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Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Life moves on as they say....or does it?
This week has seen me altering Regency style shirts and trousers so I feel like I've gone back a few years.  :-)  

My newest customer arrived on Monday with two shirts [one a plain everyday shirt and this one, a frilled best shirt] and ...

....this pair of trousers [with button down front flap].  Aren't they amazing?  He takes part in the Jane Austen events in Bath in September and these are the latest additions to his new costumes.  I feel like he has introduced me to whole new possibilities.  The Jane Austen dresses are just so floaty and romantic...I can just imagine wearing one of those can't you?

My last two weeks have been really quiet ones with just a few sewing jobs to keep me ticking over but Monday was just something else!....I had over a dozen phone calls and nearly as many customers....can you tell Jo was AWOL!!  Where was she when I needed her?.....she was going for a ride on a steam train that's where!!  

You've heard me mention my sewing mountain from time to time well here is a pic of just part of it!....7 pair of jeans needing shortening [by Friday!!] and on top of that my 'to do' rail is full plus I have 3 huge foam pads to cover to make a bay window seat......what a difference a week makes eh?

I don't want you all thinking I sat with my feet up since last Wednesday though.  You saw the body parts on my desk last week?....well, they are now all joined together to make two little characters that you can see peeping out here....will do a show and tell after 20th September [the twins 1st birthday  :-) ].  I know their mummy reads my blog [even though for some reason she is now able to leave comments!] and I want to keep them hidden from her til then.

My last pic this week is of some of my car boot finds.  Up til last Sunday I had never been to a car boot sale so was a complete car boot virgin.  Jo is always showing us what fab things she finds so this week hubby and I plus Shell, Brent and the munchkins took the plunge and went in search of bargains.  These 4 pieces of fabric were just £3 [worth much more!] plus we picked up several new toys....all immaculate.  We all came away thrilled with our bargains and may well go again  :-)

So, that's me for this week.  Why not pop over to Julia's and join in the WOYWW fun by exposing your crafty space to the world.  Thanks for calling by.  Please leave me a little hello comment and I will do my best to pay you a return visit....I'm sorry if I missed any of you out last week....it wasn't the best of weeks as most of you will have read below.  :-(
Annie x


Twiglet said...

Oo I can just imagine Colin Firth in that shirt - yummy!! AND - I told you there were bargains to be had if only you dared to be brave - lol. x Jo

Di said...

Colin Firth?! Move over Jo, this instant!!

And first car boot sale Annie - it's a whole new world isn't it? I love mooching

Snort, and you reminded me of four pairs of cargo trousers to be shortened here - like pronto :( Keep sayin' - measure any future hubby or partner's inside leg for standard length girls!

So good to see you chirpier.

Happy WOYWW, hugs, Di xx #10

Lunch Lady Jan said...

There's something about a pair of trousers with flaps (in the right places of course!!) And Jo's right, Colin Firth should be emerging from the pond in that shirt.
What exciting sewing you are doing this week....steady on there :)
Hugs, LLJ ~71 xx

Carmen said...

Sorry everyone - Colin Firth is mine.

How did you survive this long without boot fairs? We've been stocking up on 50p nearly new baby-grows and we got a brand new fluffy blue all in one baby winter jacket still with tags on for a couple of £'s the other week. Plus it's a great place to find old canvasses to paint over or things to alter. Love them :D

Lynn Holland said...

I love my secondhand market at Todmorden, it's such a buzz. Bought a little basket for £2 last week and saw the exact one in a garden centre this week for £15.
Don't forget to take a breather
Lynn @ 65 x

Helen said...

I have just caught up on your last couple of posts so I am so pleased you have had a better week this week - if busy! Love those Jane Austen costumes....Don't go all Hollywood on us now... Helen 19

Catriona said...

Love the idea of us all in costume but wait a moment-what about the corsets???!!!!! Ouch. I'm with Di on theshort legged men- my DH almost always wants/needs trousers shortened and I HATE doing it.
Glad it's been a better week, Annie.

Pearly Queen said...

So glad things are looking better... You are so busy now - business is good. What I want to know is - what is he having done to that shirt and trousers? Has he put on weight, lost it? Or does he just want copies?

Bridget Larsen said...

I must say there are quite a lot of sewers gaaaah on woyww, amazing talents, I used to sew but not anymore, things are too cheap
Bridget #7

okienurse said...

OMG! It reminds me of the shirt that Tom Cruise wore in the vampire movie! My daughter and son-in-law are into medieval reenactment and she makes all their costumes! Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #68


I always dire the dresses on pride and prejudice, not sure I can be bothered to imprison myself to look good though! Glad things are still busy. What training did you do to to be able to do the sewing?........................ C

Trish Latimer said...

Wow, busy busy on the sewing front then Annie?! So glad to see you have more to smile about this week xxx Trish #90

Mrs A. said...

I'm with Di on the Colin firth look alike. Those were the days of real style. Don't mention shortening trousers. Hate the job.! Hugs Mrs a.

Kate said...

Twiglet's comment has me thinking about Colin Firth now!!

See you are now on the slippery slope of the car boot sale bargain. Soon you will have so many 'bargains' you won't know what to do with them all!!

** Kate **

sandra de said...

I am imagining Colin Firth out of the regency shirt. But them I am a naughty austenite. Can't wait to see those little dolls celebrating their 1st birthday.
Sandra @95

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, I keep being told that at my age Colin Firth should do nothing for me, but my response is always that as long as I still have a pulse ... Love those dresses too, they are so floaty and feminine and cover a multitude of sins - always important :) Love car boot sales - it's amazing what you find and the toys are usually in such good condition too. Happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x #105

Minxy said...

You gotta love them car boot finds.. Can't wait to pass my driving test so I can get out and about to some myself!
Hugz Minxy #78

Redanne said...

Goodness Annie, you have been a vusy bee, you will meet yourself coming back soon! Love that frilly shirt and yes I too would love to see Colin Firth in it........love your car boot find, I guess that means you will be going to more then.....Happy WOYWW, Anne x #32

famfa said...

Good luck with that pile! Great clothes for the Jane Austin man. Can't wait to see the new doll. So sorry to hear about Skye.
Famfa #28

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

Ooh yes, I hanker after a dress like those. Funnily enough we have just returned from Pride and Prejudice country. I'm so sorry to read your sad news from last week. Be kind to yourself xx

Frances said...

I love reading about your work. Yes. Colin Firth would wear that shirt. Seeing the doll feet is driving me crazy, can't wait to see them. A car boot sale sounds like a garage sale here in the U.S. You have a fun blog. Glad I joined WOYWW. Frances #127

mamapez5 said...

What a pile of sewing. I don't envy you that one bit.
I really thought I was a follower of your blog, but when I realised I had not seen your last two posts, I checked, and apparently I wasn't. But I am now!
i was so sorry to read about your little dog. Itb is never an easy decision. We may yet have to make it for Baggins. he is much better in himself, but we now know he has broken his jaw, in one, and possible two places, so he can only eat if I spoon feed him. My regular vet is back off holiday onn Tuesday, and I'll talk through the possibilities with her then.
I hope you have a better week this week.
Kate x

SueH said...

It always amazes me just how versatile you are with your sewing Annie, curtains one week and Mr Darcy trying on his new breaches the next, Lol!
Glad you had fun at your first car boot sale. I’ve been to a few in the past but never seem to come home with any real gems….one day may be.

Thanks for stopping by this week.
Happy Crafting!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Oh the body parts are becoming whole! I can't wait for the big reveal to see them. Fun clothes to alter this time round (not the jeans, silly!). Sorry to hear about Skye. It is so hard to say goodbye to a furry loved one.

Anne said...

Life never seeems dull for you Annie so much to do. Reminds me I have a couple of pairs of trousers to shorten - not my favourite sewing have to say. Thanks for sharing Anne x #145

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Annie,

How cool that you get to work in clothes that will be "performing." Who knows, you may get to make one of those frilly dresses.

I have always enjoyed going to Yard Sales because you just never know what you are going to find. That's why I usually go to the thrift store in town every Saturday morning. It's a treasure hunt!

Thanks for visiting. My desk will be back on display next week!

Hugs, Kay #30

Queenie Jeannie said...

I guess you'll be too busy to get into much trouble this week, huh? Good luck with all of that!

Jeannie #62

Lisa-Jane said...

Those dresses alone are enough to have me signing up for a re-enactment group! So sorry to hear about Skye, what a heartbreaking week. I thought of you yesterday actually, my son just sewed his first thing - a pre-holed hand puppet. He loved it so much that when we went to buy some replacement googly eyes from Hobbycraft I decided to get him another set. I went a bit mad though as they were really reasonable and I nearly wet myself when I found a dolly for him to make!

Samantha Elliott said...

Call ME the instant Colin Firth turns up needing his shirts or trousers taken in! OK? Got that? Me. No-one else. Me! We are about 2 hours apart but I am sure I can do it in an hour if need be!
Intrigued about the little peeps!

Tertia said...

My word, what an outfit. He must look really dashing in it. :)
Looks like you are goi ng to be very busy this week, so no chance of you hopping on a plane to South Africa then is there? My grandson (bless his little heart) has volunteered me to make costumes for his school play!!! Help! I haven't made anything on a sewing machine since, well I can't even remember!!!
Happy belated WOYWW!
Tertia #52

Neet said...

Gosh, when I think how "little" fabric I got at a cheap shop your find is amazing!!!
Ooh you were busy and I would not know where to start on those fancy shirts but what a lovely romantic dream you must have had whilst doing the alterations.
Thanks for sharing and sorry I am so late this week. Hugs, Neet xx

Kezzy said...

Oh Annie I'm so sorry to hear about your bad week, I was away on my hols and had no Internet. I really feel for you with your little friend, our Jasmine is 11 and I can tell she is getting old and seems to be loosing weight even though the vet can't find anything, but I know it won't be long in the next few years and I can't imagine life without her. Been catching up with your blog, wow don't kids toys get bigger and more expensive and sometimes wonder if it's for the best or worse lol. They so look cute though in the cars and motorbike. Loving the shirt and trousers, I'm quite used to seeing clothes like this with my sister being in dramatics, I used to be when I was younger, my Sis now runs the group that I used to be in when I was young. She makes most of the costumes and occasionally I will help with sewing sequins etc on or making jewellery. Can't wait to see the new dolls :-). I love car boot sales, I haven't been for awhile but you can get fab bits from them. Sounds like you probably have had a few busy days with all that work load. Hope your having a nice bank holiday weekend. I'm a bit nervous as the support worker is visiting this morning. It's only took four months!!!! But even though were working really well with brad it still is effecting our daughter badly so hopefully he can help us as a family. Happy Woyww :-) hugs Kerry xxx