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Friday, 31 August 2012

Friday's smile...

I do my best to find a snap or two every Friday to make you smile before the weekend and today this one could be labelled.......


When the munchkins come for a play day with me they usually bring their changes of clothes in a large bag all together but this week their mummy has bought them their own back packs....cute or what?
I think the idea is once they are walking they can carry their own!  Can you imagine just how much has to come with them for a day out?  I can't say I blame Shell for encouraging them to share the load!  :-)

The other snap I'm sharing today is of Sam all tucked up in bed and I'm labelling this one,,,

... 'special friends'

He has decided he wants to cuddle his teddy....what a little sweetie.

All I can say is... I bet you are smiling now.  :-)

Have a great weekend.
Annie x


SueH said...

Oh Annie, your pictures of the munchkins always make me smile, without a doubt.
Those rucksacks are almost as big as they are, bless!

Sam and Ted look all snuggly together. I still have one of my first bears and he’ll be 56 in a week or two but like me he says he’s not having any more birthdays or if he does he’s counting backwards.

Thanks for the smile!

Di said...

Fab photos Annie, Sam looks so cute :)

And yes, I did laugh at the first photos - like a couple of baby Ninja Turtles :))

Thanks for a good start to the day! Keep 'em coming please.

Hugs, Di xx

Samantha Elliott said...

Aw! Sam looks like he is where I would like to be right now!
Isn't making them carry their own stuff at that age child labour?! Good for Michelle to get them started early!
Hee Hee

Twiglet said...

They are such little poppets - thanks for sharing them. x Jo

JoZart said...

Aaaaahhh... it certainly did make me smile as they are just adorable. Mine 2 Brighton Belles have just gone home after a week and whilst I'm shattered , it was wonderful to have them here especially in the morning to wake up to their smiles. (Even though the little one is still in nappies and I was assigned to duties)!!!
Love jo Have a good w/end.

Carol said...

Great photos, thank you for the smiles.
Hope you have a lovely weekend with lots to make you smile.
Carol xx

Lydia La La said...

Just lovely.. Why do other people's kiddies grow up so fast when your own don't???? xo

Carmen said...

Completely right - big smiles :D

So cute!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, I just love your Friday smiles, and your not wrong, I'm smiling. Both my children adored their first teddies and my son still had his, named Brian, well into his 20s ... though he had stopped taking him to bed by then :) Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth xx

Anne said...

Made me smile Anie they are so cute. We have a Sam as well ( was in one of the photos from last WOYWW. He loves dogs and always goes to bed with one , or two or more. Thanks for sharing. Anne x

Karen said...

Hi my lovely! Jo asked about the Transfer Artist Paper I used on my blog. I got mine from The Craft Barn but I am sure if you google it you could get some closer. I like the idea of personalising stuff using photographs :D xxx

Neet said...

Certainly on a smilathon as I have come straight from WOYWW. Loe the picture of a contented Sam and his Teddy and I just adore the backpacks on the twins. Great ;idea mummy.
Hugs, Neet xx