Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Hello all. I know you've come to see my work desk so I will get straight to the point and show you what I've been up to since you were here last....

I had an idea in mind so...
  • I filled my new cutting station with lots of yummy fabrics.  
  • I did some measuring
  • I made a pattern and then I.....
I cut out a lot of fabric ovals in the yummy colours to match my new sewing room.
  • I backed them all with some permastiff
  • I cut them all in half
  • I snipped all the curves and
  • turned them all right sides out then
  • I attached them to long strips of permastiff and........

Hey presto I decorated my new shelves  with it all.  Pretty eh?

More shelves have been put up on the other side of the room to hold all my little Ikea sets of drawers that have now been sorted, tidied and labelled so I can find everything....and of course those new shelves have been decorated too.  :-)  As you can see I really am enjoying making my new sewing room look pretty.....hope you like it too.

Thanks for popping by.  Please leave me a little comment to let me know you've called in and I will drop by at yours as soon as I can.
I also want to say a big sorry to the google+ bloggers that visit me because I am able to read their posts but am unable to leave them a comment.....I do try honest.
Have a great week,
Annie x

Friday, 2 October 2015

This week's smiles....week 139

Hello all.  As you know Friday is the day of the week when I share my week's smiles and set up the new Mr Linky at the bottom for all of you to link up your smiles.  Please feel free to link yours up at any point in the week and to even call back to link more later in the week if you want to.....there are no limits to smiles.  We can never have too many so please keep them coming.

Thank you to all who joined in last week.  There were so many wonderful things to smile about and this week I'm featuring Elizabeth's post with all her fab photos of the yarn bombing in Selkirk.  What a fun thing to do....I'm certain many smiles were caused by the colourful results.  Thanks for sharing your pics Elizabeth.

We had a funeral to attend in Lincolnshire last Thursday so chose to travel over there on the Wednesday evening after work and to stay in a hotel until Saturday morning.....a couple of days away from the dust and mess was much appreciated.  On the Friday we went to Lincoln and in the castle grounds we saw these.....

These Barons had been around the city but had recently been moved and were displayed in the castle grounds.  They were all different and each one represented something relevant to Lincolnshire [if you click on the pics you should be able to enlarge them].

I think I snapped most of them....aren't they gorgeous?  Wonderful designs. Amazing works of art and fab colours.

Sunday afternoon we babysat for Amy and took Phoebe, Lulu and Steve to a brilliant play park in Wrexham.  There was a lot of fun had by all....and ice creams too  :-)

Those are my smiles for this week....well some of them :-)

I hope you've enjoyed mine and will link yours up below.
Annie x

Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Hello all.  It's been a hive of industry here this week.
I've been sorting out some of my fabrics....

I have lots of fabric stored away in large boxes that are too heavy to be lifting out each time I want to find something so I am sorting....and even throwing out bits I don't feel will ever get used!!!

I made a cardboard template to fit in my Ikea Expedit boxes and I'm folding my fabrics to fit.....time consuming but I'm sure being able to see it all will help 

I'm staking it all in the boxes on their sides like this and when full will then be able to tip it over....

.....like this.  I have decided it is best to fold it all first then I can lift it all out and sort it into colours, uses, fabrics etc......I'm rather indecisive as to how it will be sorted yet but at the mo I'm just folding it all to fit in my new boxes [and there is rather a lot of fabric to sort yet :-) ].

And just when you think you're doing well an elderly lady that lives around the corner rings you up to say she is moving into a care home and do you want a bag of fabric!!!   Of course I couldn't say no could I?

Well that's it from me for today.  Thanks for calling by.  Leave me a little hello message to let me know you've called in and I will pop over to visit you as soon as I can.  Have a great week.
Annie x

Friday, 25 September 2015

This week's smiles....week 138

Thanks to all who joined in last week.  I just have to feature Lisca's blog because that little dog makes me chuckle every time I look at it.....thanks Lisca for sharing it with us all.  It does us all good to laugh so make sure you pop over to check it out if you haven't already.

My smiles this week have been many as my new sewing room takes shape [pics below] and we celebrated the twins 4th birthday.  I'm sorry to say that little Sam has been poorly with a sicky bug but thankfully perked up to put in a brief appearance at their party....that's kids for you isn't it?  So here is a collage I put together to share with you....it was a Disney Princess and Superhero party with a large bouncy castle.

These are our 5 little Grandchildren all dressed ready to party.  A great time was had by all and many happy memories were made.  

My little chuckle for today is the next pic.  As I said Sam was poorly and Lexi came in saying 'poor Sammy'....she loves him to bits and she wanted him to come [of course] but as the saying goes....'While the cats away....' she soon replaced him for cuddles with her best buddy from play school....

'Spiderman to the rescue!'.....thanks Henry for looking after Lexi for us :-)

I hope my pics have made you smile today and you will link up your smiles below so we can share them and I will pop over to your as soon as I can to check out what's making your smile this week.
Annie x

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Wahooooooo I have proper desks to show you today and I've been sewing on them too  :-)

To the left as you come in the room is my long work desk with my Janome and Bernina computerised machines on and my embellishing machine....or dumfer :-)  My darling hubby has also put me up shelves for my ribbon jars....don't they look fab?

To the right is my industrial sewing machine down the far end behind my cutting station....this is on casters so it can be moved to where ever it's needed.  :-)

Turn around and on the left as you go out the door is another work desk with my blind hemmer and over locker on.

There are more shelves to go up yet and more finishing touches but I love it.  The boxes you can see in the Ikea Expedit cupboard under my over locker will be filled with my fabrics [well some of it at least] so I can't wait to have time to sort it all......feel free to pop over to give a hand if you're free :-)

Thanks for calling by to see my work desk.  If you leave me a little message so I know you've called in I will pop over to yours to see what you've been up to this week.....Oh and if you can please try to snap a happy pic and link up to my Friday smiles cos we can never have too many smiles.
Annie x

Friday, 18 September 2015

This week's smiles....week 137

Hi  all.  Here we are at my catch up of the week full of smiles again.  If you'd like to join in then please just snap something of your week that's made you smile and link it up below any time between now and next Friday.  We have  a good number that join in every week now but if you can only join in now and then that's fine too....we can never have too many smiles and the world really is a better place when you smile.

Thanks to those that linked up last week.  I've chosen to feature Sam's post.  She always has a funny to share with us [ a little risque at times but they always make me smile and we are all adults here aren't we?].  Needless to say the sales of hats were reported to have gone up last week.  :-)  Thanks for making me smile Sam.

My smiles this week have been many as you can imagine with my new sewing room slowly coming together and having my wonderful family in my life.

I have set up my machine in my new room and yesterday I did my first [paid] sewing job in there.

I wanted a string of bunting to hang over the windows and door to the garden so I set to to make some after finishing my customer's sewing yesterday.

Once finished I hung it up across the wall cupboards....doesn't it look pretty?  It will look even better as window dressing.

It seems I'm not the only one to love my new sewing room.  Rocky loves being in there with me and enjoys standing looking out of the glass door to the garden.

Those that follow my blog will remember these two little munchkins being born and the joy they brought with them.
I love the way Lexi is holding her brother's arm in this pic taken while they were still in hospital soon after being born.

Well, those two little munchkins will be 4 on Sunday 20th and as you can see they still enjoy a cuddle.  They have a Disney Princess and Superhero birthday party planned on Saturday to celebrate so you will probably see a few more pics of them next week too.  :-)

I hope you have enjoyed my smiles and will now add your own by linking up below.

Annie x

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


I have to be honest and say no sewing has been done since last week and there is no working desk to show you but there has been real progress in the new sewing room [sorry this is rather picture heavy but I know many are watching developments with interest].

I have a newly painted room and my darling hubby and I have been busy setting it all up.
There are three new double wall cupboards on the one wall.

Of course I have already started to fill them :-)

Our gorgeous son has done the second fix of the electric boxes and our wonderful son-in-law came Sunday to change the mains electric box, check all the electrics and sign it off for us....isn't it wonderful when you have such useful, willing family members?

And here is the first socket in my new sewing room....and it works too  :-)

Saturday saw my darling hubby and I fitting a light oak laminate flooring in there....we've never done it before but it went down like a dream.

And doesn't it look gorgeous?

We've fitted a large double wardrobe in the one corner [now with mirror doors].

And yes, you've guessed it, It's already been filled :-)

The work tops are starting to go in....this one to the left of the door.

Another one is on the right of the door and my industrial machine has been lifted through to come next.

The other end on the room, opposite the wardrobe, we are fitting an Ikea Expedit unit with a work surface to be fitted on the top.....this will eventually be filled with at least some of my fabrics :-)

As you can see it's all coming together nicely and I'm so very thrilled with it.  As you would expect, I'm tearing at the leash to get in there to sort out my fabrics and really make it mine but I hope you're enjoying coming along with me while it's all being done.

Thanks for calling by.  Please leave me a little message to let me know what you think and I will pop over to yours as soon as I can.
Annie x

Friday, 11 September 2015

This week's smiles....week 136

Here we are at the time of the week when I thank all that joined in last week by sharing their smiles, I feature one of those that took part and I share some of my smiles from the last week.  Please not that you are welcome to link your smiles up at any point in the week.  I just do mine on a Friday so that you all know when the new Mr Linky will be there for you to link up to.

  • Thanks to all who joined in last week....we can never have too many smiles so please keep up the good work folks.
  • My featured blog from last week is the one Elizabeth shared.  My comment to her was.....I have lots of NESTYs, far too many PIGs, and enough STABLEs for several lives :-).....If only I could find it all!!  It certainly made me smile so if you want to find out more then pop over to Elizabeth's  :-)  Thanks for sharing it Elizabeth.
  • And of course last but by no means least my smiles for this week.....

Our garden is just full of gorgeous flowers at the moment....in between all the building mess and clutter of course :-)

There are so many vibrant colours out there that you just have to smile :-)

We even have lots of little violets still flowering....I thought these only flowered in the Spring??

But this just has to be my biggest smile of my week....It's the very last piece of skirting board that's just gone on in my new sewing room....wahooooooooo it's all finished and ready to be decorated and moved into now.......I can't stop grinning.  My darling hubby has a day off work today so we can paint walls and fit cupboards.  There is still loads to do with the rest of the bungalow but who cares?  I've got my sewing room  :-)

Well you will all know where to find me today but I do promise that I will pop over to yours as soon as I can.....probably still with a paint brush in my hand  :-)
Annie x