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Wednesday, 27 October 2021


 Hello all.  Firstly I want to thank Julia for my get well/thinking of you card.  It's so lovely being part of this wonderful gang and feeling so loved.  It was my birthday at the weekend and my darling hubby took me away for a few nights in out motor home to Wiveliscombe in Somerset....it worked like a tonic too.  My batteries are recharging well now and it's really just as well because...

I returned to an order for 5 memory bears so yesterday [my day off]  I set to and worked out how I was going to make them all different....it takes a lot of brain power and thankfully I managed it ok which is just as well because....

....Today I have dress fittings at 9.30, 10.00 and 10.30 and at 11.00 I have another 5 Memory bears arriving.  Plus at some point I have 2 [or possibly 5] more Memory bears coming another dress fitting and 3 pair of trousers to shorten....if it all arrives!!  I am letting my energy levels decide how much I do each day but it's so lovely to be feeling more myself now.

That's all from me for today.  I promise to call by to see what you've been up to this week when I get the chance.


Annie x

Friday, 22 October 2021

This week's smiles...week 444

 I'm here with some smiles today.  I'm running at about 60% energy levels but I'm getting there thankfully.  I can still nod off at the drop of a hat but I guess that is more to do with my age and recovery than anything else....we don't bounce back the same as we get older do we?

So here's my smiles for this week...

Theo had his first session at the forrest school this week and just loved it.  He's been a little gem Facetiming me too to see if I was better...It works like a tonic to see his smiling little face.

Whilst we've been poorly it was Stephen's 10th birthday.  Sadly we had to miss joining in the fun this year and his birthday presents were rather late but he said he was just glad to have us better....such a kind caring thoughtful boy.

Lulu had done tie dying at school and couldn't wait to send me a photo of the results.

Both Lulu and Phoebe have had commendation awards at school this week for their sewing....that sewing machine really has helped their confidence.  Their teachers were very impressed with their ability....so proud of them both.

Finally I thought this one would make you laugh.  This is me at the mo.  I saw the pic on Facebook and it seemed so appropriate I couldn't resist sharing it with you.

I must say a big thank you for all the lovely get well wishes from last week and for the gorgeous card that Angela sent me....I really do feel loved.


Annie x

Wednesday, 20 October 2021


 I'm here....just.  I've not been in my sewing room for 2 weeks and I can honestly say I've never felt so poorly.  I'm so glad I am double jabbed because I imagine things would have been rather worse otherwise.

Please if you've still not had your vaccines then get them quickly and stay safe.  We are always very careful, wear face masks and use hand gel and have no idea at all where we caught it because no one else we have been in contact with has had it

So what's on my desk today....absolutly nothing but I will share these two brilliant books Amy and family have given me for my birthday [ a little early but who's counting...I'm so glad to have survived to get there lol].

Amy had asked me what I wanted and I thought they were both really lovely projects that I can share with the children on their sewing machine...I can see us having lots of fun together.

That's all from me for today....I hope my energy levels return so I can have more to share with you next week.


Annie x

Friday, 15 October 2021

This week's smiles....week 443

 Sadly there are no smiles from me this week.  I am self isolating with Covid and boy have I been a poorly girl.  I've run really high temperatures since last Thursday and am still feeling as weak as a kitten.  The annoying thing is we have no idea how we have caught it because we are very cautious and always wear face masks and use hand gel everywhere we go [although of course not everyone else is so careful].  I am so very grateful that I am double jabbed.  My hubby has also tested positive but thankfully his hasn't been so severe and he is mow much better [and is doing a great job of looking after me].

So please link up your smiles below because, trust me, I could do with them this week.


Annie x

Friday, 8 October 2021

This week's smiles....week 442

 Another week and lots more to smile about.  I feel so blessed that I really don't struggle to find something that has made me smile each week.  Work has eased off again this week but I really don't seem to struggle to find something to do each day.

We caught up with these three at the weekend...Stephen will be 10 this weekend and one of his uncles will be 40 so we celebrated both birthdays with a hog roast and live entertainment in their garden [in their marquee]...it was so lovely to all be together safely.

Theo has had his first school photos [these are the proofs hense the quality].  He looks so grown up now don't you think?

I call him 'No fear Theo'.  Here he is climbing up a climbing wall....notice no ropes and there's no stopping him.

He's such a confident little boy and I'm sure that will carry him through life.

Finally here's the latest collage taken in our garden....the colours really are looking so Autumnal now....I love it.

I hope you will share your smiles by linking them at the bottom of the page.

Have a great week.


Annie x

Wednesday, 6 October 2021


 What's this? I'm posting two Wednesdays in a row?  Hehe....don't worry cos there's another adventure just around the corner....we are determined to get the most out of life while we can.

On my desk today is...

These are the, now completed 8 Memory cushion covers I started last week.  I have really enjoyed making these.  There were a few special requests and it's always really lovely working with my customers wishes.
I have also shortened a posh frock and steamed it for a special wedding and shortened a blouse for another customer.

For the most observant amongst you, yes that is birthday wrapping paper at the back because yesterday was my much older sister's BIG birthday....Happy Birthday Jo....Life just wouldn't be the same without you.  Love you lots xxxx

Finally here's the latest update from my Granddaughters.  Most nights after school they are enjoying playing on their sewing machine now and I am really enjoying their updates as to what they make next....this week they have been designing and making their dollies dresses.....not sure who they take after :-)

Thanks for calling by.  please leave me a little message and I will call by at yours to see what you've been up to this week.
Annie x

Friday, 1 October 2021

This week's smiles .....week 441

 Here we are at another weekly catch up of the happy moments of the week.....and there's been many.

Business has been booming this week....I've made 8 Memory custions and I have more customers coming today....I love life when I'm busy.

I shared the photos of Amy's three with their new sewing machine on my Wednesday's post and...

...now they have it at home I get regular updates on how much they are really loving using it and what they are making.  As you can see, Stephen is really thrilled with the sleeping bag he made for his special teddy.....and I'm thrilled to see them all working/playing together to use the machine.  Who knows maybe one of them will want to take my business over one day :-)

It's been a much colder/wetter week here this week but the garden just keeps on giving.  The pic top left is the view from my sewing room door....the fuscias have been huge this year and I'm making the best of them because I just know the blooms will drop once the frosty weather arrives.  Middle bottom is one of our crab apple trees....they don't have so many fruit on them this year but I just love thelovely red colours of Autumn.

That's all the photos I have to share this week but I'm sure you will have lots more to share with us so please link up below.


Annie x

Wednesday, 29 September 2021


I was MIA again last Wednesday...we were off on another adventure in our motor home and had no internet so I was unable to join in the Wednesday fun....I did put a few pics on my Friday post if you'd like to know where I was. 

I'm back in full on sewing mode this week.  My desks are full to overflowing with a gentleman's shirts that I am cutting up and making into 8 Memory cushion covers.  I started Monday morning by patching and darning a pair of trousers for my son and then had a customer needing 2 pair of trousers shortening so I did those before I made a start with the cushion covers.

I have cut the backs off the shirts to use for the patchworked fronts of the cushion covers and sorted them into colour ways.

I've cut out the 8 backs of the cushion covers using the button fronts of the shirts as the fastenings.

I've now made the first 3 cushion covers using the items that my customer requested so will be working on the other 5 today.

As most of you will know I make a Christmas tree decoration for each of my Grandchildren [plus a few extras] every year and this year I've made pigs in blankets.  I've really loved making them while I was rather more quiet workwise and just know they will cause a chuckle or two.

If anyone wants to make a few I have a pattern printed out ready.

The last thing I'm sharing with you this week is this lovely collage of Amy's three.  Both Phoebe and Lulu have sewing lessons at school so Amy asked me to see if there were any good basic sewing machines suitable for the children.
I've been looking for quite a while and this week I found them a real bargain...the lady that owned this lovely little Singer machine had bought it on a whim and had only used it twice before packing it back in it's box so it was just like new.
All three of the children had a lesson on it here on Sunday afternoon and could manage it prefectly.
As you can see the girls then delved into my scrap fabric box and have already made their dolls some new bedding.....unaided :-)

As you can probably tell I'm buzzing here this week.  I love to be kept busy with my sewing and had such a thrill to see just how much the next generation took to their new sewing machine.  I hope you've all had a great week too.  I will do my best to pop round as many of you that I can although on Friday I did have trouble leaving comments on some of the blogs ...I did visit and read them all.
Annie x