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Friday, 5 August 2011

Thursday was a lilac day...

I cleared my 'to do' rail first thing yesterday morning and, cos it was a wet day here, I had no customers during the day so I was able to remain head down making little dresses all day.   I managed to make 5 more taking my total now up to 32  :-) 

I started off with a little lilac pair and because my machine was set up with lilac thread I kept that as my colour scheme for the day.
Here's 28 and 29 made using fabric from a floral quilt cover.

Number 30 is made using pretty fabric with little dogs all over that was kindly donated by Anne.  I've trimmed it up with a little pocket that is trimmed up with a little of the fabric donated by Wanda......I waste nothing  :-)

Number 31 is made using pretty purple fabric with tiny hearts all over that was kindly donated by Wanda and I've trimmed this one up with red bias and pocket top with a little appliqued heart on.

Number 32 is made from the left over fabric from one of the tops I made for me and I've trimmed it up using the same fabric as number 31 was made of.  :-)

And to finish off my Thursday in just the best way possible we had a family get together and filled the house with fun, laughter, little girls and big girls with ever growing baby bumps. 

Here is one of the latest snaps of my gorgeous little granddaughters taken while they were on holiday in Cyprus.  Aren't they just beautiful?  :-) :-) :-)


Twiglet said...

What a pefect pair!! Glad you had a fun evening with them all. The lilac range is very attractive.

Twiglet said...

Perfect, in fact!

Suz said...

They certainly are...so so cute, very lucky Grandma
Thanks l'll pass on the happy holiday wishes...he is so excited first holiday he has had in almost 3 years
Have a great weekend
Hugs x

Di said...

What gorgeous little girls! Love the lilac run of dresses - but then they're all terrific. As someone else has asked, do you have a target in mind? :) Di xx

Anesha said...

Adorable dresses. Can't wait to try and make one, once the workmen have gone!

Karen said...

Awe, Ilove the little lilac dresses Annie, they are sooo pretty! Double awe at your gorgeous little grandaughters too!

Can't believe that the parcel arrived so quickly and of course you can do whatever you want with it my lovely. HUGS xxx

mckinkle said...

More gorgeous dresses, aaaah, they are so pretty in lilac!

And even more gorgeous photos of your little granddaughters enjoying themselves!


Keryn x

Sew Scrumptious said...

Gorgeous girls and gorgeous dresses! I can't believe how fast you sew. You put me to shame!! Just been taking some photos of the dresses you sent me. Should be on the blog on Sunday! x

S said...

Lovely lilac, and even more lovely little ladies!