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Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Hello all. What a wonderful week of celebrations it was last week.  I did my best to visit everyone but I think there were a few I missed as time just ran out.  It's very special to me being part of this wonderful group so I really hope we will be sharing and caring for many years to come.

I have had many ATCs through my letterbox but Jo and I haven't been able to swap most of them as yet so I will do a show and tell once she has seen them but for now I would like to say a big thank you to all who have swapped with us.

It will be a quick show and tell from me for today as my arthritis has moved from my hip to my right thumb so typing isn't easy and I am having to put drops in my left eye today for a dry eye problem I've got so my vision isn't good either....in fact if I was a horse I think they would consider shooting me hehehe....yes I'm still smiling.

On my desk today is....

My latest idea to sell at a couple of up and coming craft fairs.  I have lots of fur fabric and toy safety eyes in my stash from making puppets many years ago so wanted something to use some of it up.  I am making some little 'Pocket Monsters'.  Each one is different to the next and I'm having fun making them.  

I've nearly sold all my baby activity cubes so will probably make a few more of those too if I get time but there is the promise of lots of work arriving this week so I may not manage to.  I have to fit my crafting for fun in and around my sewing for customers so like to keep a few ideas in the pipeline for times in between.

It's rather short and sweet for today but if you leave me a little comment I will do my best to pay you a return visit ASAP.  Hope you all have a great week.
Annie x


Lynn Holland said...

I'm popping in to say hello and thank you for my lovely ATC it's on the wall next to me in my room.
Hope you pick up as the day goes on lovely friend xxx
Lynn. 2

Twiglet said...

I love that little crafty corner - haven't you made a fab job of your craft room Annie. xx Jo

sandra de said...

Well done on selling the baby cubes.... but the pocket monsters are a scream. I imagine they will be great sellers. Hope your hip/thumb/eye problems ease up for you. Have a lovely week.
sandra de @5

Angela Radford said...

Hi Annie, Many thanks for the lovely ATCs will pop over to Jos later. Sorry to hear you're in a bit of pain today, hope it gets better. Lovely stitchy stuff as ever. Happy crafty woyww, Angela x21x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Bum to your poorly thumb...blooming arthritis, it's a pig. Sending a big hug to you 💖💖. Those little monsters are great fun, you always have such fab ideas!
Hugs, LLJ 18 xxx

Neet said...

Oh Annie, think we were sisters in a different life with our aches and pains. My thumb is fine but I do have dry eye syndrome. Been awake most of the night with restless legs, brought on, I think, by sleeping inthe spare room bed which is not as comfy as our own. Roll on the bathroom being finished.
Take care, keep those joints warm.
Hugs, Neet 13 xx
ps love your Pocket (Rockets)

May said...

Gorgeous crafty corner... I looked at your baby cubes I can see why the flew of the shelves... fantastic creations...those little furry monsters are quite amazing... You clever lady... I hope that thumb calms down ...it can be so painful... Have a happy rest of the week... May #19

donna garner said...

so Glad you are NOT a horse, horrid when the finger joints are painful, my whole hand locked up for a couple of days after I moved too many breeze blocks... and it made me less than good company...I hope it all settles soon, much love doone @27

Sarah Brennan said...

Those pocket monsters are fabulous. Glad the cubes went so well. Hope the arthritis eases off again soon. Sarah #22

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, I wish I had a little bit of your creativity gene - those little pocket monsters are such great fun and one of those, 'why didn't I think of that' ideas. Sorry to hear that your arthritis is just moving about and not moving out! And you have eye problems too. Getting old is bad enough, having multiple health troubles just adds insult to injury! Like you say, it takes longer to recover the older you get - I speak as someone who is so much older :( Hope the pain in your thumb eases soon. Hugs, Ellie x #33

glitterandglue said...

Hi Annie. Well, I have to say I'm glad you are not a horse... but arthritis pain is yuk! Trust it soon eases up. Gorgeous things on your desk today - hope you get more made and all your work sewing done.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #9

Helen said...

thank you so much for the atc. I will try harder next year! So sorry that your arthritis is still paining you. Helen #5

lisa said...

Sorry to hear you are under the weather this week, Annie. I hope things improve for you soon. Arthritis is no fun is it. My Mum suffers too and has almost no use of her left hand. She is waiting for an op on it which should improve things but she finds crafting very hard nowadays.
Thank you so much for my lovely ATC, what a joy to receive it along with Jo's.
Have a good week
Hugs Lisax #26

Bubbles said...

I love the pocket monster idea - I think they'll sell really well :)
Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
Bubbles #31

RosA said...

Happy belated anniversary! I've missed last week with a bad flu but would be thrilled to swap ATCs if you have spares :)
RosA #29

RosA said...
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RosA said...

Happy belated anniversary! I've missed last week with a bad flu but would be thrilled to swap ATCs if you have spares :)
RosA #29

RosA said...

Happy belated anniversary! I've missed last week with a bad flu but would be thrilled to swap ATCs if you have spares :)
RosA #29

craftyani said...

Love all your scissors think I need a holder like yours as I have loads of scissors but can never find a pair! Congratulations on selling all your activity cubes they were gorgeous. ANickoana #6