Wednesday 14 January 2015


All I want to say is IKEA today  :-)  I am on a roll with the sorting and tidying and planning for my new sewing room.....I'm ever the optimist even though the plans for our building work 'got lost' at our local planning office and we have had to submit them again!!!

So I will get going with my show and tell for today...

Sunday we took a trip to Ikea to pick up a few more jars for my ribbons / lace & trims......Ok ok I know I said a few!!

Can a girl ever have too many storage jars?

Result....all my ribbons now have new homes and I have 3 jars full of lace and trimmings.

Oh and the little jars????

I have rather a lot of buttons that needed sorting...these are just some of the small ones!!

Another result....well all but the black, navy and brown ones!!!

And I need more jars for those!!  :-)

Some of you will have seen that I managed to get some gorgeous fabric off a site I've joined on Facebook [well worth a look if you are into fabrics....just follow the link in the post below].  In that post I mentioned that our local shop rarely had the sort of fabric I like to use to make my tops out of.  Well,  I called in there on Friday as we were passing and they not only had a shelf full of just the fabric I've been looking for but it was in the sale reduced from £8.95/metre down to only £4/metre!!!  I grabbed enough to run up 4 new summer tops for just £10 each....far too good a bargain to miss eh?

 The other quick show and tell for today is this one of the two lined drawstring Lego mats I've made for our two daughter's children.  They both had boxes of Lego for Christmas and asked if I would make them these to make picking it all up so much easier.

I will say enough is enough for today now but will add that there are two awwww moments coming up on my Friday's post for this week that I'm sure lots of you will want to see so be sure to pop back so you don't miss out.  :-)

Thanks for calling by today.  Please leave me a little hello message so I know you've called in and I will do my best to call by at yours asap.
Annie x


Judys Lace Creations said...

Oh my lordy..all those buttons.I find sorting buttons to be sort-of comforting. I haven't sorted any for years, but I remember last time I did it and it was fun.I love the sound of them, and they sort-of feel nice. Or I just KINKY??
This way you'll be seeing all that you own and can categorize things for easy finding again.

French Nanny said...

I just talked about buttons on Jo's blog... I absolutely LOVE them and actually find it hard to use them up.

However, like you, I have a room full of 'stuff' including boxes, jars and tins of buttons. Some are old and collectable (well, I collected them) and some new, fun and plastic, but I must get around to properly sorting and possibly selling some of them!

Helen said...

my my, all those buttons! mind you, I bet you use yours, unlike me, a non-sewer who just likes buttons! great idea to sort them all out. Looking forward to the Friday smile moment already! Helen #5

Bridget Larsen said...

That is so annoying that they can lose your plans, hope the second time around its free.
Bridget #1

Queenie Jeannie said...

IKEA makes it fun to organize!!! I have some of those little jars too - quite addicting! Love your Lego mats, I have a little Lego Maniac over here too!

Happy Crafting!
Jeannie #17

Mrs.D said...

Annie, I do like those jars for buttons.
Do hope LA planning get sorted and give permission for your craft room soon.
Chris #34

Twiglet said...

I knew you posted buttons today cos someone left a comment on my blog! x Jo

Anne said...

Hello Annie. How annoying re the plans. I have my buttons in the same jars! Well done re the fabric as well. Anne x #37

sandra de said...

Well done for sorting out all those buttons and ribbons. Your shelves are going to be perfect. Love the idea of the Lego mat/bag, very clever.
sandra de @25

Lunch Lady Jan said...

What a genius idea that Lego mat is!! Clever girl for thinking that one up - I wish I'd had two of those when my boys were little, it would have saved an awful lot of tidying up grief!
And your button/trimmings stash is very could open up your own shop ;-)
Hugs, LLJ 29 xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

oooer how "kewl" is that organisation plus Miss Annie, well done you :D
I love those buttons!!

Well done too on saffling some bargains, gotta love a bargain eh!?

Happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x #44

{Shaz in Oz – my personal blog}

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Wow! All those jars remind me of a sweet shop. Ikea has the best storage solutions. Lovely fabric too. Now do I click on your link, or not?!

Fiona #49

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Annie, thanks for the visit and happy WOYWW. Love the jars, so much easier to quickly find when they are all sorted into colours. The lego mats are a terrific idea and your new top fabric, what a great find. Cheers and enjoy RobynO#51

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

I love those jars, especially once you've filled them with ribbons and buttons. There's something very magical about jars filled with goodies. Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #47

Unknown said...

They all look so pretty in the jars. Fingers crossed your plans won't go astray this time.

Lucy said...

Yes, that is a lot of buttons. I wonder how many jars I'd need to store my inherited collection. I have over a thousand of the little blighters, but never the right one for the job! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Lucy #24 woyww x

Laura said...

Oh crikey I'm weird! I got that excited butterflies feeling in my tummy when I saw your photo of buttons!!
Lego mats - what a great idea! Hopefully eliminating those argh-I-trod-on-a-brick moments!
Happy Wednesday,

PaperOcotilloStudio said...

Great idea the lego mats. My sons all have millions of legos and it is very painful stepping on one in the middle of the night on the way to the restroom! Love all the jars and happy IKEA shopping for more! Shel#56

Kristiina said...

Love your jar sessions... Did you start with 3 old jars, and end up with 20 ?!? Next you'll have to start looking at new shelves :)

Unknown said...

I wished I had Lego mats MANY years ago when our now 32 year old son was a child. I picked up Legos all over the house! Cute fabrics, too! And all those jars of buttons and ribbons!!! My my! Happy WOYWW!
Carol N #58

lisa said...

I recognise those IKEA jars, Annie, I bought some for putting homemade chutney in for xmas pressies, they are so cute aren't they. You are really looking organised now.
Have a good week.
Hugs Lisax #38

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I remember when I sorted both my buttons and beads. It was quite a chore, but I sure felt better after it was done. Your jars of buttons, lace, and ribbon made me swoon. Very impressive, especially since you had so much to go through.

Those lego holders are genius. Very clever, indeed.

sorry to read about your failed plans. Seems you have the WORST luck when it comes to anything home/house related. Thanks for visiting while I slept. Happy WOYWW from #2.

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Annie,
I love using jars to store things. At first I thought I'd separate all my ribbons and buttons by color but that be too many jars for my small space. I have never visiting an Ikea and am afraid. I think the closest one to me is an 8 hour drive or so.

The Lego mats look interesting I bet the kiddos will love them.
Thank you for visiting me already!
Peace, Kay (12)

itsamistry said...

Goodness did you buy out Ikea's stock? hahaha only kidding it's a great way to store things and easy to find what you're looking for as well. I'm not even looking at the fabric shop nope no way hehehe I have way too many pieces waiting to be made up. Thanks for sharing Anita #66

Christals Creations said...

Love the jars. My ribbons are in boxes and buttons in a partylite candle jar. :)

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Wow, I feel exhausted at all the things you are cramming in at the moment. Those Lego mats are such a good idea, and how lucky you were finding that material locally. Have a wonderful time making it up, and good luck with those plans again. xx Maggie #27

pearshapedcrafting said...

The Lego mats are a brilliant idea - although i must confess to having a play of my own after bedtimes on occasions when my boys were little! I love the way you are organising your bits and bobs!! How annoying on the craft room front!! Have a good week, Chrisx53

Scrapthology said...

What would we do without Ikea, empty jam jars just aren't the same and I do love a Dime bar cake. 78

Lisca said...

Wow Annie! What a lot of buttons! (and ribbons) The jars look really good. Are they all going to sit on a row on a shelf? They deserve to be on display!
The lego mats are great! Good idea!
Clever you t make your own tops! I used to sew all my own clothes but haven't used my sewing machine for years (apart from doing repairs). Well.... one day.....
Thanks for your visit and your kind comment,
Have a great week,

Neet said...

A lot of lovely looking jars, this willow so pretty when you are ready to show us the new workroom.
Love the idea of the lego mat - what a clever idea.
Hugs, Neet 3 xx

fairy thoughts said...

Oooo I think you should base your new sewing room around a sweetie shop .. It's going to look so yummy.
What a brilliant idea the Lego mat that's definate to make for Erin's birthday
Janet @19

Julia Dunnit said...

Well I'm,late, so I've oohed and ahhed at the puppy and kitty...what brave families! how much fun they'll have!
Happy for you about the fabric haul, isn't it funny how these things turn up, I hope the shop will carry on stocking!

Eliza said...

Sorry getting around late this week. Gosh Ikea is a dangerous place to shop, I love your little ribbon jars. The problem is having the shelving to display all the jars. I do love the pile of buttons you are sorting. I have a tin from my grandmother that is full of different types of buttons and I love running my fingers through the pile of buttons. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.

Belated WOYWW greetings
Hugs Eliza & Yoda