Friday, 29 November 2013

This week's smiles....week 46

Firstly let me say a huge thank you for all those who joined in the fun this week.  I do love visiting you all to see what has made you smile and it's so good of you all for linking them up here so others can share it too.

My featured blog this week just had to be Sam's joke about the remote control...maybe it's just appreciated by those of us or a certain age who likes to snooze while hubby watches telly in bed but it certainly made me chuckle....thanks Sam.

Well folks, it's been another of those sort of roller coaster weeks here for us.  

Tuesday saw us accepting an offer on our house and having our offer accepted on the bungalow of our dreams....I know we have a long way to go yet but we are keeping everything crossed that we will have a move in the new year.  :-)

Wednesday was a downward slope of the roller coaster....I was rung first thing in the morning by the twins mummy, Shell to say both twins were on their way to A and E!!!  It really isn't a good thing to spread Vick's vapour rub all over your face, all over your clothes and even in your hair and then try eating it!!!  [ you really wouldn't think they would go near it would you?]  I shut the shop and drove straight in to help [sewing can wait at times like this can't it?] ever good a mum you are these things happen and to cope with two children just isn't possible when you only have one pair of hands.

They were assessed in A and E....including a 12 lead ECG to check their hearts....Vick really is serious stuff and can cause all sorts of problems.  The poisins guidelines meant they had to be monitored for 6 hours before they could be allowed home.  Thankfully they had no effects and enjoyed their free lunch and play day with all the toys!!!  And now we can all laugh at it all so I am sharing a couple of pics of the two little monkeys....they really do gang up on who every is looking after them and get up to all sorts of mischief.  :-)

You only get one bed for two year old twins and here they are pretending to be asleep!  Needless to say it was a long 8 hour day when neither of them could actually have their nap in just one bed!

Here they are enjoying their fish fingers, chips and mixed veg and the chocolate pudding went down well too.  :-)

Needless to say Mummy and Nanny had to spend all day without even a cup of coffee so we both went home with headaches feeling totally shattered lol.

A good night's sleep was had by all on Wednesday night and I can assure you there was a house full in Shrewsbury that had beautifully clear heads with a house smelling very strongly of Vick!!!

That's all from me for this week so please join in the fun and link up your happy posts below some time before next Friday when I will feature the one that makes me smile the most.


Twiglet said...

Never a dull moment with those two is there!! x Jo

tilly said...

oh dear........ what a day, lots more to come I suspect lol

Laura said...

Goodness!! Glad they are OK x

fairy thoughts said...

Oh dear that's not nice Vick is a bit like marmite you either love it or hate it . I could do with some myself right now
Janet .... Full of cold

Hettie said...

Thanks for featuring my bloggie joke! Great news on the house front!
What are those twinnies like? I love the smell of Vick so maybe they do too!

Nan G said...

Oh my my! Never a dull moment with kids but twins really keep you all hopping! So glad they're okay! They sure have rosy red cute.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, don't little ones keep you on the hop ... my great-grandson has also been keeping A&E busy! Glad to see the twins were left with no lasting damage.

Glad, too, that you've sold your house and bought your dream house. I hope everything goes smoothly from now and that the move, despite the inevitable upheaval, goes well. What a time to be moving ... will you be celebrating your first Christmas in your new home ... it's what we are looking forward to :) Elizabeth xx

JoZart Designs said...

OH boy what a to do... can you still hear my sharp intake of breath. It must really have hurt their eyes.
My DDs massage Vick on the children's feet and believe it or not it really soothes a cough like magic.
Glad they are OK but I've got to say.... WHAT NEXT?
Jo x