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Thursday, 25 August 2011

The parcels keep coming and this is why we are making them....

It's just like having all your birthdays and Christmas come at once here.  The postman seems to bring a parcel to my door nearly every day.  Yesterday was no exception.

This was sent to me by Elizabeth over at The Silver Scrapper's Craft Space.  As you can see it's full of lovely pillow cases to make our little African girl's dresses with.  Elizabeth was bothered about them being so plain but as you will have seen in other parcels we have had lots of gorgeous smaller pieces of materials that will trim these up to perfection so thank you very much Elizabeth for sending us them.

Yesterday I managed to finish all those b****** curtains I had to make and clear my heaving 'to do' rail of all my customers sewing [and there was a lot] and before the end of the day I managed to make my dress number 61 .  This was made using some of the fabric Tammy sent us and I have to say it was gorgeous fabric to use and it is my favourite one.  I really love the colours so thank you for sending such lovely material for us to work with Tammy.

Lots of you have asked where the little dresses were going to and I've promised as soon as Louise put photos up on her blog I would let you know.  This morning  Louise has posted the first set of pictures of little girls wearing some of the dresses over in an orphanage in Malawi so please pop over and check them out.  The joy on the faces of those little girls is what make our efforts all worth while.....so you keep sending me any spare pillow cases/bedding or material and I promise we will keep sewing.


Twiglet said...

More pretty fabric!! The photos are lovely - I hope we can make lots more little ones smile.

Suz said...

You two are gems...so many little girls will be so chuffed l'm sure
Big Hugs...off to throw some more paint around and re arrange the furniture hehe XX

Helen said...

I remain lost in admiration for you both - those little girls look so happy!

mckinkle said...

Ooh that photo is fabulous Annie!

It gives me goosebumps, you must get them too knowing that those little ones are all excited at getting a new dress made by you and Jo!

What a pair of stars you are!

Im full of admiration for you both!

Keryn x

ps. I did a sp error there and you became a pair of stairs!!

Twiggy said...

Brilliant !! you are super stars !!
twiggy x

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Ah Wipso the smiles say it all, wanted to say in comment below am praying for your daughter and your two little ones, and love your gorgeous stash above too, thanks for sahring Shaz in oz.x
PS. I have two sets of friends, one couple in Zambia, and other in Rwanda and send and support them too, and it is blessing to share when we are given so very much.

Tertia said...

You guys are really making a lot of those dresses! I am sure the girls are loving them!
Happy very belated WOYWW