Friday, 12 June 2015

This week's smiles....week 123

Hi all.   Thanks so much to all of you who find something to link up that has made you smile in the really does make the world a happier place.

This week I'm sharing Judy's blog because she shared very special celebration pics of her Mum's up and coming 90th birthday.....let's all wish her a very Happy Birthday.

 I'm sure we all have weeks when finding a smile isn't so easy and other weeks that are full of smiles.....well this week has been one full to the rafters with smiles for me....I could fill a book :-)  

My smiles include....
  • Special family times.....I know I have these every week and I really do know just how lucky I am to have my family close.....I'm blessed  :-)
  • A special day out with my darling hubby on Sunday to watch T20 cricket at Worcester....I bet you didn't know how much I love cricket.  :-)
  • On the way to Worcester we must have seen literally 100s of motor bikes [sorry no pic]
  • On the bridge we walked across to get to the cricket ground we could see probably 30 beautiful swans  [sorry no pic]
  • I've been enjoying more creative sewing this week using my most favourite fabrics....when sewing for special friends it's each to cut into the best fabrics :-)
  • We are progressing well now with the plans to make a start with our building alterations...We have found a builder that we really like [he went to the same school as my hubby and his wife is an ex nurse like me and she trained at the same hospital....small world eh? :-) ].  He hopes to make a start by putting the new door and windows in the end of my new sewing room in about 3 weeks and then hopes to start our extension by the end of July......things are getting exciting now.  :-)
Of course those are just a few of my smiles and I do have just a couple of pics to share with you...

My little friend, Rocky, is never far from me these days.  He's just had a hair cut [me too :-) ] and this week I think he was doing his best to stop me sewing.  First he lay right in front of my industrial machine and kept lifting his head to look at me as if to say "What you going to do now Mum?"

But quickly realised I wasn't using that machine so he......

.....disappeared under my chair and came up between my knees :-)

When he's had his hair cut you can really see his big brown eyes and I have to admit I did give in to the pleading looks I was getting and quickly finished the job I was doing to spend some special time with my little friend.  :-)

My last show and tell this week are of two more of the latest flowers in our new back garden....Aren't they pretty?
There you go....just a few of my smiles to share with you but I really do hope they have made you smile too.  Please link your smiles up below and I will pop over to yours to see what has made you smile this week.  Hope it's a good one for you.
Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Goodness, Annie. We both wrote long posts sans photos this week. I take it all the swans were white.

I'm now officially excited with you. The plans for a new sewing room are starting to come along well. I worried it might take over a year to get approval or whatever was holding you back before. I'm so glad this is finally happening.

Have a super weekend, dear friend, and of course, a lovely Friday Smile (or three).

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I forgot to mention how lucky Lucky is. Spoiled, too. It's probably good he had a haircut, because I know there's nothing worse than CAT fur around a craft table (or sewing machine).

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I hate to clog up your comment box, but to answer your question, the rosemary is to season sweet potatoes, corn, and zucchini. The dill is for dill butter, baking (white) potatoes, potato salad, cottage cheese, eggs, and just about everything. The sweet basil is for pesto, eggs, and tomatoes. I also hope to make a lemon sorbet this summer. I also like sweet basil on top of mozzarella. Thai basil is for Thai food. Cilantro is for anything Mexican, and also for eggs, soups, and salads. Both mints are for tea, garnishes for summer fruits, watermelon, etc. I add spearmint to carrots and chocolate mint to my spaghetti sauce. Thyme is for veggies, both fresh and frozen. Of course, I like to pair it with other herbs because it goes well with oregano, parsley, and sage. Parsley is best for cleaning my palette. I like to chew on it between dishes and after a meal. It's also good for cooking with veggies.

As you can see, I love herbs and take bits as I need them, but harvest once they begin to get a bit overgrown, as my dill and basil have.

Twiglet said...

Wow Elizabeth knows her stuff doesn't she! Yum Yum. Love your pics - hope our iris grows as well as yours. x

mamapez5 said...

So excited for you that the alterations are going according to plan. Rocky is so sweet. I love that they prefer our company, even when they are always under our feet. I like the idea of all those swans, though I´m wary since one took my sandwich out of my hand at Ellesmere! The cricket leaves me cold, but fortunately, we don´t all like the same things. Hugs Kate x
PS Love the lupins! x

Judys Lace Creations said...

Oh Rocky sounds a gorgeous dog. Coming up between your legs- he's not going to be ignored is he?The terror!! We have black swans here in Oz, and they can be scary.
Hope you have a lovely weekend Annie.
Judy x

Hettie said...

Hello there Annie. Dobby sometimes acts a bit like Rocky by trying to stop me doing stuff. Pity he doesn't do that whilst I am ironing!!
I shall have to remember to pack him a little treat when I come up, which isn't long now!!
A lot of the flowers in my garden are blue and purple. You don't get an awful lot so when I see them I buy! Including a salvia and tall iris Ii bought at the weekend.

JoZart Designs said...

Rocky looks so sweet laying there. Isn't he a good pal?I miss my Ziggy so much.
Getting nearer the time when I'll see my munchkins... July and August so I'm happy.
All those motor bikes would be coming here for the IOM ferry to go to the TTs. When I was a little girl and pre motorways, we used to take a cushion, drinks and snacks and sit on the main road all day watching the bikes on the way to the Pier Head,....... hundreds and hundreds of them...... and we would cheer for any fancy or different in any way or if the riders waved to us. Memories!
Don't miss the Gresford Show if you can make it... it's on 4 days next week, details bottom of my blog.
Jo x

Elizabeth said...

A lovely happy post, Annie. Rocky looks like a very nice sewing room companion, just like my Bonnie who is snoozing just behind me as I type :) What would we do without our furry friends! Have a great weekend. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

tilly said...

a busy happy week for you and I love your new flowers

Laura said...

Rocky is rather handsome!
Those lupins are a wonderful colour.
Sorry for not making it round to actually linking up last week, but I've made it this week!

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Annie, bit late with my posting and comments this week but nevertheless I have been thinking of you all. You've had a lovely smiley week and so please to hear you're to start with the building soon - ours is nearly to the final plans before council approval - exciting hey. You'll have to take before and after pics for us. Some days I have my friends close by as well, so I understand about having Rocky under your feet. You are having a lovely time finding gorgeous flowers in your garden, lucky you. Have a super week Hugs Robyn....I got some very lovely ATCs in the post this week, thank you both so very much.