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Wednesday, 18 July 2018


I know it's not what's on my desk but I'm starting off with this photo today...

From left to right at back...me, Shaz, Doug and 
on the front [my much older sister] Jo and her daughter Maxine.

Not on my desk, no but if we didn't link up each Wednesday this group of friends would never have met. [So, many thanks Julia for hosting the group each week].  I feel like I've know Doug and Shaz for years but this was our first meet in real life.  They came to support Maxine at her craft fair in Shrewsbury on Saturday so it was by far too good an opportunity to miss so my hubby and I arranged to meet them there [my hubby is taking the photo but I'm guessing he will be in a similar photo on Shaz's post that Doug took].  I must say that both Shaz and Doug were just as lovely as I imagined they would be and we are now looking forward to meeting them again at the crop in September.

This is the little Memory bear I've made this week and he has now arrived in Wales.... so that's another country conquered.

He was made for a Grandma to give to her Grandson and at a later date she is wanting me to make 5 more bears out of her wedding dress to give to her 5 Granddaughters......happy days.

The demand for sewing has eased a little so far this week so....

On my desk today is a production line of bag making to give to Margaret for her charity.

There's a pile of orange straps completed on the right of the pic waiting for the pile of bags on the left of the pic to be made for them to be stitched on before lining.

On my cutting table is a pile of bags waiting to be lined and a pile of linings cut out ready to me made up and fitted into the bags.

 There's even a pile of 7 bags completed and waiting to be pressed before packing them up in a box with others I've made....I plan to take them all with me to the crop in September so by then there may be a few more to take with me.

That's all from me for today so just leave me a little comment so I know you've called by and I will do my best to pay you a return visit as soon as I can.
Annie x

Friday, 13 July 2018

This week's smiles....week 280

I've just been checking back and do you know that I've been writing smiley posts since January 2013?  What a lot of smiles it's been, the numbers of those joining in have gone up and down over the years but even still that's an amazing amount of smiles....keep up the good work folk.  There's more than enough bad news in the world so lets do our little bit of spreading some happiness between us.

My smiles today.....

This gorgeous photo of my darling hubby with our youngest grandson, Theo.  As you can see there's a lot of love between them both and I simply love this photo.

Here's our eldest two granddaughters, Phoebe and Lulu at their Brownie camp treat for the end of the term sitting around the camp fire.

And finally for this week here's a collection of photos of the flowers in our little wild flower area that we planted for the bees and insects....and although you can't see them in the pics there has been many enjoying the blooms....these photos were taken yesterday when the temperatures had dropped a little and we even had a little rain in the morning.....you could almost hear the plants sucking up every drop that fell.

That's all from me for today.  Please leave me a little message and do you best to share a few smiles too by linking them below.
Annie x

Wednesday, 11 July 2018


What a week!  I think the word is out there that I'm here and I sew to my heart's content cos my little sewing business has never been so busy....and I'm loving it.

My sewing machine and I have both had a good work out and I've been drinking a lot of water to get me through the day....I bought two of these new drink bottles so I don't knock them over in my sewing room and I keep the one filled in the fridge ready.

I have a big floor fan running while I'm working in the heat and if you look at my rail you will see just how much I did on Monday...
  • shortened 3 dresses
  • took in 2 dresses
  • tapered the legs on 4 pair of trousers
  • shortened 5 pair of trousers and 
  • took in another pair of trousers on the waist
Quite a work out eh?

I shortened a black lacy evening dress at the end of my day on Friday and I think this pic says it all!! 
Can you tell just how tired I was?
Can you see the deliberate mistake?
Yes, I had changed the top thread but failed to change the bobbin and didn't notice my mistake until I had very nearly gone all round the hem!!
Just as well I love unpicking and of course it wasn't hard to see the thread needing undoing!!

 These were the two more bears I made last week.....yes that meant I had 7 bears to make last week!
The one on the left is for a teacher's leaving gift cos the little country school is closing and the one on the right was to remember a young man that decided to end his own life far too soon.
I have many school bears ordered for when the term finishes and at least 3 more to arrive this week.
I'm so thrilled that they are proving to be very popular....I really love making each one cos they are all so different.

That's all from me for today.  If you leave me a little message I will do my best to pop over to catch up with you later.  Hope you all have a great week.
Annie x

Friday, 6 July 2018

This week's smiles....week 279

Hello all.  Here we are at my Friday round up of smiles for the week.  It's been a scorcher this week and everyone seems to need their sewing doing yesterday still so I've had my fans on and my sewing machine [and me] have had a good work out.  I love it when I'm busy and enjoy the challenges that come through my door each day.  I'm not the only one buzzing this week though.  The garden seems full or bees of every description ......

....as you can see there's plenty of new blooms for the bees, butterflies and insects to enjoy too.

We have planted and new little area of our garden with wild flowers specially for the bees and I've noticed this gorgeous flower growing yesterday....does anyone know what it is?

The twins sent me this photo this week....I think they are shower hats they are wearing but they never fails to make me chuckle.

Little Theo has been at a local pick your own farm with two of his little friends and their mummies picking strawberries and as you can see he's pretty good at picking them....but kept saying 'Nanny says wash wash' so was happy to wait tile he got home before eating them.....what a good boy.  :-)

Theo came to play with me Tuesday afternoon while his mummy was working and we had lots of fun in the kitchen with a bowl of water.....my floor got a good washing too.  :-)

I have also had two wonderful nights at the theatre in Shrewsbury watching Amy's two girls but we weren't allowed to take photos for obvious reasons.  
  • Monday night Lulu joined about 200 other children from local schools to play her ukulele on the stage.  They played and sang for about an hour.
  • Phoebe joined about 150 children on stage to play her flute.  Others played other woodwind instruments and they entertained us for about an hour.
We really enjoyed both nights and are full of pride seeing our little granddaughters having the confidence to take part in such events. 

I hope you have enjoyed sharing my smiles for the week and will leave me a little message before linking up to your smiles below.
Annie x

Wednesday, 4 July 2018


Hello all.  The weather is still hot hot hot here and the pressure of work is still intense here at Sewing by Annie's.  Everyone seems to be leaving their sewing to the last minute and I'm getting myself know as the lady who will save the day.

On my desk this week are just a few of the jobs I've done since Monday morning and what I have to do [so far] this week....


This little Memory bear has initials monogrammed on the pocket on his front to remember a much loved husband and is now winging his way to his new home in Leicestershire....he's just one of my many bears being ordered from another part of the country and each one make me smile to think that I'm conquering another place.

From 6 different shirts I've made these 4 different little bears and then I made the bunting to match....cute or what?

I also had a fitting for this gorgeous prom dress on Monday morning and plan to shorten it at some point today....this customer's own seamstress let her down at the last minute so she brought the dress to me to do before Thursday!!

Monday afternoon I had a wedding dress fitting.  The bride had previously been to me with another dress which I shortened for her but since then she says she has put weight on and wasn't happy with it so had bought another one so I now have to shorten this one last minute before her wedding.....another job for later today!!

Isn't the lacy detail on the bodice just gorgeous?

I also have..
  • Jeans to shorten
  • work trousers to repair
  • 2 pair of shorts to take in
  • 2 tops to shorten the sleeves on
....and that's just until the next customer comes through my door!!!

So that's all from me for today.  The fans on and the sewing machine and I will be getting a good work out today.  I will catch up on as many desks as I can in my coffee breaks but if I fail to get round you all please forgive me.
Annie x

Friday, 29 June 2018

This week's smiles...week 278

Hello all.  I really hope you are all enjoying this wonderful sunny weather we are having at the mo.  We don't have these sort of days often so we have to make the best of it and that's just what my family have been doing....

Last weekend Amy, Dave and their three joined friends for a weekend on the Welsh coast and, as you can see, the children really enjoyed some fun in the sea.....don't you just love the black and white photos?

After a long hot day at school the twins enjoyed some fun in their paddling pool in their back garden.

We have enjoyed very many bowls full of strawberries this year....it must be a good year for them.  These two made me chuckle.  It looks like they are trying to be something else to avoid being picked...the top one looks like a butterfly and the bottom one looks more like a moth don't you think?
As you can see their disguise didn't fool me and yes they were really yummy too.

That's all my smiles for today.  It's been a really busy week with sewing so I'm pleased to say we have floor standing fans that have kept the temperatures down to a level I can work in.

Please leave me a little message to say you've called in and if you can then link your own smiles below.
Annie x

Wednesday, 27 June 2018


Here we are at another catch up with our crafty friends all round the world....I love my Wednesdays.

On my desk today is.....

The latest completed pile of bags for Margaret's charity.....they are all different cos even if the outsides are using the same fabric the lining and machine embroidered top stitching is different so that each child has a different bag.

I've also got a pile of the next batch of bags cut out ready to make when I have a gap in my sewing time.
I've got a memory bear coming today and another one Thursday plus from the order I made for the 3 children from the school in Jordon I have another order for two bears from the same school....it's so exciting.

I'm adding this photo just to make you smile.  It's little Theo crafting and creating....start them young I say.  It looks like there's nearly as much paint on his legs as on the paper but doesn't it look like he's having fun?

Thanks for popping over to say hello today.  I will do my best to pay you a return visit as soon as I'm able.
Annie x

Friday, 22 June 2018

This week's smiles....week 276

I know you all missed my Friday post but it was really lovely to see several of you still sharing your smiles and even linking up on the previous week's Mr Linky so thank you all so much.

I was away up in Scotland making memories and sharing many smiles with these lovely people...

 I know many of you will have seen the photo over on Elizabeth's Wednesday post but it was the only one we both have of all 4 of us together and I love it.
I'm sure you can imagine the smiles we had all week.  We went to see a castle, a seaside and Ellie even directed me to a fabric shop while we were in Glasgow....we had booked tickets to see Sarah Milligan the one night so had to had to find something to look at during the day there.  :-) :-)

When we left home our strawberries were all green so to find these beauties waiting for our return really put smiles on our faces....and these are just a few of them!!!

On last Saturday we rose early to go to watch three of our grandchildren running in the Shropshire Primary School's half marathon.  They had run the race in mile stages after school several nights and they then joined over 800 other children to run the last mile in on of the town parks....proud Nanny moments.....and little Steve even came 5th in his group which had lots of much bigger children in.

Of course I just have to finish off with the latest colours in our garden.....if they don't make you smile then I don't know what would.  Aren't they gorgeous?
I hope your week is filled with many smiles and you will share your smiles with us by linking up below.
Annie x