Friday, 4 December 2020

This week's smiles....week 399

 Another week has passed and we are creeping closer to Christmas.  I wrote all my Christmas cards [and they are now posted] but I found I still needed more so have made another 6 this week and am now working on the tree decorations that I make for each of our 6 grandchildren [plus a few extra special little people] so I have been enjoying crafty time in between making more Memory bears and even another Memory elephant....we might have been in lockdown and are now in tier 2 [so very little different] but us creative folk can always find something to do and I'm sure it has helped during this mad time....and I can always find something to smile about :-)

Wednesday night saw my darling hubby and our son going to watch Shrewsbury town play football....they allowed 2000 supporters in to watch the game and they were lucky enough to get tickets.

They have really missed their football so this put huge smiles on their faces...even if they were hidden by their face masks.

Ever since the twins were born and could fit right inside their Christmas stockings Shell has sent me a photo of them.....boy how they have grown! I'm not sure how many more years they will fit their feet in but I'm sure they will try. :-)

There has been early signs that Christmas is on it's way here too.  The Christmas boxes are down out of the attic and, as you can see the tree is now being put together in the living room....we usually have Amy with her little elves to decorate the tree but I have a feeling we may have to do it ourselves this year...b******* Covid!!

Lets hope the news of vaccines on their way will mean life may return to nearer normality some time soon eh?

That's all from me for today.  I hope you will all share your smiles by linking up below.


Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Lucky you. I haven't even thought about starting my Christmas cards. Story of 2020. I'm behind all the time this year. LOVE the twins in their stockings. They are so adorable. Glad your son and husband got to go to the game. Sorry, I'm NOT calling it F**T***L (grin). Have a super Friday and great weekend. So good to have "seen" you on Wednesday, too.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, just got back from walking the dogs and we are all dried out now. What a surprise this morning when we woke up to snow! The yellow brick road is white now! Pleased you're still finding plenty to smile about it's so important to look on the bright side. Take care and have a love weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

Iris Flavia said...

The PJ´s along with the hug made me smile real big, thank you (coming over from Elizabeth).

LA Paylor said...

I love the pic of the twins... and the ritual of stockings... they will always fit on their heads later! Love also the menfolk going to the game in masks... thank you for all wearing masks to keep ALL of us safe as well as you... so important and an important message to the public.
the vaccine will be coming to health care workers soon, then to us.
we need to be on top of viruses in future, don't we? Taking swift action to protect people

mamapez5 said...

I still have stocking with my boys names on, but they could just about fit one foot in now I think. I love these traditions.
I have always done our tree so it it was there to surprise the boys in the morning, but I have to confess it has been harder the past few years. So this year we have bought a bit smaller one, but I still managed to fit all the important decorations on it, even if a few of the more ordinary ones had to be left off.
You are right about the craft too. It has certainly kept me sane these past months.
It sounds as though you may be able to have a few family get-togethers over Christmas, even if it is one family at a time! There is always Hope. Kate xx

Lisca said...

We had very bad weather yesterday and the internet was off and on. I should have known better than to write your comment on my ophone. Of course it hasn't come through. Oh well, he goes again:
I remember giggling at your hubby on his knees in front of the tree, as if imploring the angels to come and do it for him.
Haven't the twins grown! They will be wearing those stockings on their heads soon.
I'm so happy for your boys that they have been able to go to see a football match. I know it is important for some men.
I've also seen your handiwork on the 600th WOYWW. Lovely bears.
Is it 600 already. As you know, I joined for a few years.
Have a lovely weekend,

Twiglet said...

Lovely smiles - great to see the men back at footie. That pic of the twins each year always makes me smile. Good luck with tree decs. I need to buy one yet!! Lovely to "see" you yesterday! xxxx Jo