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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Thank you thank you thank you.....

I would like to say a huge thank you to two lovely ladies who have passed on this award to me. this week. Kerry from Creations by Kerry and Tracey from Hand made with love who both write lovely blogs and we have all met thanks to the lovely Julia of the WOYWW fame.

To receive this blog I have to write the 10 things which make me happy. I have had to do this before on a couple of occasions but as my list changes from day to day never mind week to week I will list the things that have made me happy this week...

1. Hubby is a birthday boy this week and today we have been shopping together. We laugh and enjoy doing anything together always so he has to come top of my list.

2. I had a really lovely evening Thursday with all my family here. Our youngest daughter came for the evening with our beautiful little Granddaughter P so, as she works like a magnet, our eldest daughter and her partner and our son were also here to be entertained by little P. Think we have all learnt some new dance moves now :-)

3. I have had some really special times here 'playing' with Twiglet this week so she must come close to the top of the list. Our times together are always special.

4. My blogging friends are very special to me and several of them have made me happy this week for all sorts of reasons.

5. Spring is just round the corner now and this week I have really enjoyed watching my Daffodils open up on my sewing room windowsill.

6. I am still managing my 20 minutes of creativity each day and my dumfing [embellishing] always makes me happy. My embellisher was one of my best purchases ever.

7. I am blessed to have very many really good friends. One comes on a Monday to join in our fun day Monday, another calls for coffee every Tuesday, another calls in with her little girl ....my list goes on and they all make me happy. I'm blessed.

8. Our blog shop is the cause for a lot of happiness in my life at the mo. We have had some really lovely comments from all that have bought goodies from us. It's very special to me to have people say how lovely our items are. I think we tend to take our skills all for granted and it makes you grow a little when your told how clever you are so special thanks go to all that have left comments.

9. My job has to be one of my 10. I never have 2 days the same and I love the fact that I spend my days doing something I enjoy doing and meet such lovely people while doing it. I now have 932 customers!!

10. I have so many things in my life that make me happy I always struggle to decide what should be number 10 so here I will just say...my dogs, my home, my life and everything in it :-)

I am not going to choose anyone special to hand this blog award on to because if you are taking time to read my blog you all deserve it. Feel free to accept this blog award and let me know what has made you happy this week....it's a really good exercise to spend a little time every week thinking about the good things in life. :-)


Twiglet said...

Great blog and yes your last sentence is so true - reflect on the good things in life - and you cetainly have lots.

Paula Gale said...

Oh bless you A. You deserve all the happiness in your life - after all, you reap what you 'sew'!!!

Big massive hugs

Paula x x x