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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

22, 23 and 24...

I have had a fun afternoon today making some of the little dresses Twiglet helped me cut out yesterday.

Number 22 is made using some of the gorgeous fabric Anne sent me.  I added a little pocket on the front and trimmed it up with bright yellow bias binding.

Number 23 is made using some material out of my fabric boxes trimmed up with a pale green pocket and bias binding.

Number 24 is made using some fabric I made a long dress for me many many years ago. [In the days when you wore a long dress to go to a disco....showing my age now!!].  It was just enough fabric to make a tiny dress with but I'm sure even tiny girls need clothing out in Africa.  I've trimmed it up with a pretty pink pocket with blue bias edging.

Can you tell I am really loving making these little dresses and I've had the promise of more fabric today too  :-)  :-)


KC'sCourt! said...

You need a medal! I would love to see the little girls faces when they see the pretty dresses.
Julie xxxxxxxx

Anesha said...

These are adorable. Just found your site. Love the project of making these dresses and will have to try and make some. Not a great sewer but will try. :)

mckinkle said...

Oh Im loving seeing all of your beautiful creations! Each of them is just super and Jo's also.

What a talented pair you both are! Im sure your Mum was with you on her birthday as you giggled and chatted whilst sewing too! Im the same as you both with the Freesia, I always try to have a little bunch by my sofa in the lounge for just the same reason as you!

Down to business, how much material do you need Annie to make one little girls dress?

Keryn x

Twiglet said...

These 3 are so pretty!! I have just finished a big girl's dress in navy with white spots! I added one of my little fabric flowers to the front too. Looks like we will hae more fabric to play with soon them. I wonder if we could make 50 between us?

Jenevieve said...

They are all so pretty! My favourite is number 23, great colours! :) x


All the dresses that you've made for Africa are wonderful. It's so impressive that you and Twiglet have made so many between you. Congratulations. The little girls will love each and every one :o)

Carolyn xo

Calico Kate said...

I'm guessing you have a bias-binding-cutting-machine-thingy? Ooor you have a HUGE collection to be able to match things up sooo beautifully.
They are really lovely.