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Monday, 8 February 2010

A successful Funday Monday...

My face is aching with all the laughter that has gone on here today. We have had a really good day with lots of fun and enjoyment. Life should be full of days like these. We have spent the morning uploading all our recent makes on to the blog shop so please pop over and have a look. There are gorgeous new dumflings, pictures, bears and cards.

Mother's Day is up and coming and I'm sure some of our new bits and bobs would make perfect pressies including the little Mother's Day bears. I hope you like what we have added to the shop. Don't be afraid to leave us suggestions if there is something special you would like making or if there is something you like but maybe you would like it in a different colour. We enjoy a challenge and if possible will do our best to have a go.


Felted House said...

Can't wait till 'dumfing' appears in our dictionaries. You'll be pleased to know that if you google it your blog comes up top of the list, with Twiglet's close behind! xx

Paula Gale said...

I wish I had been there while you were enjoying yourselves... I didn't realise posting things on the blog was so enjoyable - but I bet with you two about you could turn anything into a joy!!

Hope you have many more days like it!

Paula x x x

Sam said...

that sounds like a good Monday indeed - if only all Mondays could be like that!!

Have left you a Happy :-) on my blog - go see!