Friday, 10 April 2020

This week's smiles....week 366

Happy Friday to one and all.  I'm here to share a few of my smiles from the last week and hoping you will all share yours by linking up below.  In difficult times I'm a firm believer that smiles help to get us through each day and know that smiles are even more contagious that this coronavirus so lets get spreading something good in our world.

I will start up with a few of the photos shared with me from our isolated families....

Theo has been enjoying making and doing and spending time in the garden in the sunshine.

I love his Elmer the elephant he's made from an empty milk container...recycling at it's best I'd say eh?

Lexi has been doing her dance classes on the decking...just wish I could get into some of the positions she can ...don't you?

Both twins have spent a lot of time Facetiming us [that's what they are doing together on the seat].  Modern technology is a blessing isn't it?

The top left photo Lexi is showing me the snake very long worm she found in their garden...the wicked look on her face was cos she was teasing her mummy with it :-)

Phoebe, Lulu and Steve are blessed with having a huge garden [plus two large fields to run and play in] and their mummy and daddy have filled their swimming was apparantly very cold but they enjoyed an hour swimming and playing in it wearing their wet suits.

As a child I loved the water too and can well remember going swimming in a deep part of our local brook and being told off when I got home because it wasn't safe, clean water and my elder brother who was supposed to be looking after me couldn't swim!!

Here's a few of the latest treasures making us smile in our garden....I just couldn't resist changing my header pic.  I hope you enjoy the tulips.

And finally here's something I saw on Facebook that made me smile.

I think the message is 'stay home and safe'.

I hope you have all found something here that has made you smile today and will help me to spread the smiles by sharing yours too.

Annie x


Twiglet said...

I think they should put that cat pic on each podium for the next announcements from Government! Lovely happy photos - so good that all the young ones are coping well with isolation - well done to their Mums and Dads too! xxx

Helen said...

Great Friday smiles Annie! Lovely to see your family enjoying lockdown how they can.

Julia Dunnit said...

For reasons of erm, gardening, I’m late for Wednesday and have early enjoyed two posts! Those naan breads look wonderful, good idea actually, the sort of baking that doesn’t make you want to eat the results all at once! Your garden is a joy to behold, no wonder you’re getting so much pleasure from it. Certainly you get out what you put in, huh. I was in the attic room yesterday and looked at the box of Christmas stamps. Then I looked away and forgot al about them. Then your blog post talks about making ornaments and makes me feel Very lazy! So glad your beautiful grandchildren are enjoying the time at home, and like you, I’m grateful for the technology that’s keeping us together.

Lisca said...

Those kids are having so much fun! It's like a summer holiday, the weather being what it is. I'm so pleased for them.They are lucky to have gardens. Swimming pool!? Brrrr!
I had to laugh at your cat funny. You ought to send that to housing secretary Robert Jenrick!
Those naan breads look really nice. Did you use baking powder or baking soda? And did you roll them out with a rolling pin?
Have a lovely weekend,
Happy Easter,

J said...

Great photos of the Grandkids, they seem to be enjoying themselves, not sure I could go into cold water but the younger ones don't seem to mind, our GSs in San Francisco have to have wet suits for the sea it's always cold.
Don't we all wish we were so supple, i'd never get up again, ha,ha,
Love the cat funny too.
Happy Easter, Jan x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie I am so loving Theo's elephant it's brilliant. Pleased to see everyone is managing to keep busy. I'm sure the cat doesn't think it's funny, poor thing but it made me smile. Take care and have a lovely Easter weekend, Angela xXx

mamapez5 said...

That cat creased me up. One way to get the message across.
I love Theo's Elmer. I saw the idea on a Facebook page and thought it would have been a brilliant one to do with my nursery school.
Lexi is certainly very flexible. It reminds me of my little gymnast showing off his moves in the garden.
The other family are so lucky to have that lovely space to play in. Children don't seem to mind the cold, especially when there is water to play in. I was sent a photo of my step-grandsons playing on a water slide in their garden this week. You have been getting better weather than us for a change. I hope it stays nice for the Easter weekend.
Your tulips are stunning. What a gorgeous display, and a beautiful header for your page too. Kate x

Karen said...

Beautiful tulips! I love the pool with wet suits ~ Very innovative of them!! I remember almost getting hypothermia going water skiing in April in NY :) Kids will be kids! Happy Easter

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Just dropped by to wish you a lovely Good Friday and joyous Easter. Really enjoyed seeing all the kids, too. Love those tulips. I have some a similar color.

Catriona said...

Well done to all the children’s Mums and Dads for helping them find such fun outdoor activities in the sun. It’s very wet here today but milder so hopefully that will keep people at home! We’ve spent lots of time outdoors trying to get our garden rescued from all the winter rain. It’s looking much better now with the lawn cut and the soil all forked over. Happy Easter at home with your lovely husband.