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Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Good morning to one and all.

Another week and another Wednesday and lots more creative spaces exposed for the world to snoop round so do pop over to Julia's when you've left me a little comment and join in the fun.

Last week was manic here and thankfully this week is a little more organised but it does include.....wait for it.....curtains for me [and you all know what I think of curtains don't you!]......my arms ache and Jo and I have had to work as a team [be it a very good one] to do these cos they are double width with a large repeat of pattern to match so 2 pair of arms have been needed at times.

I managed to clear the sewing mountain last week with a 'head down and keep sewing' few days but as one lot gets cleared the next lot arrives and every week I have many new customers finding their way to my door.....I'm now up to 1151 customers!  You really wouldn't think I would have so many customers living in such a rural village but I guess not many people can sew these days.....I even get asked to sew buttons on!

So here are a couple of snaps of my room for you this week...

Said curtains overflowing my ironing board.

I thought some of you might like to see where I work.  Here you can see my overlocker on the right, my industrial machine in the middle and my computerised machine on the left.  I love sitting here to sew because this is a south facing window so it gets all the sunshine through the day and I can see all the comings and goings when I'm not head down sewing.

This is a swing to the left picture of my work station in the arch of the old fireplace.  As you can see it does become a bit of a dumping ground at the back and underneath but this is my blind hemmer on the top [that's the machine that puts that magic stitch in hems that little boys sit pulling a loose thread in school assembly and undo their hems!....happy memories eh?].  Under wraps on the floor is my dumfing machine [note to self...need to find some free time to have a play!].

This is what you get when you let your 'much older' sister loose on your cutting out scissors  :-)
She was only cutting the curtains for me at the end of the day! 
....I can't imagine why they make scissors with a plastic hinge screw but they are going back to where I bought them from.

These are two gorgeous little cover ups for the twins that Jo made for me on Funday Monday so, of course, she is forgiven for breaking my scissors  :-)

Aren't they pretty?

Well folks, that's it from me for today.  I shall be head down making curtains today....groannnnnnnn
I really do hope you all have something fun and creative to fill your day and hopefully the curtains will be soon done and I can move on to more fun things too.  :-)

Thanks for dropping in on me and leaving me such lovely comments.
Annie x


Twiglet said...

Well well - I beat you to Mr Linky today!! That must be a first. Shame about the scissors - I hope the next pair are a bit stronger - we haven't used them much. Have a great day.

JoZart said...

I bet those scissors have a "lifetime" guarantee... if you could only find the receipt!! I always feel that the manufacturers know that few will claim.
love all your goings on and good to see where you work. I'd love a blind hemmer as that's the one job I hate.... oh, no! I too hate curtains, like you!
Love joZarty x

Helen said...

What a great view round your room - I am impressed. Sorry you got more curtains to do though...

Kate said...

The cover-ups are pretty and look very useful. Your sewing desk looks highly organised, no wonder you manage to get through so much. Good luck with the curtains.

** Kate **

Artyjen said...

I know what you mean with the curtains...have made a fair few in my time but it's the amount of material that is the pain to deal with!!! Good luck
xoxo Sioux

sandra de said...

Loved the tour of your room and it always pays off to let the company know the product was rubbish.

Cardarian said...

Thank you for all your comments - I have been so busy lately I just can't keep up - but I had a good snoop around your blog, saw all the lovely photos of your family and todays workspace - oh those machines are fantastic! I always wanted an overlock! the little cover ups are just sooo cute!
Lots of hugs,

BadPenny said...

What a lot of work. We have a lovely Spanish lady in our village who does alterations. She shortened a dress for me to wear to a wedding last summer.
Glad you had lovely birthday celebrations & the little girls tried on their dresses - sweet.

lisa said...

How lovely to see where you work, it looks like a beautiful airy room and how great to have so many customers, good job they don't all want curtains though, lol.
hugs Lisax #99

ikki said...

Hi, you amaze me at the amount of work you and sis do!!!! AND, it all looks so professional so I can understand why you are so busy - you're good! Thanks for dropping by the Cupboard. ikki x

Doone said...

what was Jo doing with the scissors? I was just bigging her up for being wonderful and I come here next and I find she has been a vandal in your sewing room - who would've thought it? hee hee,
love the twinnies cover ups.


May said...

Love your workspace, you busy girl all those customers is a reflexion on your Beautiful work!! Have a great week Hugs May x x x

Sarah said...

That is one fabby space and sigh...an over-locker - oh to whizz some seams on that one. That's a strong handed sis! Thanks for the wishes...famous? - well perhaps I might get a free ticket to the Castle... Thanks for sharing with WOYWW...Sarah at 1

Karen said...

I love your creative work space, it looks like a lovely light area to sit and play :)

Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx

jude said...

Love your sewing parlour/room.Those we cover ups are sooo cute bet they will look adorable in them!Gosh have easier week hope the curtains get sorted.
Hugs judex 9

Tina Gilmore said...

Lovely blog post Annie, shame about the scissors, my problem with scissors is that they disappear, the ones i buy have legs cos they're never where i leave them!!! xxx

Di said...

Brilliant post Annie - so lovely to see where you work. Love the little cover ups :)

I'm busy turning up some trousers for Len at the moment - err, it's an ongoing project :( I seriously thought about jumping in the car and bringing them to you :))

Happy WOYWW my friend! Hugs, Di xx

SueH said...

It’s really nice being able to actually see the room you work in Annie, as opposed to just the table you sit at.
I know you don’t like doing curtains but at least it’s nice fabric you’re working with, such a pretty colour.

Happy Crafting!
Sue H

Karen said...

Lovely crafting room there, lots of goodies to play with (I mean craft with!). Karen 139 x

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

Ooh what a lovely light sewing room you have. Thanks for showing us. Just saw those cute little cover ups on your sister's blog!
Fiona xx #103

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, shame you can't just say, rather in the manner of my little granddaughter, 'I don't do ... ', in your case insert 'curtains', in my granddaughter's case insert, 'camping' 'bugs''snakes', etc. - it works for her because she accompanies each statement with a quite impressive shudder :)) Love your craft room - a sewing machine for every job. My mother's dressmaking scissors were guaranteed for life but then they had no plastic parts at all ... sometimes progress isn't all it's cracked up to be :) Hope you are having a good WOYWW. Elizabeth x #21

Anesha said...

Great sewing space.

Polly Polkadot said...

I'm so pleased to see your pics today, I've been curious about your layout ever since you mentioned your 4 machines.
Also, a neighbour asked me to replace a zip for her, and now I have a blanket to repair and I began thinking about all those people who can't fix things.


Thank goodness I finally sorted comment moderation out! I have currently succumbed to the lurgy, too much doing and not enough rest oh yes and exposure to new pupils from new schools therefore new germs with no resistance yet! Wouldn't mind but tomorrow I am out working from 9:30 to 7:30 so its a long day. Hurrah for all your customers keeping you in pennies :) Have a lovely week x

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Annie,

For what scissors cost, you'd think they last! I hope the store lets you return them.

Your workdesk certainly does look inviting!

The cover ups are too cute!@!!


Anonymous said...

such a beautiful and well equiped work space you have and beautiful things you create by the looks of it.

CraftygasheadZo said...

What great pictures. Fab to see where you work. Take care, enjoy this WOYWW, it's now Thursday & I'm still doing the snooping bit in shifts! Zo xx 60

mckinkle said...

Oh how naughty of your older sister breaking those scissors like that!! lol! Things just arent made like they used to be are they and we need a separate storage to keep all of the receipts too so thats the annoying part of it!

Lovely wander through your crafty goodness and those bib/coveralls are stunning and I look forward to seeing them being modelled in good time!

Keryn x

Sam said...

I know where you are coming from with curtains but once they are pinned together, I quite often like to do it on the old treadle machine! So rhythmic and soothing!!
Those scissors are pants aren't they? Send them back!! I would - they may replace them but you won't know if you don't try!

Anne said...

Hello Annie loved looking at your sewing space - am very envious and a machine for everything. Must admit I don't like sewing curtains. Am afraid my machine has been out in dining room for ages - there are not enough days in the week for me to get everything done I would like. Love the cover ups. Thanks for visiting me. Anne x

Kezzy said...

Wow your sewing room is fab, love the space you create in. The material for the curtains look nice, guess it makes it slightly easier to do something you don't like if it's eye pretty!!! Problem nowadays is that tools are just not made to last were as tools we have had for years still work. I so so love the little cover ups how cute. It looked great to see all the family out together and healthy. Oh they are going to make such cute bridesmaids. Love the little uns cleaning lol, I think it does them good to learn early!!!! No really I used to do the same, mine loved helping mummy and it was great to spend the time together, now at 12 and 15 they have to be forced lol. Kezzy xxx

MaggieC said...

I think out of all sewing jobs there is only one worse that the tedium of curtains and that is shortening jeans. Once you have done those, you need to give yourself some "me" time to do something you want. Hope you week improves. xx Maggie #8

scrappymo! said...

I have made my fair share of curtains in my life...Don't very much like it either! They are just so heavy to move through the machine. I think i once used a table beside me to lay them across to help "hold them" while I stitched on.

peggy aplSEEDS said...

i don't think i've seen that alcove for your blind hemmer. it looks wonderful! and i loved the pics of the slaves in your next post! so cute!

Neet said...

Didn't have internet connection (no mobile phone either) where I was last week. So I was AWOL all week. :(
Now playing catch up!
Amazing that they got me sewing in wiggles - and I loved it! So much that I spent two hours in bed on my birthday morn looking at sewing machines on the internet - now more confused than ever.
I have a very old Singer (50+ years) that I made dresses on years ago and about 12 years ago made swags and tails for the patio and bay but could only sew in straight lines until this last week. Now I will really stalk your blog for ideas. LOL.
Thanks for the look around your sewing space, three machines!!! Love the white space you have and all the little bits you showed us. Thanks for the peek into your life.
Hugs, Neet xx

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Love your work space!! Very organized and handy arrangement. I have to peep about as I've not had time to post so do 2 at a time somedays. The twins are getting sooooooooo big, Enjoy they grow so fast.