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Monday, 22 August 2011

Just the one.....

It's been another hectic weekend of more 'rather too soon contractions', thunder and a 'big number' family birthday party.

Saturday evening M started having contractions again and had to spend the night in hospital....thankfully they have stopped again and she was allowed home Sunday morning after seeing the Dr but was given strict instructions to go straight back if they start again so they can monitor the little ones.  Bless her, she has never been one to make a fuss for nothing and doesn't like to go in and be a 'waste of time'.  The staff at the hospital have all been really lovely and have reassured her that this is just what they want her to do because they need to get everything ready in plenty of time when these two little ones decide to arrive.....especially as they look to be very keen to make an appearance......It would be really nice if they would just hang in there for another 3 weeks so please keep your fingers crossed for us.

Having been awake til midnight waiting to see what decision was going to be made with M in the hospital we then went to bed only to be woke very soon after by thunder....the storm was right over the top of the hospital too just 10 miles from us [just what M needed!!].  I don't mind a thunder storm while I'm tucked up in bed but we have 3 little dogs that really don't like it.....they scratch the doors to get out of their room and then bark!!!  This went on til nearly 2 o'clock!!!  Not a good night was had by all.

Sunday morning was spent catching up with housework and getting the Sunday lunch whilst waiting to see what decision was going to be made for M........Heart monitors on both babies [when they would stop moving!] showed all was well so she was able to go home.  
In the afternoon we collected our son, when he finished work, and called by and picked up, a now rested and refreshed, M to go to my Hubby's big sister's 60th Birthday party.  It was so lovely to have a gathering of the clan for a happy occasion like this and M insisted on coming.  We carefully wrapped her in cotton wool [I did suggest I could deliver the babies alfresco on the new decking but it wasn't needed thankfully] and everyone was really thrilled to see her still intact but it made us all realise by the time most of the family members see her next she will be 3!!....It's getting so close now.

Of course I couldn't go a whole weekend knowing that one more little dress would bring my numbers to 60 so on Saturday afternoon while my hubby was at the footy match I set to and made this little dress.  I decided number 60 should be a statement so I've used the gorgeous red material Anne sent me.  Isn't it bright and cheery?  I love it.


KC'sCourt! said...

Hope everything goes OK for your daughter and the twins arrive when they should.
Another pretty dress!
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Suz said...

Oh Annie...hope M is ok and all goes well for her...wasn't the thunder loud..we were awake for a couple of hours too
Thanks for the offer of a cuppa when all this work kicks off lol...it's the not being involved that's a killer hehe...as we are both hands on l'm sure you will understand
No stopping you is there..60 dresses wow!
Hugs xx

Helen said...

What an eventful weekend! Hope everything continues well with M and the twins, not to mention your fab dress count.

theothermousie said...

Goodness what an exciting time, if a little nerve-wracking too! Hope those twins hang on a little longer.

That last dress is beautiful too - you're so clever and generous x

WinnibriggsHouse said...

You are an inspiration still thinking of others when you have so much going on. Good Luck to all for the birth, especially mum, whenever it is.

Di said...

My fingers and toes are crossed here that the little ones hang on for a bit longer. And superwoman made a dress in the midst of it all too - gorgeous as always Annie! Di xx (typed with crossed fingers!!)

JoZart said...

I think those two are playing games in there and are going to be a pair of mischiefs when they arrive! It must still be a worry but I'm sure all will be well.
Love the 60th dress... some little girl will be so thrilled to wear it and will probably always remember getting it.
Love jo x

mckinkle said...

Firstly, Happy FunDay Monday to you two!!

So pleased to hear that the babies are still nicely tucked up where they should be but will keep everything crossed for you all for a few more weeks at least!

Beautiful bright and cheery dress just as you say! I can imagine a clamber to get that one by the little girls as it is so colourful!

What another fine assortment of fabric arrived this weekend at yours! It must be so exciting wondering what must be inside the packages, who needs xmas?!

Keryn x

mashy20 said...

Gorgeous dress!!! The green pocket looks fab with the patterned red.
Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments! I am ready for the off as sooo uncomfortable now but know the little twins will benefit from cooking a little bit more. They will come whenever they wish though so its a waiting game really! I guess they will be here soon as they keep teasing me! So excited!! Lots of love to all xxxx

Jenevieve said...

Hoping the twins stay put a little longer, although M must be quite excited about about getting to see them soon! I know I can't wait to see my wee one. The dress looks fantastic, great fabric! :) x

SueH said...

Crikey Annie, those little ones sound eager to make their entrance into the world but I hope they’ve managed to slow them down a bit.
I bet you’re on tender hooks every time the phone rings now.

Thinking of you all.

laurie said...

Hope all goes well.

60 dresses...thats just awesome!