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Friday, 3 August 2012

The funny side of a beautiful day....

Happy Friday to you all.  I've just a few snaps that I hope will make you smile today.  Even on a perfect day there were moments to cause more than a giggle or two.....

They say 'start them young' but maybe not this young eh?....I will add Sam wasn't actually allowed to drink any even if it was his Mummy and Daddy's wedding!

Here are the twinnies busting some moves on the dance floor with Mummy and Daddy [ in their PJs by this time but too excited to sleep]  :-)  They loved the music and all the sparkly lights.

Even beautiful little flower girls have to take a nap from time to time  :-)

As you can see we had many moments to make us all smile last Saturday...these were just a few of them that I thought you'd like to share.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Annie x


DIAN said...

Thanks Annie, I always look forward to your Friday pics.

Di said...

Totally brilliant Annie! Thanks for the big grin here :)) Hugs, Di xx

Catriona said...

Thank you Annie for sharing. Love your Friday funnies!!

Twiglet said...

What special moments in a happy day. x Jo

JoZart said...

Cute pics to add to the lovely memories.
Jo x

Neet said...

All I can say is "keep 'em coming" - this pics are treasures.
Hugs, Neet xx