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Friday, 19 February 2010

Warning for those buying Wedding or Bridesmaid's dresses...

I have had a lot of experience over the past few months of ladies ordering dresses over the Internet for Weddings......be it Wedding dresses or Bridesmaid's dresses.

There are many companies out there that appear to be offering made to measure dresses in that they ask you to fill in forms with all the body measurements on for the person involved. When the dresses arrive they rarely fit as expected. What a lot of the online companies usually do is look at the measurements and for example if the bridesmaid is a size 10 bust and a size 12 hips then they send you a size 12 dress [obviously you wouldn't get a size 12 hips in a size 10 dress]. This usually means the dress is too big over the bust and then needs altering. This is what I do and I don't have a problem with it but I have had so many young brides here lately really disappointed that their "made to measure" dresses don't fit.
The pretty little dresses I showed you the photo of on Wednesday are a prime example because these are for 4 girls between the ages of approx 8 and 12. Their body measurements obviously come into the adult bust sizes so the dresses have added shaping to accommodate a bust and are also too long in the bodice for children. This, of course, means they need an awful lot of alterations to make then fit so the girls look like the little princesses they were hoping for and of course all the disappointment that comes with the extra expense involved.
Please take my advise and check that the company you are ordering from really do make your dresses to order taking all the measurements and actually making your dresses as you hope.

Remember if the price of the dresses seems too good to be true is probably because they are. I hope this saves you a lot of disappointment.


Twiglet said...

Good point - you are in an assertive mood today!!

Carmen said...

How terrible that a company can advertise themselves as something that they definitely aren't. You would think it would come under false advertising or something :(

Good advice here. Have tweeted it ;) (Getting right into this Twitter lark *g*)

Jude said...

Very good advice..
My daughter got married last Sept. and paid alot of money for a proper made to measure dress. As she worked in Saudi,she had to keep letting them know of any change in measurement and she went for 'real' fittings when she visited London. The dress was perfect on the day.

Paula Gale said...

Wipso - This is such an honest post for someone like you to make as obviously you make money out of this but as you say, this is at the expense of someone's misfortune that neither you nor they have caused.

This is admirable and typical of you for pointing this out. I have heard of people also buying prom dresses under the same pretence.

There are some ruthless 'business' people out there.

Paula x x x