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Saturday, 6 August 2011

The good and the bad of my Saturday morning....

My life seems to be a balance of the highs and lows of life....I guess we are all the same.
Today I woke early and treated my darling hubby and me to our breakfast in bed....not something we ever do to be honest so this was a real treat.
We are always up with the lark and aren't folk to lie in bed so were soon up and ready to start our day.....and guess what I did?  :-(  :-(  :-(
I fell down the b****** stairs ! ! !....don't worry I haven't broken anything but I was made well aware of the saying 'the bigger you are the harder you fall !'  It shook me up and I've twisted my replacement knee and the ankle on the same leg but I will live....I bet I find bruises later that I didn't know I'd got  :-)

So, that's the bad news out of the way.

Here is the good news.  My postman has just been with another amazing parcel from Twiggy at The World of Twiggypeasticks

Just look at it all...there is the most gorgeous fabric to make several dresses and lots of smaller pieces to trip up others plus trimmings, buttons and even a cow and sheep we can applique onto others.  I am really so blown away at the kindness of others and both Twiglet [that much older sister of mine  :-) ] and I are truly grateful at the support of each and every one of you who has been kind enough to support this wonderful cause.....we will keep sewing and making as many dresses as we can in the spare time we have....Promise  :-)

Thanks Twiggy for this wonderful selection of materials.

Also I just want to show you the three little dresses I made yesterday.....numbers 33, 34 and 35.

These two little dresses were made with the gorgeous material Anne sent us.  We have made smaller dresses with this so we get the full benefit from the gorgeous teddy panels.

This is also a dress made from Anne's pretty material.  I've trimmed it up with a little of the fabric Wanda sent me and added a little appliqued dog on the front.

Can you tell just how much fun I'm having putting these little dresses together.  Thanks to all who are supporting this wonderful cause.  We will soon be ready to send Louise at Sew Scrumptious. another parcel of dresses [the last ones we sent her should be put on her blog soon  :-) ].


KC'sCourt! said...

Poor you, are you OK apart from the bruises, did hubby pick you up and make you a cup of tea? I do hope so.
Julie xxxxxxxxx

WhingingNinja said...

oh know! that's never good, falling down is scary.I last fell three weeks ago at my gyno and it turned out to be low blood pressure. Hope you don't ache too much those dresses are lovely

Di said...

Gorgeous dresses - as usual honey! Oh my, what a scare falling like that. Hope the bruises aren't too bad - shakes you up for sure! Rest if you possibly can - unlikely I suspect though. Big hugs, Di xx

Twiglet said...

Brill. I will be on the phone immediately!!

Karen said...

Awe you numpty...are you alright my lovely?????????

Gorgeous new fabrics to play with aren't they? Now why didn't I think to add trimmings...doh! You take care today xxx

mckinkle said...

Oh no what an awful way to start your weekend Annie! I do hope you are ok and if only I could suggest something that might stop the aches and pains from coming out as the day progresses... other than 2 paracetamol and a bedtime bath I cant think of anything.
Hopefully you wont get any of the repercussions though.

And onto the good! What gorgeous little dresses! Im wondering if you will still be sewing these at xmas!?! At least youve got your much older sis to help you out!! lol! Sorry Jo!

Thank goodness your 3 little bundles of mischief werent under your feet at the stairs, Ive done that and seeing the fear in her little face as I tripped and stumbled down the stairs was a sight I wont forget in a hurry!

I hope you get lots of rest and relaxation today and maybe your lovely hubby will treat you to lunch after your special start to the day!

Keryn x

Twiggy said...

Oh dear, hope you are soon on the mend. Glad you like the parcel, your little dresses are lovely.
Twiggy x

Sew Scrumptious said...

Oh no! Hope you are ok? Thanks so much for your continued sewing of pillowcase dresses! I can't believe how fast you work. Photos of the first lot should be up on the blog tomorrow. Have taken photos now and just need to upload them when the kids are in bed!!

Sandie said...

Oh poor you!
When we were kids, we'd fall over cry a little, get up and run off to do the same...but, as you get older...oh the shock of it! And the pains and aches never seem to go away do they?
Well, glad you haven't broken anything!

Maybe hubby will bring you breakfast in bed???

Take care,

Sandie xx

JoZart said...

Oooh, er! So sorry you went AOE down the stairs. Get the arnica cream out and get rubbing it into those brouises. I tripped in Tesco's car par and fell smack into my face as my hands were full and I was in a dreaful state but my lovey next door neighbour brought me ArniCare cream.... magic, amazing, really works and it's a natural treatment.
Love jo x

Anesha said...

Sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you feel better soon.

SueH said...

Oh Annie, I hope you too stiff and bruised after your fall yesterday. I it really stakes you up doesn’t it but I’m glad you didn’t do any really damage, especially to your knee.

I’m quite good at doing things like that. When we went on holiday in February I wouldn’t ski in case I fell and damaged my worn hip, instead I went swimming and on the first day I tripped up the stem going into the changing room and damaged my shoulder.

Hope you’re on the mend soon hun.
Gentle Hugs