Friday, 3 October 2014

This week's smiles.....week 87

Hello all.  Hope you're having a great week.  Thanks to those who joined in last week.

I'm featuring Kate's post from last week......You've just got to love those smiling clouds  :-)
Thanks made me smile.

It's a quick post from me for this week.  It's been an anxious sort of week because our daughter went into hospital early hours of Tuesday morning with severe abdominal pain.  She had ultra scan and CT scan on Tuesday to see what the problem was but it took them til Wednesday lunchtime before they decided to take her to theatre for a laparoscopy to investigate further.  Whilst there they confirmed that it was appendicitis so they cut her yet further and took it out....she now has 4 wounds on her tummy and is looking a bit like spaghetti junction! why am I smiling?

We visited her last night and she had her sparkle back and was looking much better thankfully and this photo she put on Facebook really made me chuckle...

This pic she put on Facebook yesterday morning having not eaten since Monday with the caption..

"Marmite and toast never tasted so good!!!"

I guess you either love it or hate it but she has loved since she was a baby.....and trust me when I say it's no easier having your baby in hospital poorly even when she's 30.

Simple pleasures eh?

The other pics I'm sharing today are the ones her little twinnies drew to make her feel better...and they certainly worked their magic on her :-)

And the funniest thing is that they both insisted on drawing her spiders and she has a real phobia of them....just like me!! :-)
I really hope she makes a very speedy recovery and continues to give us lots more to smile about.

Thanks for calling by today.  Please link up your smiles below and share your happy times with us.

Annie x


tilly said...

Hope you daughter is soon well again, love the drawings

Di said...

Great drawing Annie - and good news that Shell is on the road to recovery. But what a worrying time for you all. Marmite on toast is always comfort food for those of us who love it :)

Hugs, Di xx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, so glad your daughter is now recovering well from her op ... these things don't give much warning!!! Super drawings from the twins ... though not keen on the spiders. And Marmite - love it, it's great comfort food :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Great news..whip it out and pleased the worry is over!
I love the children's art..I saw on Pinterest somewhere of a lady who made soft toys based on the children's drawings..they were absolutely gorgeous. Wishing you a way less stressful and more smiley next week! xx

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Oh my goodness Annie! So glad they got to the bottom of it. Wishing her a speedy recovery. Those drawings are so cute. I have some similar tucked away, but no spiders....thank goodness! Have a lovely weekend xx

Jan said...

So glad they were able to take care of the problem and that she is better. Love the twinnies' artwork!

mamapez5 said...

So glad your daughter is on the mend. I agree that it is just hard to have them in hospital at any age. I have had similar worries this week, but if you read to the end of my blog you will see it is not resolved yet.
We are a family of Marmite lovers, except for my husband who won't even try it! All my boys were brought up on it, and Tom, who moved out to Denmark in April, filled the corners of his case with jars of it, just in case he couldn't get it out there. I did the same when we came here, but I can now buy it in the English shop.
I love the children's drawing and I'm sure their mum did too.
Thanks for featuring my blog this week. Kate x

Shoshi said...

Awww Annie... what adorable drawings - so precious! They really made me smile. I hope your daughter will soon be as right as rain again. Very nasty for her!


Shoshi said...

PS - here's someone else who likes Marmite:


Twiglet said...

Fab drawings - all good wishes to your big girl! x

glitterandglue said...

So glad the hospital found out the problem and have managed to sort things, Annie. Every blessing to you all at this time.
How did the sale go? Were you there, or did your friend look after things for you?
Take care. God bless.

Hettie said...

Hmmmn. Lexi's spider is a little too realistic for me! Hope your big lickle one is feeling better very soon.
Missed ya too. Wifi was a little hit and miss last week!