Monday, 19 December 2011

Party fun....

As most of you will know we had our family Christmas party here yesterday.  The house was filled with lots of love and laughter for the afternoon/evening.  Memories were made and I have a few pics I would like to record on my blog and am happy to share with my blogging friends.  I know there are lots of 'adopted blogging aunts' that will want to ooooh and awwwww over these.

A new farm from Nanny and Granddad was opened with a big 'WOW' and even the cow got a big kiss. 

A fab new painting / drawing / black board from Auntie Shell and Uncle Brent was well tested.
Daddy was beautifully drawn by Phoebe....not a bad likeness by a 3 year old  :-)

As always, the wrapping paper was one of the best toys.  :-)

Then came time for pyjamas on and of course a few more snaps.....

Anticlockwise from the top are Sam, Lexi and their cousin Steve.

Photo call coming to an end....Little Lexi is yawning whilst lying between the two boys  :-)

But of course before we finish the two big girls have to join in the fun.....

What more could any Grandma want for Christmas?

5 happy, healthy little Grandchildren all full of love and fun.  I am soooooooooo blessed.....and of course we had all had a wonderful day together with lots of spoiling but 10 mins later they had all gone home to bed and the house was tidy and quiet again.  :-).....bliss :-)

Hope you've all enjoyed a quick peep into our fun family time and for being such great friends I've even left you a bun...... help yourselves to one with your coffee.
Annie x


Di said...

Aw Annie - wonderful photos - thank you so much for sharing. I've taken a bun to have for my elevenses - yummy! Di xx

Helen said...

Yes, thank you for sharing your family time with us - as a blogging aunty I feel very privileged. Could do with a real bun to go with my lunch... lol

Carol said...

Thank you for sharing those wonderful photographs Annie. Happy memories for you all.
Carol xx

Sue Pinner said...

Thanks for sharing the fun and gorgeous family you have there Annie big hugs to all xx
**Merry Christmas** to all xx

Florence said...

How fun! Your pictures are adorable!

Hettie said...

Aw!!!! Gorgeous pics!!

Sew Scrumptious said...

What gorgeous photos. I just blogged about you!! Also wanted you to see the 'Dress a Girl' blog badges I now have if you want to use one? Thanks for your support this year. I couldn't have done it without you and Jo. x

SueH said...

What beautiful photos Annie and one the little one will look back on in years to come and see just how much they are all loved.

Thanks for sharing such precious times with us all.