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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

WOYWW and dare I say it? another award :-)

My desks are really now very interesting to look at today. There are no exciting crafty bits going on and it will be a head down get on with my sewing sort of day for me. I thought you might like to see the gorgeous blue evening dress I have to shorten the hems on by this Friday [it only arrived late yesterday afternoon and I normally allow 2 weeks for wedding/evening dresses so hence the head down sewing day :-) ].

On my other rail is 2 gents tailored jackets I need to shorten the sleeves on [ also by Friday!], a dress to shorten and a coat to shorten the sleeves on....hmm yes also all to be done by Friday!....you get the gist?
Now pop over to Julia's to see many more exciting workspaces.

The other half of my blog today is to say a big thank you to Sam of Yet another card blog for giving me an award. This gives me all sorts of challenges after comments I got from the last award I was given :-) Oh well here goes.... I accept this gratefully and as long as I can stop giggling long enough I will accept the challenge to list 10 things that make me happy.
1. My hubby and family have to come top of the list. I am one very proud Mum and never a day goes by when they don't make me happy.
2. Twiglet....Yes I know she's family but I also choose to have her as my best friend in life and she always makes me happy....we have never [and I mean NEVER] argued.
3. My dogs...yes I know there are times when they bark too much but they have helped me through some difficult times and I wouldn't be without them.
4. My birds....no I don't have them caged. They choose to come and feed on my window just feet from me when I sew and I get lots of pleasure out of watching them.
5. My garden....I struggle to do the work in it now but I love the quiet space it provides.
6. My job....I am one of the very few that really loves her job. I love every challenge it brings and buzz from just how successful my business now is.
7. My friends....far too many to mention. I'm blessed.
8. My crafting hobbies....these sort of blurr into my job at times but there are few crafts I haven't had a go at and some I feel I have actually mastered :-)
9. Sudoku...not many days go by without at least one being done.
10. This one is hard cos there are lots more I could choose. Chocolate, a good film, a cup of coffee, a glass of something stronger, a log fire, a warm bath, a newly changed bed.......my list could go on for ever. You see... my cup is always half full. I aim to make someone smile every day....and I never fail. I would never aim to hurt anyone by negative comments and enjoy making other feel good about themselves. If me receiving this award upsets anyone then I'm sorry but please don't leave negative comments. Life should be fun and isn't that what blogging is all about? Well, it is for me :-)

Now I have to pass this on to 5 other bloggers. Oh decisions decisions [can you tell I am an indecisive Libran?]
1. Twiglet... of course.
2. Paula always has happy positive attitude.
3. Julia never fails to make me smile.
4. Kaz another who looks for positive in life.
5. Helen also has happy outlook on life.

I hope you will all enjoy spending time just thinking about the wonderful things in life that make you happy and, like me, have far too many to just write a list of 10. :-)


Twiglet said...

I just can't think of the word I want to describe your blog......oh yes of course ( here Wipso is holding her breath for fear of the word I will choose!)
Uplifting!! you always make me smile and I guess you do that for most of the blog friends that drop in here to see what you are up to! Have a great fun filled day!

Crafty Chris said...

Hi not a lot happening this week,
Love the colour and design of that dress,
Chris x

Julia Dunnit said...

Motivating. There's a word for your blog! Your workload is amazing...and if people are leaving negative comments about awards for you, we'll all go round to them and explain gently. You are soooo busy, love your WOYWW this week. And thanks for sharing the award, it's an honour from you.

Karen said...

Awe have fun with the hems my lovely! I love your work and thank you for commenting on my blog XXXX

re puting a link to your blog in. Try this...


Hope that helps XXX

Karen said...

ooo didn't know it would do that. Can I email the formula to you honey? My email is


Nicks said...

busy busy busy.... I would tremble in fear turning up a dress!

Paula Gale said...

Oh - I'm just stuck for words... I feel so honoured that you have thought of me yet again.

Gosh - you do work so hard - thats why its easy to understand why you keep getting these awards.

Right back at ya!!!

Big hugs

Paula x x x

Ellephantastic Cards and Crafts said...

Thank you for thinking of me again hun I'm really touched. Its been a hard week this week & you've rally brightened it up for me.
I love that colour blue of the dress....I'm a sucker for anything blue!!

Chrissie said...

I stand in awe of the not only the quality but the quantity of work that you do!
Good on ya!

I enjoyed my visit!

Hayley said...

Gorgeous dress - thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me my first comment of the day.

Karen said...

YAY....it worked!!!! Well done! XXX

Sam said...

hey - love to read your ten happy things list - you could have included "writing about blog awards" - ha ha!!

Handmade with Love said...

Wow you have a busy week! Love your blog and your upbeat attitude. Thanks for your comment on my blog and for becoming a follower. Have a great week! Tracey x

Yvonne said...

Oh bless ya , where on earth do you start!
Rather you than me. can i say BIG THANK YOU to you, for always taking the time to visit me when I was a little lazy this past few weeks, your lovely comments really have kept me going xx
Wishing you luck for a slow to arrive Frifay!

Anonymous said...

Wow, busy bee or what? Won't take up too much of your precious time as you have so much to do, love the new picture. I'm going to have to put some pennies to one side, I can see that!


Kate said...

Thanks for popping in to my blog today and for putting straight on the whole dumf thing! And, hey, I now know where to come for some good sewing advice, tee hee!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Congratulations on the award Wipso (do I take it from your comment that people have left you or someone else you know negative comments? I sincerely hope not!) As for the sewing, I've just done a few mending jobs for DD and am in the middle of making some tote bags - just bog-standard, nothing exciting. You have got your work cut out this week!
Anne xx

Doina said...

I am happy you visited my blog. I like the things you have made and show on your blog!

Kathy said...

That dress looks beautiful, what a stunning colour it is. I know what you mean about getting your head down - it's been like that for me all this week, but I think I've finally made it to the end of my list - just in time for the new one to begin.

Doina said...

I translated all your messages and thank you for the kind words. I do not know very good English but I can handle. And I appreciate very much your work! You do some wonderful things!