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Friday, 22 July 2016

This week's smiles....week 179

Hello all.  Another week has flown by and here we are at another happy catch up of the week.  I would like to say a huge thank you to all who joined in by sharing their smiles for the week....I for one benefitted from the smiles a lot. 

I am featuring Kate's blog from last week.  She links up every week with a little of her life over in Spain and all the festivities that goes with it.....I love my visits over to her blog every week and she really had me chuckling this last week. Thanks for all your efforts Kate.

Now for what's been keeping me smiling this week.....here is a multiple of Milly snaps and I dare you to not be smiling by the end of them.

'Oh Mum! Dad says cos I went out in the rain I need a towel dry.  If I put my paws together and pray hard will the rain stop?'

'So Mum which material would look best on that eye spy quilt you're making?'

'Bird? What's a bird Mum?'

'So I've got my seat belt on in the car and I've got my fav little brown dog with me.......what is this garden centre place we are going to?'

 'I really enjoyed our day out at the garden centre....everyone made such a fuss of me'

'Look Mum, I'm helping Dad plant the new plants we bought at the garden centre'

'Dad says the new plants need watering so I'm helping him with the hosepipe'

 'After a busy, hot day it's so lovely so stretch out on this cold hearth Mum'.

As you can see our little Milly is a real character.....we love her to bits and she has brought so many smiles into our lives.

Please leave me a little message to let me know you've called in and if you can please share your own smiles by linking up below.
Annie x


Wednesday, 20 July 2016


I must start off this week by saying sorry.  I managed to upload my blog post but really struggled with life and what it threw at me last week and also I had loads of sewing through my door so my return visits were few and far between.  A huge thank you to those that called in here and I promise I will aim to do better this week.

So here's what you came to see today.....

I found an idea on Pinterest to make an eye spy quilt and as I have loads of suitable fabric and 5 [soon to be 6] grandchildren who I was certain would get lots of pleasure playing with one I pulled out my fabrics and cut 80 squares out yesterday.

It was my day off yesterday and just like the bus man's holiday I spent it sewing.  I guess that tells you that it's far more than just a job to me.  

This is how far I got with my quilt........

I stitched my squares into 8 rows of 10 with all the squares facing different directions so the quilt can be viewed from all 4 sides.  As you can see I miscounted and had actually cut out 81 squares lol......guess that's a square towards the next one. :-) :-)

That's all I have to share with you in my sewing room today but I am certain you will all like to share the gorgeous sunflowers that one of my customers bought for me this week....

Aren't they gorgeous?....Far too pretty to not share them with you all.
I hope you are all having a great week.
Annie x

Friday, 15 July 2016

This week's smiles....week 178

Hello all.  Here we are at our Friday catch up with all who need a smile or have their own smiles to share.  All are welcome.  I would really like to thank all those that shared their smiles this last week.....I, for one, needed a few smiles.  What is it they say?....when life throws you lemons it's good to make lemonade....well there is only so much lemonade you can drink :-)

I would like to feature Angela from last week using her teacher's voice....as I have several teachers in my family I am aware that they can use their teacher's voices when not at work and my big sister Jo has even been caught using her Padinton's hard stare as she calls it [trust me you'd not mess with her then lol].  Thanks for sharing Angela, it really made me chuckle.

As you will sense life has thrown many challenges in our direction lately so my smile therapy on a Friday has helped lots.  Our little Milly has also come into our lifes at just the right time too and she never fails to make me smile.  I was searching on Pinterest this week and found this...

  How true is this?

I have caught her on video several times this week but I'm sorry to say the internet here is so poor I am unable to upload videos to my blog to share them with you but she ...
  • Loves sharing the end of my ice lolly
  • Goes out for toileting almost always now and then comes in and sits waiting for her treat
  • will play fetch with her fav brown dog toy and will bring it back to you, drop it, sit and wait for you to throw it again
  • is even learning how to give a high five with her paw.
She is such a delight    :-) :-) :-)

Shell has had to buy Lexi a new ballet outfit this week and shared these three pics of Lexi from the age of two....oh how she's grown :-)

Little Steve had his first full trial day at school this week and here he is all ready to gp with his two big sisters......I had such a chuckle when I noticed his socks.  What a poppet. :-)

There you go....I've shown you my smiles now please share yours with me by linking up below.....I could do with as many as I can get at the mo.
Annie x

Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Happy Wednesday to you all on the best day of the week for having a good snoop round a lot of creative spaces....I love Wednesdays. :-) 

So? What is on my desk today?  I hear you say.

There you go....you wanted to see.  Yes....it's more fabric of course this time it's been chosen by Sam and Lexi to make P E bags ready for them to take to school in September.  Sam's is cowboy themed and Lexi has gone for fairies.....I guess that's what I will be doing today.

So you know that I do sometimes use card/paper here is what I have made this week...I have covered the outside in one of my fav fabrics and the glue has wobbled the edges a little but that's fine with me. This is the book I have made to hold my this year's ATCs in....don't you just love the fabric?

Here it is filled with all the very special ATCs I received this year.  I treasure every one...thank you to you all.

That's all from me for today so please just leave me a little hello message to let me know you've called in and I will do my best to get across to yours as soon as I'm able.  I really hope you all have a great week.
Annie x

Friday, 8 July 2016

This week's smiles....week 177

Here we are at another catch up with the week's smiles. I really feel the benefit of looking back at the week and focusing on everything that's made me smile and hope that a little bit of happiness spreads to all who call in.

Many thanks to those who joined in last week by linking up their smiles too.  I am featuring Lisca's blog from last week....the pizza making looked real fun and I think Lisca's face in the jacuzzi says it all....thanks for sharing Lisca.

My smiles have been many and I have a few photos to share with your this week...

Here's little Steve posing in front of an aeroplane during a visit to Cosford this week....isn't he gorgeous?  Can't you just tell he's enjoying his visit?

His two clever big sisters have now achieved their water skills grade one certificate and they tell me they will be bringing me more badges to sew onto the swimming bags I made for them.....I'm such a proud Nanny.

Doesn't a rainbow always make you smile?  It does me and this one was simply stunning.

Of course my smiles wouldn't be complete without a snap of this little one....here she is looking after the strawberries [the ones she hasn't nibbled that is!].  She has changed already in the last 2 1/2 weeks.  She's much more confident now and is happy to explore the garden alone....as long as I'm not too far away :-)

Those are my smiles for this week.  Please leave me a comment if you've called in and share your smiles by linking up below.....everyone is welcome to join in...the more the merrier.
Annie x

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Wahoooo. Another week has passed and here we are at another 'best day of the week' when we all link up with our creative friends and share our work desks. I did rather better last week and managed to visit many more of my blogging friends. Little Milly is settling in well and is allowing me an odd five mins here and there now to get on the computer even if she rather likes to sit on me at the time.....one day she will realise she's too big to do this but until them I will be wallowing in my cuddles.

So.....what's on my desk today?

This is all that's left of the material I showed you last week because I've now finished covering the Moses basket and hood.  I have a little project in mind for these....but you will have to wait to see what it is  :-)

Here it is. It took quite a while cos the original cover was made in stretch fabric but they wanted it covering in ivory poly cotton and wanted it wadded so I had to make allowances for the lack of stretch with the pattern pieces.

I have also made the quilt in the fabric I showed you last week....it's random patchwork and has appliqué on it and I've snapped a pic but am keeping it secret until they have seen it so will have to keep you waiting for that...... I'm a tease aren't I? :-)

That's all I'm sharing for today apart from this pic of little Milly for those that like to watch her grow :-)  She is in her fav place while I'm using the computer hehehe

Thanks for dropping by. If you leave me a little hello message I will do my best to pay you a return visit ASAP. Here's hoping Julia is continuing to make a good steady recovery and thanks to Jan for keeping us linked up til Julia can return to the helm.
Annie x

Friday, 1 July 2016

This week's smiles....week 176

Hello all.  Here we are at another Friday's happy post.  I do love focusing my thoughts on the happy moments of my week....it's the best therapy in life when the days are challenging.  Thanks must go to the 6 who shared their smiles last week.....I really do appreciate your support.

I am featuring Elizabeth's A-Z of fun from last week....thanks Elizabeth you really had me chuckling at some of your answers.

My smiles this week are.....

Sam and Lexi playing dotty dinosaurs together learning their shapes. :-)

Little Sam trying on his new school uniform and sending me a pic to see if I know anyone who can shorten trousers....cheeky little monkey!  I did say we would leave it as late as possible as both the twins seem to be growing really fast at the mo.

Little Steve is at a concert in the park with a picnic and live entertainment but as you can see he's struggling to stay awake.....bless him but it really did make me chuckle.

Of course my smiles wouldn't be complete without this little bundle of mischief.  I opened my drawer to find a zip and in she hopped.....I'd like to think she was trying to help but I'm not so sure hehehe

Those are my smiles for this week so please leave me a little message to let me know you've called by and then link up your smiles below so we can all share what's made you smile this week.
Annie x

Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Here we are at another Wednesday....the last week has simply flown for me.  The first thing I have to say is sorry for the lack of visits I made last week. What with twinnie school runs, sewing in between plus all the puppy duties my blogging time just disappeared....please believe me when I say my intensions were good and I will do my best to do better this week.

So what is on my desk today?

Yes....what else did you expect?  It's yet more gorgeous fabric.....and yes it is more new fabric but I'm allowed to buy this because it's for a very special project.  These are the fabrics I've bought to make a little quilt for the moses basket I am setting up ready for the next little family member due in September.  I love the colours...what do you think?

I'm wadding the lining for the moses basket but keeping the lining neutral in colour so it can be used for any future babies.

These are the latest swapped ATCs I have received....aren't they simply gorgeous?  I have had so many, each one different and each one made with love.  Thank you to each and every one of you....I really feel blessed to have so many blogging friends all around the world.

Of course I know you will all want to see how little Milly is settling in....here she is after a hard days sewing stretched out in her fav place....on the leather settee in the living room!!  She gets away with murder as you can see and is totally spoiled. :-)

That's all from me for today....I will do my best to call over to see what you've been up to as soon as I'm able.
Annie x