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Sunday, 7 August 2011

They have arrived....

 Wahoo Wahoo Wahoo Wahoo Wahoo Wahoo

Just so all you generous fabric suppliers know your kindness has been put to good use  I wanted to let you all know that the first 30 dresses Twiglet and I completed have now arrived safely with Louise and today she has put them all on her line and blogged about them.  Please pop over there to check them out [and spot your gorgeous fabrics while you are there  :-) ].  

Many thanks to all that have supported us so far. 

If there are any others who have either pillow cases that you don't need [and ones that still have some use left in the fabric] or pieces of spare cotton or poly cotton fabric that you are willing to donate to the great cause then we promise we will put them to great use....and I blog each and every one and link you for your kindness when the dresses are made.  Please email me for details of where to post it to at wipso@toucansurf.com


Jenevieve said...

Well done for making so many dresses for such a good cause, off to have a look at them all now! :) x

Marydon said...

Write to me about the pillowcases, please.

Thank you. So proud of your project. Hearts blessed.

Have a beautiful week ~

mashy20 said...

Wow! What a clever mum and auntie I have!!! The dresses are absolutely fab and the African children will be forever grateful! Very proud!!!xx

angelfish said...

I've just come from the Sew Scrumptious blog, having seen all your beautiful little dresses on the washing line. What an impressive sight they are:) I think my favourite is the one made from a laundry bag.

mckinkle said...

What a fright I had when I saw your title!! Am I the only one that thought the babies had come early?!

Phew! They havent!

You both must be just so proud seeing them up in all of their glory, they look totally wonderful ladies!

Keryn x

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Well done to you both. What a brilliant acheivment!

Twiglet said...

Oh poor Keryn - thank goodness it was only 30 little dresses!!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Louise's post is lovely. I hope you're both feeling proud.

Angie said...

I have just had a catch up ...so sorry to hear about your fall ...bet you ache ...glad nothing is broken xx

Di said...

Well done! Off to have a nosey, but before I do should warn you I found a lovely pink patterned sheet whilst shopping for Marvin yesterday in our local charity shop. Its washed and waiting to be ironed - then will be on its way to you this week. Hey ho, gotta keep you so busy you don't have time to do backward somersaults down the stairs :) Hugs, Di xx