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Monday, 2 April 2012

Wanted...a giant of a gardener with a good technique...

We have yet again crammed in a lot in the last few days.
  • Knitting...the little hoody is coming on very well..will show and tell when it's finished.
  • Family times....Saturday afternoon was spent with 'much older' sister Jo and Michelle joined us with the Munchkins while all our men went to watch Shrewsbury Town play footy.  Sunday afternoon our house was filled with all 5 of our Grandies, 2 mummies, a daddy and a very proud Nanny and Granddad....bliss.
  • Sunday night was a special treat evening by Jo for my hubby's birthday....She took us to the Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury to see Mike Harding.....just brilliant.  He is still as entertaining as ever...we giggled and sang along and came home feeling uplifted....Thanks Jo.
  • Sunday morning hubby and I went to a garden centre in Welshpool, had a walk round the fab plants and flowers,  enjoyed a yummy Sunday lunch there [Roast Lamb, my fav] and I'm now thinking of taking up gardening....but all I can say is how do I reach the handle of the spade?  Sadly the gardener that owned the spade wasn't around to show me his technique.  :-)

Right I'm off to get creative....after all it is Funday Monday today.  Have fun folks and thanks for calling by.


Twiglet said...

What a whopper! I don't think I will manage that one on the veg patch! x Jo

Anonymous said...

Have a picture of my Dad somewhere with a spade like this. I will have to find it and post for you to see. Sounds like you have had a very busy weekend but very enjoyable. Have a good day and an even better Easter.
x Hugs x Tricia

mountainear said...

Wow! I saw the spade lying down on Saturday and wondered what was going to happen to it.

I'll settle for a normal sized gardener - imagine the muddy boot prints a giant would leave. Eek!

Jumbleberries said...

Gosh you've had a busy time again! Great photo.

Have fun.

Jumbleberries xx

DIAN said...

You do manage to fill every day with happy activities.

I love the spade.

Di said...

Great photo Annie - talk about the Jolly Green Giant leaving his gardening tools around though!

How strange, I was just thinking about Mike Harding the other day and how much I used to laugh at his tales. Good to know he's still on top form - did he tell the one about the knife drawer on his travels in America I wonder, snigger, snigger!

Di xx

lisa said...

Sounds like you've had a great weekend, Annie, just look at the colour of that sky.
Think you may need stilts to use that amazing spade!!
Hugs Lisax

famfa said...

Wow you Are tiny, oh no it's the spade. Good luck with the gardening x