Monday, 13 December 2010

My new arrival and my knitty updates...

Thought I'd best introduce you to my new arrival.  I won a tree chameleon on Donna's blog last week and as you can see he has made himself comfy on our Christmas tree.  Thanks Donna.

I also told you I would update you on the Christmas Fairy Mice I was knitting for my little Granddaughters.
They are now finished and here you can see them posing for you hanging on our Christmas tree.  The little girls came down here Saturday to dress Nanny Annie's tree and 2 year old little P was really wide eyed at each and every little treasure she handed to her Mummy to put on the tree.....happy memories.  I'm sure she will love these little mice.....I do  :-)

On Friday my baby [now 23 years old!] had to have minor surgery and came here afterwards to spend some quality time with his Mum [and to be fussed over and spoiled a bit of course]   :-)  We have always enjoyed special times together and when he saw that I had been knitting he asked me to teach him to knit so he could make a little teddy to give to his girlfriend to hang on their tree.  We spent most of the day laughing, dropping stitches and learning new skills  :-)

Here's the proof  :-)  I thought I'd best not put a photo on of his face cos I'm not sure he would want his mates to see  :-)

Here you can see the results of our fun.  The one on the right is the one he knit and mine is the one on the left.  He was soooo proud of it and his girlfriend G was really thrilled with it too.  I have put a pin by the side to let you see just how small and cute the little bears are.  They are made using a free pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits....she makes some really stunning things too.

I plan to knit one as a Christmas gift for one of my blogging friends so watch this space if you want to be in with the chance to win one  :-)  I know a lot of you don't knit and thought you just might like to have one of your own.


Kathy at Knitting Off The Grid said...

Oh how fun visiting your blog this morning. Your little fairy mice are adorable! All your creations are adorable!

Merry, Merry Christmas to you.

Twiglet said...

Well - I think I shall have to have a go at knitting one of those little bears in pink and silver!!

oneoff said...

What a lovely day for you and your babe. He's done a grand job with that little bear - perhaps there is hope for me and knitting yet - or else it's your impressive knitting genes at work... Loving your tree of beasties; I'm not surprised the 2 year old had eyes on stalks.

Hope Fred the Pheasant is doing ok - thought of him on Friday when we had a car picnic at the river and met one on the way home. At least he decided to fly up, while looking at us and mouthing what can only be pheasant insults.


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh the thought of big young eyes gazing at the lovely tree decs - you can't help but be swept back in time...and how gorgeous of your boy; and how lovely that you both had a happy day together and recovery to boot.

No no Annie, we haven't fallen out - I am just a bad visitor at the mo - horrible pressure type things happening in real life and my role keeps me from my blog buddies!

Linby said...

aah I love the fairy mice. You could recruit your son to help you with the knitivity - he seems to have got the hang of it ok.

VintageVicki said...

Cute mice & cute bears :)

Well done to your son - I bet his girlfriend will love that :)

Zue said...

Beautiful mice and your son is very talented. His girlfriend will love it.
How small, but the best things are small, though fiddly.
Sue xx

bayou said...

I am impressed! Not only those wee mice with their wings but also a knitting son! And the results are lovely.

Chrissie said...

I have to say the one on the right is totally splendid!
The one on the left is pretty OK too!

Karen said...

Awe....your son should be proud of himself. Not only has he learnt to knit but made something that looks a bit fiddly AND for his girlfriend!!!! They both look really pretty Annie xxx

donnalouiserodgers said...

ooh the Guy who does the mice fairy pattern - i have knitted his 'christmas gnomes' I am knitting mice fairies as I type using my extra pair of hands, chameleon looks good on the tree..

see you tomorrow,


Sue Pinner said...

Annie they are gorgeous....might have to make one for Santa's sack
Clever son well done and what a lovely gift for his girlfriend too...l'm impressed
hugs xx

Serendipity Stamping said...

Love the happy little chameleon your tree. Love even more the fairy mice you have done. They would have been great for little gifts for my sorority sisters.