Friday 3 April 2020

This week's smiles...week 365

Here we are at another round up of all the smiles from the last week....and there have been many :-)  It's so wonderful that in difficult times the smiles keep on coming.  Please join in if you can by snapping a few of your smiles and sharing them with us by linking them up below....we really can't get enough at the moment.....just remember smiles are contagious.

My smiles from my family come to us on a daily basis...

Amy's three have been keeping busy by cooking, planting seeds, making models of the football stadium, power hosing the slabs to name just a few of their activities....they are lucky enough to live in a house with acres of land around them so can enjoy den building, playing football etc all very safely.

The twins have been enjoying camping in their play room and taking a bath pretending they were on holiday in the pool drinking coctails :-)
Lexi has been able to keep up her dance lessons because her dance teacher has been doing them on their Ipads....modern technology really does help at times like this.

Lego has featured in our son, Mark's house...but I'm not sure whether he was building it or Theo.  Mark really loved his Lego when he was a little boy and I'm pleased to say he still does.
He's also been building a raised garden in their back garden to plant their vegetables in [looks like a can of beer helped the progress too].

I've surrounded myself in fabrics in my sewing's been so lovely to make a creative mess and not have to tidy it all away for customers....there's a positive to every negative.

Our back garden keeps giving us more to smile at every day so here is my latest collage to make you smile.

We have also spent one afternoon this week planting up all our veg seeds in our raised bed.  We have covered it in bubble wrap to warm the soil up to get them germinated.
We also have little potato plants popping their heads up and the tomato, courgette and cucumber plants are all growing well.
When it all grows we will be a little closer to being self sufficient....maybe chickens next?....if only the stress of a little Milly barking at them all day would encourage them to lay eggs :-) :-)

I really hope you have found something to smile about during your visit today and will now link up to your own smiles below.
Stay stafe my friends.
Annie x


Helen said...

what a fun but productive week your family have had and full of smiles too! love the cocktails in the swimming pool!! Stay safe. xx

Twiglet said...

A lovely happy post Annie. Great to see all the family busy and your colourful garden is perfect for keeping you cheerful. xxx Jo

Lisca said...

What a wonderfully positive, smiley post! The children are fortunate to have loving and imaginative parents. They are having fun and learning a variety of things they would not normally learn in school.
It is just a joy looking at your fabric stash. I suppose it's like me and my paper stash. It's a joy to look at I must say. Do colourful. You must be having fun.
Your flowers are lovely. I recognise them all except the little red flowers on the left. I don't know what those are.
Here in Spain, it is nice to see the countryside green for a change, even if we don't have a garden with flowers. Our plot of land is a quarter of an hour's walk from our house, so there's no point in planting flowers as we can't look at them from here.
Your raised bed looks impressive. So when the economy nosedives, you will not starve!
Have a lovely weekend,
Don't get too stressed,

Karen said...

Wow! so many things to smile about! my favorite is bathing suits, sunglasses and tropical drinks in the bathtub ~ Might have to try that myself with a Pina Colada (LOL) Your vegetable garden is a terrific idea as well as all the face masks your producing ~ fantastic ~ Enjoy the flowers and the family they're all beautiful ~ Blessings

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, pleased to see everyone's keeping busy. I'm just thinking about the next piece of shelving that needs to come down from the loft and really will have to go and do something soon! I'm sure you wont run out of things to do either. Take care and keep safe. Happy creative weekend, Angela xXX

J said...

Hi Annie, I love your bright and cheerful post and photos of the Grandchildren, I have photos and videos every day from our DIL showing us what they are doing with their days, mind you she has been sending them since they were born!
I love your collection of fabrics, I don't sew but I love looking at fabrics as they are so colourful.
Have a great weekend, I think we've decided to have a quiet weekend at home, LOL
Jan x

mamapez5 said...

I love the way your little ones keep themselves occupied and they are so inventive in their play.
Well done to the gardeners. I am sure all the hard work will pay off in the weeks ahead. You have such a lovely range of flowers in your garden. There is always something there to make you smile.
I glad you are having fun in your sewing room. All that lovely fabric deserves to be played with.
Kate x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Oh little ones bring such joy Annie thanks for sharing off to read your WOYWW post and see how Kate is going too
Hugs Shaz.xx