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Monday, 26 March 2012

A busy weekend and time in the garden..

What a gorgeous weekend it's been.  We seem to have fitted so much into our two days off...
  • Shopping...supermarket and even popped into town to have a browse
  • Rounding up of an escaped herd of sheep in our neighbours garden....at least 6 mum's each with a set of twin lambs....mayhem!!
  • Care home visiting...our dear old friend B hasn't been too well
  • Finished knitting Sam's waistcoat and started knitting a cream hooded jacket for a friend's expected first Grandbaby.
  • Dropped in to see M,B and the twins to deliver Sam's waistcoat and their new high chair pads.....they are so tiny that they needed a 1" foam pad under them and at their backs so who better to design and make them some [of course I had to make 4 so they could have some here and some at home  :-)  ]
  • Time in the garden to mow lawns, rotavate veg garden to get it ready for planting and just generally sit and enjoy the sunshine and the birds.  We could hear Chiff chaffs and sat watching 3 Buzzards and a Red Kite soaring overhead to name but a few.
So here are a few snaps of it all.....

Beautiful cultivated primroses now in full bloom


Wild primroses down on our 'back to nature' bit at the bottom of our garden and our gorgeous flowering cherry coming out into bloom with a stunning blue sky behind it.

The gardener at work!  That's my darling hubby tilling the soil [you didn't seriously think I'd been rotavating did you? :-)  ]. He's waited til the garden was in the shade of the trees cos the sun was really hot yesterday afternoon.  What a fab spell of weather we are having.


triciasconfetti said...

Going to have to borrow a friends hubby this year to do a bit of the rotavating as I don't think I can manage that sort of mechanical stuff.
Said you have more energy than most - can you send me some!!
Thanks for visiting me
x Tricia

Sam said...

What a busy weekend you have had! Lovely shots of the flowers a blooming too!
E-mail coming to you! xx

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Annie,

Thank you for your sweet comments on Daisy. Bless her little heart.

This post is what I needed - to see spring in bloom and the beginnings of a new cycle.


Anne said...

Sounds like you need a breather now! What a busy weekend.
I have a bit of garden envy too, yours looks wonderful!

Twiglet said...

Fab garden pics - I will be down with my seed potatoes and beetroot seeds in the next few days!!

JoZart said...

Lovely times to enjoy at such an early part of the year. We've been so lucky this week with the little one and DD here. I hope it's as good for next week!
Lovely photos too from you.
Jo x