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Friday, 30 March 2012

Friday's smile....

I hope this post makes you smile as much as it did me....

My eldest granddaughter [age 3] and her little sister [age 2 years in just a few days] have been very busy crafting.....It's in their genes :-) :-)   They like the little craft kits that you can get from most shops these days and their Mummy likes to send me pics of what they have been up to.


Painting and printing

Working on a masterpiece on their easel while little brother Steve looks on.....do you think he is their art critic?

Some Easter cards they have made.

Wooden spoon fairies in the making.

Amy never fails to amaze me because she often bakes with the girls too during the day and while she is doing that she is also caring for little Steve, cooking, cleaning and running the office side of their Banner business - taking orders, sending bills and even sometimes doing the artwork too etc etc ......I wonder where she gets her ability to 'plate spin' from?  :-) :-) :-)

I hope you have enjoyed my little show and tell today and it has made you smile too.  Hope you have a great weekend.
Annie x


Di said...

Fab photos Annie - thanks for the Friday Smile. Some great results too.

Err, I know JUST where your daughter gets her plate spinning abilities from :))

Di xx

Twiglet said...

Plate spinning is in our genes too!!! Fab pics - what an arty pair they are.

Cardarian said...

Oh, oh, oh so cute! Love the very happy cards with bunnies and the faires ! Huh ! Fantastic! Yes mommies are all super multitasking women!
Lots of hugs,

mckinkle said...

OH how adorable!

How super to see the little ones enjoying their crafting too! And what a beautiful space they have to craft in too with lots of lovely sunshine!


Have a super weekend Annie!
Keryn x

Emma/The Log Cabin said...

Beautiful pics Annie, they did make me smile. I think your daughter takes after you, you always seem to be busy! Have a lovely weekend xxx

famfa said...

Lovely little crafters. They'll be blogging before you know it.