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Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Hi folks.  Here we are at another Wednesday...the day when we all become 'Peeping Toms' and go snooping at crafty spaces around the world.

If you want to know more than pop over to our host....The Wonderful Julia

There has been very little crafty play going on for me this week but there has been lots more sorting and finding lost treasures.  We took 4 more car loads to the tip at the weekend and boxed up and sorted even more  :-)

On my desk today is....

My 8 cross stitch books are looking for good homes....is anyone interested?
Yes there you go now you know I really was a serious cross stitcher....I used to go into the local school and teach the children there too  :-)

I found this little treasure too  :-)

It has caused a few giggles so thought you might like to see it.  How much fun do you have at your dinner table then?

Another confession....

I used to work with a magician  :-)
[please don't imagine for one minute though that I wore a sparkly leotard!!!]

These are the letter tiles from an old game of scrabble.....I am a hoarder and just can't throw anything away and I just know many of you card makers would use these. 


If you would like them just leave me a comment to say so......but I would also like you to tell me what the strangest thing is that you keep 'just in case' in your comment.  I will draw a name out and the winner can have them.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit this week.  I will do my best to pay you a return visit if you leave me a comment.  Thanks for calling by.


Twiglet said...

Looking at this post - you have far too much free time on your hands girl!!!! ha ha ha I can hear you screaming at me from here!!! x Jo

Angelfish said...

You're finding some wonderful treasures Annie xx
Fiona #76

Neet said...

Gosh, you really are managing to be ruthless with your 'tip taking'. Good Girl!
Thanks for the info about the magician's assistant, I would never have dreamt of anyone I know being one.
Thanks for sharing and good luck with the continued downsize. Bet you feel quite proud and refreshed.
Hugs, Neet 2 xx

Di said...

Hi Annie!

I did laugh at your early posting, not that I could see much! When I set up a post the very first thing I do before typing a thing is to go to the sidebar and schedule the post for some way ahead, often as long as a month. That way, if I accidentally post a half done post (or Mr Blogger naughtily does it for me) it's so far in the future I'm safe :)

Anyhow, enuff of how I avoid such things.

I'd LOVE the chance to win your scrabble pieces (very clever the way you used them in your piccies today).

I keep loads of strange things here, once a hoarder always a hoarder! And of course to me they aren't strange 'cos one day they just might come in useful :)

Number one is my lovely Len :))

And next is an indication of my kleptomania - if EVER there's a free ballpoint pen going then it's into my handbag and then stored in a mahoosive poly bag in a drawer here. No hotel, conference centre etc' is safe. Think I'm covered if there's ever a world shortage of biros! The sad thing is that every now and then I have to go through and dump those that are so old they've dried up! Sigh, keep saying I ought to get out more!

I left old pairs of pants and knickers as cleaning cloths off the list :) Err, or did I 'cos I just told you?

I finally have a piccie for your Friday smile to post ASAP as well - wahoo!

Happy WOYWW!

Hugs, Di xx

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

You are amazing. Wanted to tell you too, I love the Blue heart photo you have at the top of your blog.
I'd be interested to win the wooden letters. I've never found them here in our resale shops. And much too spendy for me to buy outright.
My strangest things I keep: WOW there's quite a few!! I recycle the springs off old calenders or little notebooks, the flat metal circles on the dinner roll tubes, and I'll post them next WOYWW for my uses.
Thanks Annie, hope you find renewed strength to carry one the sorting. Glad to see you're doing fun things too. Happy WOYWW

Angela Coles said...

I have/had some of those cross stitch books, and that napkin folding looks fun.

The kids and I would love those scrabble pieces to go along side out old jigsaw pieces. What is the strangest thing I've kept "just in case" I'm not sure what counts as strange but we've got a collection of scallop shells saved from dinner some time ago I still haven't worked out what to do with.

akilli melek said...

those tiles made me laugh. i have done that cathartic clear out a couple of times, i'm still amazed at what is lying in my loft at the moment.
caroline #99

SueH said...

It’s surprising what treasures you come across when you start sorting out Annie, isn’t it. Nothing like your mammoth task but I’ve been clearing out of the shelf across the top of my wardrobes this week. Being in a ground floor maisonette and having very little storage space, it’s become my attic. I ended up with two back for the charity shop, a big bag of rubbish and it stills like there’s as much up there as there was when I started.

Happy Crafting!
Sue @98

Nan G said...

Great stash of stuff! Love love the letters and a chance to win them! I am a furniture-a-holic! Especially chairs, I use two in my studio to keep stuff I use daily on. :) Happy WOYWW! Nan #3

Hettie said...

I have a rather large selection of cross stitching books and magazines and really ought to throw them out! I scoured charity shops for ages looking for Scrabble games and one day one of the ladies in Oxfam brought hers in for me!!
The wierdest thing I have kept, just in case, other than my Husband, String! Yep! I have a tin of different strings in case I want to use on layouts or cards!

Gill Edwards said...

So you were Debbie Mcgee is another life then. Fascinating stuff.
You could keep those tiles and use them to write your whole post is small doses.

Gill x #54

Ria Gall said...

wow just look at all these lovely things you have found while sorting things out.
I would love to be lucky enough to win the letters as I have been after some for ages.
The strangest things that I keep would be all the little push out bits from my spellbinders dies. Yes I keep the waste it all goes into a box because I think I can do something with it, just not sure what yet!
Wishing you a very Happy WOYWW
Ria #44

Gita said...

Someone is in a spring cleaning mode. Or is there another reason? i'm sure your items will find good homes. I used to cross-stitch. Funny how you just get into new hobbies and don't feel like doing another. Brigita #132

Lunch Lady Jan said...

That's made my day to know that you were once a Glamorous Assistant to a magician!! lol. Did you keep the doves tucked somewhere......grin ;)
I have done the big clear out loads of times in my life but we still have too much stuff...sigh. Our loft is full of 1000s of 45s. My DH used to be a DJ!!
Hugs, LLJ 45 xx

Karin said...

It's good to find lost treasure.

Happy Wednesday #142

lisa said...

You do make me laugh, Annie. A magician's assistant, now all these secrets are coming out. I think we are all hoarders at heart.
Thanks so much for thew help with the spam comments. I have done as you say and will keep my fingers crosses.
Yes please too for the chance to win the scrabble bits and bobs. They would be great on scrapbook layouts.
Hugs Lisax #71

Helen said...

Annie, is there anything you haven't done or can't do! I admire you with your ruthless sorting - I know it has to be done (we still have so much to clear out at my parents') I'd love to be in with a chance of your scrabble tiles, but not the books. Thanks Helen, 8

mamapez5 said...

That napkin book took me back a few years. A lovely brother-in-law who used to baby-sit me and my sister, made things with his hanky that entertained us for hours!
I hope you find a home for your cross-stitch books. I gave away a similar hoard when I moved. Sadly my eyesight isn't up to doing it much these days. Keep going. You'll have it all sorted in the end. Kate x #57

Caro said...

fantastic treasures you have found...I particularly love the napkin folding booklet. I used to always do elaborate napkin folding for my parents dinner parties when I was a teenager. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro xx #81

donnalouiserodgers said...

just in case I always keep a rabbit in a hat...

well you never know do you???

and I have got an image of a spangly leotard, and a sawn in half lady...

dxxx 153

fairy thoughts said...

A great post Annie .. making me smile on wednesday too.
I am a bit of a hoarder too. the worst thing i ever kept just in case was my childrens baby teeth... luckily gone now (they are 26 and 22) but only just!!!!
have a good week
janet #28

Anne said...

Annie it is fun to learn something new about you each time you post on WOYWW. You must have such interesting tales to tell. I am a hoarder - trying hard to clear out stuff now. As a teacher I never threw anything away you never knew when you might need it!!! Happy WOYWW Anne x #162

RosC said...

FOUR car loads!!! My goodness this is serious culling, and well done you for doing it. I spend the greatest time finding homes for things and have only recently decided that the rubbish bin is often a quick and easy way to go!

Thanks for leaving me a comment, just love 'em.

Ros #47

Kezzy said...

Oh wow Annie lots of new treasures, and the napkin book I bet is alot of fun at christmas, especially keep the grandkids busy lol, probably a bit small yet, it does look old though, I bet it has been in the family for quite a few years. I so am loving the scrabble tiles and would love to win them :-) The strangest thing I keep is also games bits, I don't know why, I have loads of the cube things you used to throw up in the air and they land on your hand then you need to chuck them up again and catch them, I completely forgot what it is called but I have loads from my childhood, marbles, playing cards that don't match, paper money from games, a lot of them from my childhood, even the kids didn't want to use them but thats probably because non of them are in sets just completely random lol. I hope all the sorting is going well. Thanks for being there for me Annie, it's great to be back to everything lol. Happy Woyww :-) Kezzy xxx

Stampin Boots said...

Wow think of the things you could make with those scrabble tiles!! I would love to win those. I keep ALL SORTS of old rubbish just in case - receipts, flyers, napkins, old keys, dead batteries (just in case there's a bit of power left in them.....?!!!!?) I am what you might call a hoarder!!

Happy (belated) WOYWW!

StampinBoots x #144

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Annie,

Cleaning out is good! Although after I do it I can't seem to find anything! OH, my eyes sparkled when I saw the Scrabble tiles. I would definitely be interested in them! I have a few of my yard sale buddies looking for games and they are hard to come by!

Now, the strangest thing that I hold on to. Well, I think everything I have has a purpose so it's hard to decide. One of the oddest things that I've been collecting lately are books in foreign languages - which I can't read! German is especially interesting and artistic. The lady at the local library book store was so impressed that I was buying a german cookbook, circa 1920s! I didn't want to tell her that I use the pages in my mixed media!

As you mentioned, I find knitting to be so relaxing - until I make a mistake!!! haaa Thanks for visiting me already. I'm slowly getting around this week.

Kay (48)

Hettie said...

Just clocked your photo at the top! Gorgeous Daffodil. Ours are still too scared to come out properly!

PS looking forward to seeing your lace pillows in action!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, I used to cross stitch too - even have a couple of framed reminders hanging up around the house - until my eyesight got too bad. Hope you find a lovely home for those books. I'd love those scrabble pieces - they'd be perfect for titles on a scrapbook layout. The strangest thing I hang on to is a box of giant jigsaw pieces ... I planned to make wall-hangings for the my grandchildren with them but never got round to it ... might manage it for the great-grands some day :)) Hope you have a lovely weekend, despite the awful weather. Elizabeth x #55

Lucy said...

Hi Annie!

I love it when other people get their recycling hats on!

I am interested in the cross stitch books, as I am a massive fan of cross stitch. I've currently got three on the go, another three in the pipeline.

The strangest things I keep: the resealable packets that new knickers come in to put my crayons and felts tips, till roll innards from work, some of the plastic boards that the trims come on at work, findings I find on the pavement, and of course, the great big hula hoop that is always in the background of my WOYWW pics. I keep it because I may need it, even though I haven't so far in the 7 months I've had it! Thanks for posting! Lucy x #155