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Saturday, 6 May 2017

When I find something good I like to share.

This is for all you fabric crafters out there.

You will have seen the PE bags and pencil cases I have been making and may have noticed that I do my best to make each one slightly different. 
  • It's just nice to have a change so you don't get bored making lots of identical products
  • It's really fun matching the different colour combinations of my fabrics
  • It's a good selling point that when it comes to the end of a school day the PE bag can be picked out easily amongst all the others. 
  •  Every child likes to feel special.
Because of this I don't like to buy large amounts of the same fabric....even 1/2 metres are too much. I hear you saying "why not buy fat quarters?" 
Answer....My PE bags need 70cm width pieces and fat quarters are too narrow.

So I put a call out in a Facebook group I am part of and almost every one said they do fat quarters or a minimum of 1/2 metre length....OR they would cut 1/4 metre lengths for an extra charge!

I was contacted by one really helpful fabric provider.....Cabin Crafts ......who was more than happy to cut me 1/4 metres of a really extensive selection of bright children prints in 100% cotton for a really good price so I selected 10 different prints.

Here they are.  It's all really good quality cotton fabric and it arrived really quickly so I have to say I'm thrilled with the service and will be ordering from them again.

You will all know just how much I like to stroke new fabrics for a while before I take my scissors to it but as I know when I've used this I can get more I've already used some of it...

Here's the first two girly PE bags I've made using some of it.  I like to use the feature fabrics across the bottoms of the bags so that, if requested, I can applique names across the top section.....just in case you were wondering. 😀

So, my friends, if you are looking for good quality fabrics at a sensible price I can highly recommend Cabin Crafts.  Here are the links to where you can find them.....

Their web page is Cabin Crafts


Twiglet said...

Lovely fabrics - perfect for your PE bags - hope you sell lots - they are a fab design. xx

Helen said...

what gorgeous fabrics.. and great service too.


I wish there was a Cabin Craft Shed near us. What a lovely Shop and Studio. I have bookmarked it

WinnibriggsHouse said...

That's a great recommendation. Always good to hear of new fabric suppliers. X

Elizabeth said...

Lovely fabric selection, Annie, and great service. Details duly noted. xx