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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Another blog award...

I have now receiver my second Kreative Blogger award in one week. I shall not be following all the rules like last time but as it was given to me by Paula who is a special, new made, friend how can I not say a huge Thank You to her for thinking of me. I'm not sure quite how deserved this award is....I am just little old me....take me as I am.....love me or hate me....at 52 I'm not gonna change over night.... and I am happy being me.

I actually think this is just her way of getting to make me disclose 7 more interesting facts about me....are there another 7? I doubt it but I did say I would try so here goes.....

1. I met my now husband on a blind date when I was 24, we got engaged after just 8 weeks and married after 8 1/2 months [and no there wasn't a maternity dress in sight!].

2. I, like Paula, also passed my driving test first time and had only had 10 driving lessons.

3. I had 3 children in under 4 years and loved every minute. [I would have had 4 if Dad hadn't died when he did leaving me Mum to care for]

4. I looked after 35 other little darlings as a childminder while my family were growing up. One of which was 18years old on 4th Feb and we joined her at her party on Fri night. Oh how lovely it was to see the 6 week old baby I'd cared for grow up into such a beautiful young woman and for her to want to share it with me.

5. I learnt to do bobbin lace making while our eldest 2 were just babies [where did I find the time and energy I ask myself?]

6. I can say the alphabet backwards

7. I'm just 5 foot tall....all good things come in small packages but so does poison so I will leave you to decide which I am :-)

There you go. Not so very interesting but at least I tried. Now I'm not gonna name 7 others but if you read my blog please join in and let me find out a little more about you.


Twiglet said...

I think you know enough about me!!

Paula Gale said...

hmmm interesting... thank you for doing it again - isn't it hard? Some of the stuff about me I've saved for another day... I've danced with Shawaddywaddy on stage... I've been on men and motors... - maybe i will reveal more - one day!!!

p.s. that card on my blog is made with an embossing folder, not a stamp - although i've seen a similar stamp I'd love.


Paula x x x

Eva said...

I have my special opinion on awards and successfully warded them off. My favourite awards are comments, my motivation for blogging is blogging. I think installing a spirit of competition and maybe regret about not getting an award or even envy on those who have one would spoil the lovely blogging world of equality and unforced relationships.
In this comment, I put it mildly.

Twiglet said...

Well thats an interesting opinion. I am glad we don't take life quite so seriously Wipso. Regret and envy, although powerful human emotions, are often so negative they should be avoided at all costs!!! Blogging is only a bit of fun isn't it?

SewHeather said...

Dear Wipso, thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog. I've been having a read of yours, congratulations on your two awards, they were well earned!
I'm heading over to your shop right now.

Take care Heather x


Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, you're work looks lovely too. The poppy artwork is lovely !

Tallis said...

What fab posts, some great creations as per normal and some inspiration too :) Keep up the great work

Paula Gale said...

Wipso - its really sad that we cannot award our new found blogging friends with something that reflects a little more than the usual kind and lovely comments received for our hard work, without someone seeing it as a negative.

I awarded this lovely and heartfelt award to you for your support, friendship and hard work you have put into your craft, business, your blogging buddies and using your talent to inspire and bring a smile to others - especially me.

I attempt to leave kind and positive comments on each and every blog I visit and believe in credit where credit is due... I would never leave a negative comment on someones blog in an attempt to upset or undermine what they have acheived - be that achievement an award or a project they are proud enough to post for all to share.

I truley stand by the fact that I awarded you (and the other recipients) this award which is a fun, sweet and 'virtual' way of marking my appreciation of you as a blogging friend and for the smiles and lovely projets you share with everyone.

It is a real shame that someone has attempted (and hopefully failed) to put the dampers on such an accolade and show of love.

I Hope that you continue to make your regular bloggers and blogging buddies/followers smile - which you achieve each and everytime you post.

Well done on all the awards you have received - they are truley well deserved.

Big massive hugs

Paula x x x