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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A plate spinning WOYWW

I seem to be juggling my day to day sewing with restocking the shop this week. As I'm putting new things in the shop they are flying off the shelves :-) Twiglet and I are really excited and maybe just a little amazed at the response we are getting [I guess none of us really see ourselves and what we make as others see them]. We have had lots of really lovely comments and oodles of encouragement.
I seem to spend each day extending my table to do my dumfing then folding it down to be able to accommodate customers needing fittings. I'm not complaining....I really love being kept busy and buzz with every new challenge.

What you see is just how it is this week....No tidying or organising done to do my show and tell and yes, the mess really is mine....that's how I work.

My floor gets covered in threads and snippets of materials and ribbons etc. I will hoover this up as soon as I go from here because I am expecting more customers this morning.

On my table you will see several things I am working on at the mo. Julia [she of the WOYWW fame] ordered a couple of packs of my dumfed cards so I am trying to restock the card shelf by making a few more toppers for cards. Along side those on the front of the table are some really super magnetic clips that I am embellishing [these will be appearing in the shop soon :-)].

Also this is the latest picture I am working on. It is one to be mounted on an artists canvas and I am now beading the middle of the sunflowers.

I have a pile of curtains here...some are done and some are waiting for Twiglet to come and do the grovelling on the floor for me to cut them. [My replacement knee doesn't allow me to kneel so I need big sister's help to do curtains as the floor is the best place for doing the measuring and cutting.] Under my curtain pile is the Really Useful set of boxes that I keep all my card making supplies in.

This is a really lovely floaty evening dress I will be altering today. It is beaded so it's yet another dress that I have to remove the beads to alter and then will have to re bead it after. A tricky job but I will do this first as soon as day light improves sufficiently. :-)

Well, that's what my day will be full of. How about you? Go over to Julia's blog and join in the show and tell fun for our 'What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday'

Don't forget the Gift Draw is still open in the shop so pop over to be in with a chance to win the goodies.


Twiglet said...

Will be down to help with the curtains once it stops snowing - again!!

Julia Dunnit said...

It all lloks fab to me I must say, that sunflower canvas is going tobe amazing! Am scared of the beaded dress job, but luckily, it's not a job for sausage fingered Dunnit!

Susie Sugar said...

Hello darling, my floor looks much the same but its tread and snips of paper on mine
Your dress looks so elegant its beautiful, you are so clever

Crafty Chris said...

Hi Love the sunflower canvas, not too much of a mess, your floor looks like mine. Christine x

Rosie said...

I love coming over to your place, there's always so much going on!

Kaz said...

Oohh that canvas is going to be beautiful. It's nice to see you with a messy floor too!!
Glad to hear the shop is doing well xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

I'm so pleased for you that the shop is doing so well :) Well done to you and sis. The desk isn't what I'd call messy - unlike mine this week!
Anne x

Paula Gale said...

Hi Annie - well my lovely pic arrived - it is on my wall already and I have blogged about it. Its so vibrant - the pic on here doesn't do it justice - it is so special - thanks to getting it to me in quick time. Thank you also for the lovely bear you included, that is a very kind and thoughtful thing to have done.

Thank you so much.

p.s. it looks like you've been having doritos and have bits all over the floor - not cotton threads tee hee.

I love the yellow one - I may become a bit of a collector of your stuff before long!!!

Paula x x x

Shelly said...

I knew your shop would be a success and keep the two sisters busy, busy, busy...I've yet to purchase only because I can't decide...I'll save my money and get one of each...I'm still shopping...Shelly

LadyBug said...

It's good to hear the shop is doing wella nd you are both so busy. I love the bright yellow of the flowers, they put me in mind of daff's and spring :)

Sam said...

'scuse me.....what's "dumfings"??!??

Anonymous said...

Great news on the shop front and I love the Sunflower picture. Pretty dress and a pretty daunting job if you ask me!


Blue bird said...

Hi there Wimpso Ax a lost friend.
Yes you are so busy with so many creative activity that I don't blame you to be "away" from some Friends!
I believe you really enjoy your life with so many activities that I truly like to learn from you!
I though I drop by just
to say Hello! Blue Bird :-)

Chrissie said...

Hi Annie,

I have so much admiration for all the alterations you manage to do. It's SO much more work compared to making things from scratch, and you still have time to blog and make cards plus all your stuff for the shop (which I am so pleased is doing so well) It leaves me feeling little inadequate!
My you go from strength to strength!

Kathy said...

You are such a busy bee, and everything looks so wonderful too! I hope Julia doesn't spin off on a "show us your floor" tangent next week thanks to you - the bit under my desk is usually such a disgrace (though I actually hoovered all the bits up the other day so it actually looks ok for once!)

If she does, I might just have to stop talking to you!!!!
hahaha you should be so lucky!

pinky said...

Talent seems to be oozing out of these pics. Your tidiness just reflects your talent, gorgeous pieces of work.

Ellephantastic Cards and Crafts said...

Oh your latest picture is just lovely hun. Like to see your mess on the floor. Thats what mine looks like & usually small squares everywhere from the back of 3D pads, wool, dog fluff etc!!!
I'm so chiffed for you that your shop is taking off thats fab hun.

I make knitted people or animals, anything really. The people I knit are kind of charactures (spelling??) of the real people (which is what I'm doing for ch5 ..ssh!!)

Here's a link to all my knitting