted offerings in the park!
Love the grandkids dress up and playtime too!
Sorry I am late visiting…. Happy WOYWW!
Susan #21
Calling All Crafters! – My Blog!

Catriona said...

Finally able to comment-IOS update beggars my Google account every time. What fun all the children were having for Halloween! I love the photos of you and the girls sewing-my Gran taught me to sew, knit and tell the time.

Spyder said...

The Knittys are lovely I love the owls. and what a wonderful idea about the Memory bears. I can think of a few people who'd love them. Great Kiddie photos, No wonder she won! I'm not so good at the sewing side of crafting.
Stay safe, Happy WOYWW
((Lyn)) #25

Lillianb said...

Great memory bears and masks, and advent colour

take care and stay safe

lilian b # 9