Friday, 8 May 2015

This week's smiles....week 118

Hello folks.  Here we are at the end of another week and although it's not been my best week health wise [I have a chesty cough/cold] it's certainly been one full of smiles as always for it really does do me good to spend a little time focusing on the good things in life.

Thanks to the five who joined in again last week.  I'm featuring Laura's gorgeous picture of English bluebells today.  The mystery plant in our new garden that we have waited patiently to see what develops has done so with disappointment....they were Spanish bluebells and, beautiful though they may be, they are more vigorous than our native species and can crossbreed with the native to create a fertile hybrid so have had to go. Hence why I was so thrilled to see Laura's English ones.....thanks for sharing them with us Laura.

I have several pics to share with your this week......

Firstly, as I have spent many hours resting in my chair during the last week I'm sharing a pic of one of my little busy robins that have been feeding their babies with the dried meal worms I have been putting in my window feeder for them.  They have become so tame and almost tap on the window now when the feeding tray is empty. :-)

My next pic is of my sewing companion.  Since his sister had to be put to sleep Rocky spends all day following me around and finding somewhere close to lie....guess he misses his sister.  This was the first time he had decided to actually lie between my feet while sewing and he really made me smile.

On Friday we had a visit from our daughter Amy and her three and here are my big school girls dancing to make me smile.

Their mummy also sent me this pic of them both last night at their swimming lesson with their new goggles them to bits :-)

My final pic for this week is this one.  Shell saw an idea on Pinterest to make a mug kitchen so she found herself an old palette, a saw and some nails/screws and made this for the twins.  She also made them a black board and ta da....I'm certain there will be many many hours spent making mug mud pies through the summer.  :-) :-)

There you go.....I've shown you mine, now please get snapping and show me your happy moments.
If you link them below I will be over asap to see what you've got to smile about and you will be helping to make the world a happier place to be.
Annie x


Hettie said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly.
Great photos.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, like you I've discovered that the bluebells I've been enjoying are, in fact, Spanish and will have to go. But first, I'm going to pick every flower and fill the house with them - their last hurrah! Then I'll be on the search for a source of native bluebells to replace them. Love all the photos of your adorable grandchildren - they are such fun :) Have a great weekend, despite that cold and cough ... hope you recover soon. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

JoZart Designs said...

Good luck! I've been trying to get rid of Spanish Bluebells for over 35 years since I moved to this house. Despite digging them up, each year more arrive!
I love the Mud Kitchen that the twins have and love your comment typo of the MUG PIES!! TEE HEE!
Makes it an even bigger Friday Smile.
Off Thurs to Germany... woo hoo!
Jo x

Christals Creations said...

Lovely smiles this week. :)

Laura said...

Feel better soon x
Thank you for featuring me - I was lucky to find the bluebells by the side of the road so I could take the photo! Mum is so good, she looks out for things I can take photos of when she is out and then takes me when I feel well enough.
Your little mermaids look gorgeous with their goggles!

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Annie,

Adorable photo of the girls at their swimming lesson. The mud pie kitchen is VERY cool. It would also make a cute little lemonade stand (wonder if kids do that any more).

I'm getting ready to have my knee replaced the first part of June so I've been getting help lined up (to/from hospital about 45 miles away), dog sitting while I'm in hospital, someone to stay with me the first week I'm home, etc., etc. I have been knitting but just haven't been posting.

So glad I came by today!

mamapez5 said...

I love your robin, and the dear little dog taking comfort from being near you. Lovely photos of the little ones as usual, all growing up so fast too.
I love the blue bells, especially the deep almost purple ones that fill the woods at this time of year. The cultivated ones are just not the same though I used to pick them from my Shropshire garden to have indoors.
There are few surprises for you in my post this week as you have seen most of it on facebook!
I hope your cold soon goes away. Hugs. Kate x

Twiglet said...

Oh such special photos Annie - thanks for sharing. x

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Annie, lovely to read your post today - lucky you to have a little visiting robin, as always the youngsters have us smiling. Do hope you are feeling much better. I'll be able to post next week, cheers Robyn