Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Another week has flown past and Christmas will be upon us before we know it.  As you can guess I am still knitting when my sewing allows a free minute.  I have had a busy week this week with customers after the much quieter week I had last week.  The snow definitely kept many from venturing out and although it hasn't all gone yet it has remained very very cold here so very icy under foot still.  This week I have had 4-5 more new customers already so I guess their need had increased enough to make them venture out carefully.

On my desk today you can see a nearly finished Joseph for the Knitivity and two more little knitting projects I've been busy with.  Mary now has a halo and I've stitched her button on the front of her dress as on the pattern.  Joseph is still looking a bit phallic but once he has a beard and I've dressed him he will look better.  

The other two little knitting projects will look like this when finished.  They are from a really cute free pattern that Twiglet sent me the link to and of course I just had to knit two for my two little Granddaughters.  I just need a bit of lurex thread now to knit the wings and stars so hopefully by next week you will be able to see the finished mice.

This is the view from the window where I sit and sew.  A cock pheasant has taken to visiting my bird feeder most mornings this week.  I have named him Fred and have to admit I do throw out some bird feed on the floor for him to eat.  I live right in the middle of a village so really hope he stays safe and well off the road.

I must get moving now because I have a rail full of sewing and I have two little visitors coming to play with Nanny Annie today too....and you all know I wont be getting much sewing done while they are here  :-) 

Please pop over to our leader Julia's blog to link up with all the other WOYWWers who expose themselves on a weekly basis.  Have a great week.  Keep warm and thank you for popping in to say hello.


Debs said...

awwww I love the knitivity - how fabulous is that? and those mice are too cute for words xx
My project is finished now if you want to see what it is now!

Chrissie said...

Love those meeces... thanks for the link to the download, I think I'm really going to have to have a go at those!
Have a lovely day!

donnalouiserodgers said...

ooh I neeeeeed that fairy mouse flying star pattern - must ask twiglet when I see her desk later..

love the phalluses

chameleon is on his way


Samantha Ball - aka (Craftychick74) said...

OMG I love and I mean love those christmas decorations. They are soooo cute!

Happy Crafting
Sam xx # 51

Helen said...

Good luck with your knitivity. Those mice are cute!

JoZart Designs said...

Lovely post... cutie meeces and hurry up with Joseph as I think that image may be sacrilegious!!
Lucky you to have the pheasant visit too,
Hugs joZarty x x

Twiglet said...

Have fun with the tinies!!

Neet said...

Just love that Knitivity (love the name you have given it too)but do agree Jo needs something on - and quickly!
Those mice are super cute and look fabulous dangling on that branch.
Thanks for sharing all your knitting and hope your pheasant stays safe. #21

Zue said...

Knitting and pheasants...must be nearly Christmas!!
The fairy mice are the cutest things.
Have a lovely day
Sue xx 70

Susan said...

Knitivity!!! Love it! A great word. Those Christmas mice look like Angelina Ballerina... I wish I could knit. My daughter (5) would love those.

Thanks for popping by my desk too!
Susan xxox #13

Joey said...

awwwww how cute is your Knitivity I love the name, those mice are too cute! Joey.#29 x

Karen said...

ooo I see that your phallics are coming along nicely Annie! Now please go & put some clothes on Joseph before he catches a cold!!!!!

Awe how cute are those mice!!!!! Any chance you could put the link up for those?

Good for you feeding the pheasant...he is rather magnificent. Hopefully he will stay around your house and keep away from guns & roads!

Keep warm my lovely xxx

Victoria said...

I want those mice!
vicky 79

Mrs A. said...

Flying mice. Whatever next! Love em. #91

Anonymous said...

I heard about the mice and had to pop over. They do not disappoint.

Terry said...

I love your knitivity! And those flying mice are adorable. I've taken to feeding all the birds that choose to come by. Poor creatures need something with the odd weather we've been having. It's pouring down rain with thunder and lightning this morning!

Terry (18)

Serendipity Stamping said...

What a cute knitivity. And how I love those adorable little mice, can't wait to see the finishing touches on them. #92

Spyder said...

I LOVE your Christmas fairy mice, they are just toooo cute!! The pheasant will be ok, they are very greedy and a little thick! Cars don't usually run them over, THEY run into cars! You drive past one, thwack!! you hear it bang its head on your back wing! There was a lovely golden one up near me the other week, but I haven't see him lately...Have a Happy WOYWW!

Spyder said...

Hey I've just google Fairy mice and found the freebie pattern, ohoo me might have a go at knitting!

Okay...stop laughing!!


oneoff said...

Ahh sparkly fairy meeces - they are gorgeous. I bet the granddaughters will love them (as do one or two adults not too far from your comments section here).

Hope Fred exercises his little Pheasant brain well and stays off the road. There are a few not far from us, and it's always the lads who cause us to brake sharply by stepping out. (As opposed to the girls, who do that "you think I'm that stupid" look, when we brake for them.)

B x #81

Twiggy said...

Lovely knitting - so cute
Twiggy x

Anne said...

The mice are soooo cute.
Anne xxx

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Oh, the fairy mice are so cute! And Joseph needs some clothes, he he. Love the Knitivity!

Maarit #37

Stressed Stamper said...

Love the knitting especially the mice
Sarah - Stressed Stamper#17

Kath Stewart said...

thanks for the crafty your cute critters...hugs kath xxx No 47

Pam said...

What a relief to know that Joseph will be dressed soon - you know that wikileaks guy got arrested for something very similar ;-)

Love the little fairies - looking forward to seeing your version and the snow looks, well...snowy.

Keep feeding that little pheasant. He must be cold too! Thanks for the peek.

Julia said...

Hello there!

Oh my, those little mice are wonderful!!! You are clever, and I do wish I could knit (I always get this feeling when I see the gorgeous things you knitters come up with).

What a great treat to have the pheasant visit you, lets hope he stays safe whilst visiting for his meals!

Love to you
Julia x x x

Pam said...

Love the little mice, they are so cute and if I had some more time I know loads of little girls that would love these even my 16 year old. HUgs Pam x

Marjo said...

Adorable mice!

Hugs, Marjo #45

karen said...

Oooh, I wish I could knit just so i could make those mice!
Love the clever Knitivity too! I will check back to see the finished project!
xoxo Karen

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Knitting takes a long time, or it did when I tried it (grin). I am happy to hear the customers are venturing out even in the ice and snow. I'm sure your new craft/sewing room is being properly broken in by now.

You asked what freezer paper is. It's what you might call butcher paper. It's what butchers (in butcher shops) use to wrap meat in that needs to be frozen. It is found in the same section of the grocery store where you find wax paper, aluminum foil, etc. It is slick/shiny on one side, dull on the other. You cut off a piece the size of your printer paper, then iron your fabric to the shiny side. Since I'm working with cotton, I used the cotton setting, but only left the iron on the cotton for a second or two, moving the iron across all the fabric without allowing the iron to sit still. The freezer paper goes on the bottom. When the fabric has been printed (I used some I hand dyed), simply pull it away from the paper. It doesn't stick and the paper can be reused at least two more times. BTW, it's white and heavy/thick.

jude said...

Love your wee knitting.Oh what a beautiful sight from your window.So wintery would make lovely christmas card that piccy!Have fun with the grand children.
hugs judex6

Anonymous said...

Lol, thanks for the good giggle Annie, poor Joseph, get some clothes on him will you! Love the little flying mice, very cute. Hope you had fun with the little 'uns.

Brenda 83

HeARTworks said...

Knitivity! How quaint and so apt! What a great project for advent! I also love the hanging mice. You sure are industrious these days! Patsy from

Julia Dunnit said...

Knitivity - gorgeous, we have one courtesy of Granny and it stays on Miss D's shelf in full view all year, too special for her to put away! Glad I wasn't around at the phallic stage of production though, the laughing and snorting would've put paid to the rest of the day!! The little mice are gorgeous, what a super idea. You're as busy as ever Annie, I wondered if the rise to Christmas would be quieter, but even the weather isn't really holding them back, great stuff.

Angela Toucan said...

the mise look cute, happy knitting

be blessed
from Angela #69

Anonymous said...

The mice are adorable. You're very clever. I can knit and crochet, but only scarves! Very impressive.

cheers, rachel #40

Nicky said...

Love the knitavity but the mice are my favourite they are fab ~ Nicky 16

Sue Pinner said...

Oh wow! them mice so much sooooooo cute
Hugs x