Friday, 13 December 2019

This week's smiles....week 350

Phew these week's sure are flying by aren't they?  It's been a hectic week here but I've had lots to smile about.....

Little Theo went with his Mummy,  Daddy and friends to Thomas Land at the's such an exciting time of the year isn't it?

Our baking session with grandad on Tuesday we made Gingerbread biscuits and decorated them....very yummy they were too.

Lexi won an award for being a good team player at her dance awards at the weekend....just wish I could do the splits like that....don't you?

Sam had to go for a photo shoot by the side of the new road sign he designed for the new estate they now live on....the photos are for the local paper so he was very pleased with himself.

Proud Nanny moments.

Amy's girls have been trying on their outfits for their Christmas play. 
It's Phoebe's last one this year before she moves up to big school and she makes the perfect angel.
Lulu is a wise [wo]man....they have to be politically correct these days and I have a feeling if they had been 3 wise women the gifts might have been rather more practical.
Steve is a narrator so just has to wear his Christmas jumper :-)

We had a trip out in the motor home at the weekend to Colwyn Bay and it wasn't until I got in the van that my darling hubby turned the lights on inside that he had secretly put up to make me worked too :-)

Those are my smiles for this week so please leave me a little comment and link up to your smiles at the bottom.
Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Proud moments with all the grandchildren this week, Annie. And a great hubby surprise, too. Lexi is very loose. She has such agility. Sam's sign is a BIG hit, and Theo must have had lots of fun things to talk about this week, including the trip and baking cookies with his grandfather. You sure hhave a lot of happy memories, too.

Hope you have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Lisca said...

I've not heard of Thomasland but I do recognise Thomas the tank engine. Little Theo must have been thrilled!
Theo will have lovely memories baking with Grandad. So precious!
Lexi looks beautiful. Her hair done with special plaits. Is she wearing a little bit of make-up? It suits her. And that split! It doesn't bear thinking about...
I bet everyone is so proud of Sam. The sign he designed is really very good and conveys the message clearly.
Phoebe and Lulu look very fetching in their outfits (sewn by Nanny?) Looking at the kitchen I am slightly envious of that lovely AGA. My sister has one too (came with the house) but she can't cook so it sits there for show. A crying shame!
Oh what fun to have Christmas lights in the camper! Very festive. Big smile!
Have a lovely weekend. (Are you going away again?)

Twiglet said...

Ha ha - yes that's typical of your hubby! Love the lights!! Gorgeous pics of all the grandchildren -happy days. xx Jo

mamapez5 said...

I remember taking my boys to see Thomas the Tank Engine at Llangollen. Your family are making some lovely memories.
The Christmas plays are fun. Everyone likes dressing up don't they.
I love the lights in the van. They would have made me smile too!
Have another fun week Annie. Kate x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Looks like you are going to have a great Christmas though you didn't day weather you will all be together. The lights in the van look lovely what a nice surprise. The Wise (Wo)man made me smile too as it reminded me of the funny I once read that if there had been Three Wise Women instead of three Wise Men:
1. They would have asked for directions.
2. Arrived on time.
3. Helped deliver the baby.
4. Cleaned the stable.
5. Made a casserole.
6. And brought practical gifts.
Have a lovely weekend. Angela xXx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, lots of lovely photos of your grandchildren. Your post has a definite Christmas theme too. The gingerbread biscuits look so tasty. It never fails to surprise me how much talent there is in our grandchildren. I think the last time I did the splits with any kind of ease I was probably Lexi's age too. Sam has every reason to look so proud - that's a brilliant road sign. And you've got to love Dod for his thoughtful surprise - fairy lights in the campervan ... brilliant! Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Ellie xx

Catriona said...

All beautiful photos of your beautiful grandchildren. I love the one of Theo with his Grandad as they are so engrossed in decorating the biscuits. How lovely you had a run out in the van-I was cleaning the inside of hours today ready for its habitation check, and nearly froze!
Happy weekend and hope there are lots more smiles!

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