Thursday, 13 December 2012

My love of Puppets...

Many years ago I was commissioned to make a set of 6 puppets for use with a puppet theatre....I ended up making 6 sets of these!....and that's when it love of puppets.  :-)

Since then I have designed many and over the years have made...
  • Mr Oakley the farmer
  • Mrs Oakley the farmer's wife
  • Cassy the cow [1 available]
  • Clive the clever clown
  • Dotty the dog [1 available]
  • Ellie the elephant
  • Feed back Freddy the parrot
  • Fire chief Charlie....used at the fire station for when children are involved
  • Frog and toad
  • Hatty the hen [2 available]
  • Iggy the instruction iguana [2 available] to be my favourite.
  • McPuppet....special design that travelled up to Scotland.
  • Percy pig
  • Polly parrot
  • Reggie reindeer [1 available]
  • Ruby rat
  • Sherbet the sheep [1 available]
Many of these were designed for use as teaching aids.....I made many for Jo when she was a deputy head in a school up in Yorkshire and have made many for Michelle and Gina to use in their schools....and the children just love them of course.  The children respond so well to a 'talking' character and it is often possible to get the message across so much easier whilst using a puppet.  As you can see from the list there are a few in stock so if anyone fancies buying one in time for Christmas please email me.  I am happy to take special orders and will do my best but can't guarantee being able to make them in time for Christmas.
Annie x


Di said...

Oh my, what a selection Annie. No time this year as we fly to Germany tomorrow with gifts for the girls, but will be looking next year. Ha, two of your little mice are flying with us too :))

Hugs, Di xx

French Nanny said...

Perhaps you should do a Happy Families theme...

I fancy Mr Bun the baker, Mrs Bun the bakers wife, two bun children(did they have first names?) and Baby Bun...

Twiglet said...

What a happy bunch - enough to cheer anyone this Christmas!! x Jo

mashy20 said...

These are absolutely fantastic and the children love them!! Such colourful characters that make all children giggle......the twins and my class at schooli'm so lucky to have several of these! I agree with happy fmilies theme! They would be very useful! Michelle

Nan G said...

Oh my goodness! These are amazing! They all have such expressive faces! I'm now a follower so I can keep up with your fabulous work! Hugs Nan G/froggydesigns

Hettie said...

Gorgeous puppets there Annie. You must have some patience! I love puppets too and have a collection of string puppets from Prague. I also have a Florence I won when I was about 8 at a puppet show. She is so special.

JoZart Designs said...

They are all fantastic, Annie. I just love all their expressions and also their names!
Jo x

sandra de said...

Your puppets are wonderful as are all the other lovely posts and pics of family on your blog. I am struggling to get around to say hello to everyone.

Unknown said...

he he - how could you not smile at these... so much better than clowns...

Do you do special voices for them all Annie? lol

Paula x x x