Friday 2 October 2020

This week's smiles ....week 391

 The weeks keep flying by...we are already in October!!  Madness or what?

Here are my smiles for the week and hopefully you will leave me a little comment before sharing your own smiles before linking up below.

This made me chuckle....Our beautiful little ballerina on her skate board....the two didn't quite go together but just look at the pose :-)

Wednesday saw me accompanying Dod doing deliveries for Big Value Banners [our daughter Amy and her hubby's banner printing business] in their van all round London...the photos were taken through the window so not the best. It was a long day but any day spent together supporting the family is a day well spent.

Our little Milly has had her hair cut this week [and so have I :-) ].

Amy took these photos while she was looking after her for us on Wednesday and sent them to me with the slogan...'mum, who is this lady who has just made me go out in the rain for a wee?'

The last pic today is of this little rhyme I saw on Facebook....I think it says it all don't you?

I will be missing in action next Friday as we are recharging our batteries so I hope you can manage without me.  Keep smiling.


Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Lexi looks different on the skateboard, but Milly was the one who stole the show. How wonderful to be able to visit London, even if it was because of business. Your photos are AWESOME.

That bug poem is SO true. It just waits for people like Mary to let down their guards and it pounces on any and everyone close.

Helen said...

glad you "enjoyed" a bit of time in London sightseeing through the windows! the funny does say it all, perhaps Trump should have listened to it too! have a good weekend

Lisca said...

I must say, the photos of London remind us of the reasons we moved to Spain. It looks pretty dismal. But it was good of your to help out of course and it meant a change of routine.
Lexi is a little poppet. I bet she's good at the skateboard, being fit as a fiddle.
Milly is looking very smart with her new hair cut. I was waiting to see yours...
The new version of the nursery rhyme had us both in stitches! So funny (and tragically true for some people).
Have a lovely weekend,

Twiglet said...

So glad you had a great "sight/site seeing" trip - good to have fun together. I love the poem - so true - even Presidents get it! L looks so poised and elegant on her skateboard lol. xx

The Silver Fashionista said...

I love this weekly “smiles” idea! That rhyme is super funny, but yes, a bit sad.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, you're very lucky to be able to go anywhere at all guess you're braver than us. We have to be careful to protect my mum so no holidays at all here or abroad. I read the rhyme and I can see why we don't go anywhere sadly even though the area where we live has done better than some others. Who knows maybe ballerinas on skateboards could be a whole new trend in dance. Milly doesn't look very impressed at all. Bet she was pleased when you returned. Take care and have a nice weekend. Angela xXx

Catriona said...

Wow-what an exciting day you had on Wednesday-it is breat to be able to help family and I bet Dod enjoyed being behind the wheel of a delivery wagon again! Happy weekend.

LA Paylor said...

Milly looks like a cover girl... love the poem, so true. That's how it spreads

Lynn Holland said...

Have a lovely time next week and give Milly a big kiss from me xxx

Karen said...

Aww milly looks sweet with her trim. It's nice that you can help with the deliveries ~ Enjoy the weekend & your mini break ~ Love, Karen

mamapez5 said...

Lexi sure is a little poser and it is great that she is so fit.

It was nice to have trip to London. I always loved seeing the sites.
MIllie looks very smart after her haircut.
I hope you enjoy your break next weekend. Kate xx