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Friday, 19 August 2016

This week's smiles....week 183

Hello all.  Happy Friday to one and all.  I think many of you are on holidays at the mo because there were only 4 who linked up last week so I would like to thank Angela, Robyn, Kate and Neet for doing their bit to make the world a happier place to be....I really do appreciate your effort girls so am sending you all a special big hug this week.

I have had a week full of smiles this week so will share a few pics with you all....

Shell took Lexi and Sam for their first night camping this week....as you can see it was a big success.

'Look Nanny....my lolly has turned my tongue blue'. :-)

'We are on a dinosaur hunt Nanny....I hope we don't meet the one that made these footprints!'

No dinosaurs found thankfully but holding each others hands to keep each other safe....just in case. :-)

Phoebe loves her books and has already read many during her school holidays.

Steve is enjoying playing with the box of Lego we had when our three were little....it never dates does it?......and Grandad was having just as much fun. :-)

More cousin fun times....all 5 play so well together. :-)

And last but by no means least here is Phoebe and Lulu enjoying a special little girl's pamper day with their mummy.....they really enjoyed the chocolate face packs and having their nails done as you can see.  :-)

As you can see I have many smiles to share this week.  It would be really lovely if a few more would join in the fun by sharing their smiles.  If you link yours below I will pop over as soon as I can to see what's been making you smile this week.

Annie x


Robyn Oliver said...

Happy Friday Annie, looks like you're enjoying some glorious weather as well as the fun times with your grandkids...they are a such a fab age for exploring new things and it's so nice to see they all get along. I do like the pamper day idea - oh that would be sooo nice, a real treat for the girls. Lots of smiling for your pics. Enjoy your weekend hugs Robyn

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Happy Friday Annie, got to be quick as I'm off to the gym but will call back later. Have a great day, Angela x

Barb said...

Hi Annie, sorry to have been absent for a while. What a lovely selection of photos of your grandchildren. They all seem to have had lots of fun. It's great the way they all get on so well together. Your piccies did make me smile. Have a good weekend. Barbxx

Lisca said...

Yes, I was one of those AWOL last week. We were indeed on holiday.
Those little girls on their pamper day really made me smile! I have never heard of a pamperday for little ones. How original. Looks like they really liked it.
They are all such a happy bunch. Isn't it great that cousins can get together often and happily grow up together.
My mum still has the Lego that we used to play with. Through all her moves we have never dared throw it away. Wheneven children come to visit they get to play with it as it hasn't changed in 60 years. Mum still keeps it in the home-made boxes with compartments that my dad made to keep the bits in.
Have a smiley weekend!

Laura said...

My nephew will never need to buy any lego as his Daddy has oodles. I remember sorting through it and was puzzled why we had so many extra heads?!
Sorry I didn't link up last week - brain like a sieve
Have a good weekend

mamapez5 said...

Hi Annie. It is lovely to see the little cousins all getting on so well together. My grandchildren were like that when they were small. Now they live too far apart for regular visits but they till get on on well when they do meet up. I love the special relationship between the twins. They look so cute holding hands as they walk along.
My son Tom has moved to Denmark, the home of lego, and in the lego hotel, every room has a tub of bricks for the residents of all ages to enjoy.
have a good week. Kate x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi I'm back though should be ironing now. Been to fetch dogs from groomers after the Gym. I could manage a chocolate face pack too! no difficulty there at all! I can understand those two hanging on to each other you never know when a dinosaur might appear out of the trees, after all we met one at the Lincolnshire show and he was BIG!!!! Have a great week, Angela x

Christals Creations said...

Fab smiles. :)

Twiglet said...

Good to see all those happy little cousins! Think I need a chocolate face mask.x

tilly said...

lots of fun for the children... camping for the first time !!! so nice they all can play together

Sharon Madson said...

Lovely! I would like to join, but don't have anything to share. :)
So maybe next time. I got here through Angela. Fridays? Thank you for the smile.

Lynn Holland said...

Just popped in for a quick smiley session Annie.
The blooming photo uploading thing is still getting the better of me but I'm not down and out yet. haha
LYnn xxx