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Friday, 22 June 2018

This week's smiles....week 276

I know you all missed my Friday post but it was really lovely to see several of you still sharing your smiles and even linking up on the previous week's Mr Linky so thank you all so much.

I was away up in Scotland making memories and sharing many smiles with these lovely people...

 I know many of you will have seen the photo over on Elizabeth's Wednesday post but it was the only one we both have of all 4 of us together and I love it.
I'm sure you can imagine the smiles we had all week.  We went to see a castle, a seaside and Ellie even directed me to a fabric shop while we were in Glasgow....we had booked tickets to see Sarah Milligan the one night so had to had to find something to look at during the day there.  :-) :-)

When we left home our strawberries were all green so to find these beauties waiting for our return really put smiles on our faces....and these are just a few of them!!!

On last Saturday we rose early to go to watch three of our grandchildren running in the Shropshire Primary School's half marathon.  They had run the race in mile stages after school several nights and they then joined over 800 other children to run the last mile in on of the town parks....proud Nanny moments.....and little Steve even came 5th in his group which had lots of much bigger children in.

Of course I just have to finish off with the latest colours in our garden.....if they don't make you smile then I don't know what would.  Aren't they gorgeous?
I hope your week is filled with many smiles and you will share your smiles with us by linking up below.
Annie x

Wednesday, 20 June 2018


I'm back.  Did you miss me? We travelled north to spend a week's holiday catching up with two very special friends....

Yes it's our very own blogging friend Elizabeth and her lovely hubby.  We stayed in a really lovely holiday cottage just 10 mins away from where they live up in Scotland so we able to spend several very happy days together during the week.  Of course this is another of those wonderful and very special friendships made thanks to our Wednesday blogging.
We shared much chatting, laughter, cakes and, oh yes, ice cream....Ellie made me eat it honest!

Whilst up there Ellie sorted me out some fabrics suitable for making more bags for Margaret's charity and her Daughter also gave me a bag of curtains that I can use too.
When I caught up with Jo on Monday she also gave me a lovely piece of fabric Maxine had found for me to use too so I now have this huge pile of fabrics to use over the coming weeks/months.

I doubt I will get many bags made this week though because my customers had missed me last week and by 8.45 on Monday I'd already had the arrival of the maroon prom dress to shorten and later in the day the two navy bridesmaids arrived needing Annie's magic.

Jo also brought me a bag of school uniform from her friends daughter wanting Memory bears making......

......and you all know just how much I love making my bears so here's the finished trio of bears.

They are for three children leaving their school in Jordon to take with them when they start their new school in Texas.....I'm conquering the world folks!!!

That's all from me for today.  I have 2 customers both posting fabrics to make 4 Memory bears for each of them plus another bridesmaid coming later today and numerous others coming this week with various jobs....cos they couldn't get last week so if I don't manage to call in to say hello to many this week please forgive me.  
I hope you all have a wonderfully creative week.
Annie x

Friday, 8 June 2018

This week's smiles....week 275

It's been another very busy week for me with work but there has still been time to find some smiles to share with you.....I hope you like my new header.  It was a rose bought and named specially for me last year for my 60th birthday and it's such a pretty colour.

My shares today are....

A special moment between little Theo and his Grandad....they were playing peep through the holes in the side of the ball pit and laughing together....precious memories.

Steve has started kick boxing classes and is really loving it....I will say that the front teeth were missing before he went and not a result of going.

My new little greenhouse we bought at the weekend with...
  • 3 different tomato plants
  • a cucumber plant
  • a chilli pepper plant
  • 2 courgette plants and
  • 3 runner bean plants
I'm rather excited at the prospect of having just a few fresh veg and although our garden is only small we have  managed to find space for them all.

Yes the garden is only small but its full of colour at the mo.....these are just this weeks new blooms to share with you all.

That's all from me for this week folks.  I wont be posting my smiles next week but hope to have many more smiles to share with you the following week.
Please leave me a little comment so I know you've called by and then share your own smiles by linking below.
Annie x

Wednesday, 6 June 2018


Oh what a week it's been here at sewing by Annie's.  I seem to have been rather busy so here's my share for this week....

Firstly I'd like to say thank you to...
  • Sylvia
  • Christine and
  • Robin
These are the latest ATCs I've received.  Aren't they gorgeous?

This is the status of my bag making for Margaret's charity...8 made, 6 more cut out ready to sew and Jo gave me another piece of material to make a few more.....when I get a minute!!

I was sent the pile of babygros this week in the post and I spent a while sending pics of each combination of colours to my customer then made the little Memory rabbit exactly as she wanted it....she's rather cute isn't she?
I was thrilled that Facebook and the postal service allowed me to prove a service for a lady who lived in York so obviously couldn't just drop in to see me.

Since last week I've also made these 4 little Memory characters....each one so different but lots of memories made for their new owners.

On top of that little lot I've also...
  • Shortened a bridesmaid's dress
  • Shortened a pair of jeans
  • Shortened 3 lady's dresses
  • Tapered the legs on 3 pair of trousers
  • Shortened 3 pair of trousers and
  • Shortened an evening dress
So my rail looks like this!!

Oh and yesterday I had little Theo for the afternoon so please don't think it's been all work and no play for me.  :-) :-) :-)

 So please leave me a little message so I know you've called in and I will do my best to pay you a return visit ASAP.
Annie x

Friday, 1 June 2018

This week's smiles....week 274

Here we are at yet another round up of the week's smiles.  I love spending just a little time each week focusing on what's made me smile and sharing it, hoping my smiles make others smile too.

Little Theo never fails to make me smile....

Here he is posing in the new cardigan his Great Aunty Jo knit for him.  I bought the wool and provided the buttons so it was a real joint venture but as you can tell little Theo was very pleased with the results so it was well worth the effort....and you know what a brilliant team that big sister of mine and I make.

He's enjoying a few days away with his Mummy and Nonna and Taid as Nanny is Italian and Grandad is Welsh.  They are having a wonderful time enjoying the sunshine...alas Daddy has to work but hopes to catch up with them at the weekend.

Gina sent me these photos yesterday.  They were visiting a big farm with a collection of mini beasts [or not so mini!!].  Theo always loves anything that crawls and has no problem at all in handling them all as you can see .....but I do think his mummy deserves a medal cos I would be hiding away at a good distance.

I popped out to snap a few pics of the latest flowers in the garden yesterday while the sun was out.  My intention was to snap the weigelas on our front garden but when I got out there I was suddenly aware they were covered in bumble bees of all sizes and sorts so I've done my best to snap a few for you.  I know there are many types of bees and can say there were many different ones out there yesterday.....none of which were keen on sitting still for me to snap.

That's all my smiles for today so please leave me a little hello comment and if you can then share your own smiles by linking up below.
Annie x

Wednesday, 30 May 2018


Well folks what a wonderful week last week was....for so many reasons.

The 9th blog anniversary saw me visiting everyone who had joined in the fun....even if there were a few I was unable to leave a comment on [sorry about that].

I've had a lovely week since with happy mail popping through my letterbox each day with ATC swaps.....

Many thanks to...
[from top left...]

and Neet

and Shaz

They are all so different but each one was made with love and I will treasure them....just got to make a folder now for them to go in :-)

It was a really busy week for me with sewing too.  In the 4 days I worked [I don't work Tuesdays as I often have little Theo to look after] I managed to.......
  • Make 2 Memory bears and 1 Memory rabbit 
  • Shorten 2 bridesmaids dresses 
  • Put a concealed zip in a heavily sequined evening dress 
  • Shorten 3 dresses 
  • Shorten the sleeves on 2 dresses 
  • Shorten 4 pair trousers and
  • Take in a bikini top
As you can imagine there weren't many spare minutes in my days but I love it when I'm busy and was really buzzing.

The one little Memory bear was made out of a school fleece jacket with a special label around his neck......I hope Ella likes it as much as I do cos it's really cuddly.

The other two were made in memory of a much loved sister.  I really love the colour combination of these two and the lady I made them for loved them so much she would like me to make a cat to match them....so it's back to the drawing board for me to design a cat pattern.....

First draught of pattern.....will make one up now to see what it looks like.
You may see the finished cat next week....if it turns out ok :-)

That's all from me for today.  Please leave me a little comment so I know you've called by and I will do my best to pay you a return visit ASAP.
Annie x

Friday, 25 May 2018

This week's smiles....week 273

Oh what a week it's been and what a lot to smile about.

Wednesday was the 9th Anniversary of the WOYWW gang and what a wonderful day it was too.  I managed to call in on everyone who linked up even if I couldn't manage to leave comments on a couple [the google+ blogs].....I'm sorry I couldn't comment but I did pop over to see what they were up to.  Of course since then I've had happy mail through my door each day.....I've not opened them as yet because I'm waiting for Jo to pop round so we can open them together over a cup of coffee....more to smile about.

I've had a really manic week with customers and my to do rail has been filled to capacity with many needing their sewing done to pic up before the weekend so I've been buzzing with work.  I love my job and meet so many lovely people during my day.

My photo smiles to share today are....

Sam has just started Beavers [ junior Scouts] and here he is looking very pleased with himself in his new Beavers top....he's already gained a couple of badges so no doubt this proud Nanny will be sewing them on soon.

The other pics are of the latest flowers in the garden.  I really enjoy watching the colours burst forth from each flower bud and they never fail to make me smile.

Those are my shares for this week.  As you can imagine I will be head down sewing all day today but would love you to leave me a comment to let me know you've called by and please link up to your own smiles so I can share them later.
Hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend filled with more smiles.
Annie x

Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Happy 9th Anniversary to you all.  What a wonderful thing this is that Julia started all those years ago.  I know she doesn't like thanks but I'm sure we all would thank her for her efforts keeping us linked up each week [and Jan too for when she needs to step in and help out].  

My desk today has a pile of spare fabric I begged from my big sister so I can make a few more charity bags for Margaret in my spare time....yes I do get a bit now and then.

These 5 pieces will do the job nicely and I have plenty of pieces I can use to line them with to make the bags all different.

My other shares are this little Memory dog which was the 100th Memory bear/dog/rabbit I've made since I designed the pattern on 3rd August 2016 so that's in less than 2 years.....quite and achievement wouldn't you say?

If you'd all like to pop over to my Facebook page you will see he is also there to celebrate the numbers of my followers now reaching over 700 and why not get your name in the Gift Draw over there.....it would be so lovely if one of you won.

The other special thing I've made this week is this little Shrewsbury Town rabbit.  He's made from old Shrewsbury Town shirts and is to celebrate our local team heading off to Wembley on Sunday for the playoffs.  I hope he brings them luck and they win the game....our men will be there to cheer them on and Jo and I will be having a bit of quality time together but of course will be watching the game on the telly.

That's all from me for this week.  We have posted our swap ATCs and my PIF ATC will be going in the post later today so there will be lots of happy mail flying around the world in the next week or so.....what a lovely way to celebrate special friendships.
Annie x