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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

We are looking for hints.... and another parcel from France...

Twiglet and I were lucky enough to win some fine nibs for pro marker pens on Di's blog a while back but as you know Twiglet and I really aren't paper crafters so had never bought any pro marker pens......that is til now.

Twiglet has treated us to our first 4 sets....Thanks Sis.
Di said that they are alcohol pens and should work well on fabric so we will be playing with them to see what we can do with them.....watch this space as they say.  We love to try out new things so this will be our new challenge....if anyone can give us any tips we would be very grateful.

Thanks Di for the fine nibs....you may have started something new for us  :-)

I would also like to show you what has just arrived with the postman. Penny has sent me this gorgeous sheet all the way from France.  This is the second parcel Penny has sent us to make little dresses out of so I must say a really big thank you for your generosity.  We really do appreciate all your help with these little dresses.  It's so pretty Penny.  :-) :-) :-)


WinnibriggsHouse said...

That looks very interesting. Never thought of using them on fabric. I'm not a paper crafter either so can't wait to see what you come up with.

Anesha said...

I have used it on smooth cotton and calico and it works well. Just don't paint too close to the lines. Have fun.

Di said...

Oooer, we'll have you both stamping and colouring before too long. Lots of info. on the web about using PMs which might help. Letraset's own website has quite a lot on plus some links. Have fun! Hugs, Di xx

SueH said...

Lucky you winning the fine nibs, I must get some of those myself. And well done on buying your first Promarkers, you’re going to love them.
You can use the on all sorts of things including, Acetate, glass, try them on buttons, and they are fab for colouring ribbon and lace and pin heads so you can have everything coordinating.

Have fun with them….but knowing you, you will!

Angie said...

Have fun with the pens ...I am still learning but it is amazing what things you can do with them. I wonder what happens when you wash a coloured ribbon or lace ... if nothing, it will be such fun with your sewing.

Pam said...

You'll love your promarkers once you start using them, I just bought myself some fine nibs and am really pleased with them so far (just need to decide which colours I would use them with the most as can't afford to buy one for each of my 102 pens - they are an addiction!) Hugs Pam x

Pearly Queen said...

So glad you got the parcel OK.