Friday 12 May 2017

This week's smiles....week 220

Another week has flown by and I'm here again sharing some of my smiles from my past week.  Many thanks to all who joined in last week.  It's so lovely to see what makes you smile each week so please keep sharing.

My smiles for today are...

I had a wonderful morning on Wednesday with little Theo.  He was as good as gold. We read books, played with the toys, sang together and he never fails to make me smile.  :-)
His mummy and daddy are doing a brilliant job bringing him up ....I'm so proud of them.

How things have changed since I had our three.  Back in the good old days we used to tuck the little ones down for a nap and listen out for when they woke but little Theo came with his monitor so I was able to watch him sleep while I say sewing. There's nothing quite as beautiful as a sleeping baby is there?   :-)

The weather has warmed up sufficiently for the twins to go to school in the summer uniform....what a pair of cuties.

I always say I like a challenge and my latest little memory bear certainly challenged me.  It's made from a knitted fluffy jumper so came with lots of possible problems...
  • Cutting through rows of knitting it could ladder or unravel
  • It was very stretchy so it needed stabilising before making
I decided to take on the challenge as it was for something special so I used a fabric interfacing to stabilise the fabric and used a special stitch to sew and overlock all the seams and hey presto!
I really love the finished bear....she's so cuddly. :-)

I hope you have enjoyed my smiles for this week and will leave me a little message before linking up your own smiles below....if you don't have smiles of your own to share just let me know you've called by.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, another lovely post from you today. Your grandchildren are as adorable as ever and I'm so impressed with the baby alarm. As you say, we had to rely on listening out for our babies. My daughter did have an alarm though - two actually. She had one that set off a flashing light for daytime and another that she put under her pillow at night - it buzzed when the baby so much as coughed - very effective! The teddy is gorgeous - it does look super cuddly - and I'll remember those tips when cutting out knitwear. I've been threatening to make a bear out of Alan's favourite but well worn sweater - actually it's so well darned it's a disgrace but he loves it so those tips will come in handy if I ever do! And if you are wondering why I'm the first today, I've been up since 6.30 so I thought not to waste the morning :) Hugs, Ellie xx

Twiglet said...

Fab photos Annie - who knew you could get a television style monitor! Very clever. xx Jo

Neet said...

What a lovely photo of the twins. They certainly love one another don't they! Lovely to see them like this and so smart in their summer uniforms.
Little Tho, well, what can one say about him He is a gem and you are so right, sleeping babies ... Never knew there was something like that to watch them sleep.
Fab bear - not easy out of knitting but Annie - you made it!
Hugs, Neet xx

Lisca said...

Good morning!
Oh you had quality time with Theo. How lovely. I was also surprised at the video monitor. Such changes! I also remember just listening out. Which for me meant no radio.
Great photo of the twins in their summer uniform. It's nice that the weather is good (It does mean though that here in the south we are having cold and blustery weather for a change)
I love your special bear. And to be honest I didn't realize how difficult it was to work with that fabric. But you did a fabulous job! Kudos!
Have a lovely weekend,

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, thanks for the visit to mine. I seem to be behind with everything at the moment. Lovely photos of Leo and how much easier is life now instead of having to keep going upstairs to check they're okay though of course that was good exercise too! Love the teddy, I can imagine that was interesting to sew. Have a lovely weekend. Sending hugs, Angela xXx Oh and Maisie and Stan too Lol! x

Lynn Holland said...

Still can't load up the pics I want Annie so any tips on how you resolved the problem will be gratefully received. In the meantime I'm impressed with that baby monitor xxx

Julia Dunnit said...

Cor Annie, that monitor thing is clever! Very useful for when you want to work out what makes them stir and how long you can leave them to drop off again!! Bless little Theo, he is growing so. You told me to link, so I have!

mamapez5 said...

I can't believe how quickly Theo is growing up - sitting up already, and enjoying some 'Grandma time'.
I used to love getting my summer school dresses out. I am still happier in a dress than anything else too.
The little pink fluffy bear is lovely. It was a brave project to take on, but I am glad it turned out so well.
My word you back to me on my post fast tonight. I was still liking up with Virginia when your comment came through. I am trying to get my comments done tonight too, before my visitors arrive. Kate x

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Annie,

I can't believe how big the twins are getting. It's amazing to see how they've grown! Little Theo is a doll; I agree, there is nothing as beautiful as a sleeping baby -- and their smell is so fresh and clean.