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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Blown away with the generosity of others....

Yesterday I received yet another parcel full of gorgeous fabrics.  I had had an email last week asking for my address but I didn't recognise the name as a blogger I knew.

This was one of the biggest parcels I've had and I'm certain you will all agree with me that the fabrics enclosed are all really gorgeous.  There was a card enclosed [also gorgeous] and the lady had written me a message to explain that wasn't in fact a blogger [yet] but just followed our blogs and felt she would like to donate some fabric to the great cause.  I'm sure a lot of you will understand why I was moved to tears to receive such generosity from a 'stranger'.....Isn't the world a wonderful place.  The news seems full of nothing but trouble and riots....why don't they fill their pages with wonderful uplifting stories like the generosity of others?

All I can say is a huge Thank You to CM and to say hope you start blogging soon....I'd like to 'get to know you'  :-) :-) :-) [So far all I know is you are a really generous lady and your favourite colour is pink  :-) ]

The other thing I want to share is the latest pic I have taken of my youngest daughter A.  Both my girls like to sit crossed legged so their baby bumps sit in their laps and last night I snapped a quick pic of A doing just that....I tell them they look like little pixies  :-)  Doesn't she hide her bump well?..... and she is nearly 33 weeks pregnant! Thankfully she keeps really well and manages her two busy little girls to perfection....I'm so proud of her cos she is a really good little Mum.  
Twiglet joined us last night for an evening of fun with A and her two gorgeous little girls.  A fab evening of proud moments and special memories.


Di said...

How amazing Annie! If you ever find out who the lovely lady is who donated all the gorgeous material I'd be happy to set a blog up for her for free if she'd like one - what goes around comes around they say. Super piccie of your daughter A - you must be getting very excited! Hugs, Di xx

KC'sCourt! said...

What a lovely lady.
Julie xxxxxxx

Mrs A. said...

The generosity of the blogging comunity is boundless. What a smashing lady to donate the material and Di for offering to set her up with a blog. Cheers to the both of them. Hugs Mrs A.

Jensters said...

Annie there are such wonderful people and what a wonderful thing to do....love the photo of yr daughter x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Yes, Wipso can quite understand your feelings and we will all follow here when she starts blogging (soon I hope)
Love Shaz in oz.x

mckinkle said...

You're right, its so lovely to receive such a fabulous amount of pretty fabric and all from someone who isnt yet blogging!

Hello CM, we all look forward to you beginning to blog!

It sounds like you all had a super night with your pixies! ;)

Keryn x